Prediction: Trump Will Win 2020 Minnesota Electoral Votes

In Summer 1968 violent riots raged outside of the Democrat national convention in Chicago to protest the Vietnam War. The riots were largely blamed for Republican Richard Nixon’s narrow win in the presidential election since he ran as the law-and-order candidate.

On Thursday October 10, 2019 president Trump held a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After the rally Trump supporters were menaced, taunted, threatened and attacked by left-wing mobs in the streets.

Will this ugly image help to push Minnesota’s electoral votes to Trump in 2020? believes that it will.

A correspondent for The Blaze named Elijah Schaffer tweeted about the Minneapolis rally:

Trump supporters are literally fleeing the event after it ended as protestors are waiting around attacking attendees as they leave the arena

It is not safe in Minneapolis any longer for Trump supporters. Please stay away from the vicinity and do not come out with branded gear

The situation outside the Trump rally in Minnesota is quickly deteriorating

Left wing protestors are destroying barricades

A protestor can be seen waving the Chinese flag in front of riot police.

Friends, this all represents the 2020 election falling into president Trump’s hands as the anti-Trumpers get crazier and crazier. And these lunatics are going to ramp up their extremist activities as the election approaches, rest assured. This is going to have a major impact on voters, particularly if people get badly injured or killed, which very well might happen. This will make a strong case against the anti-Trumpers. has written previously about president Trump’s bid to win the 10 electoral votes in Minnesota in 2020, along with the White House. The last Republican presidential candidate to win Minnesota was Nixon in his re-election bid of 1972. Otherwise Minnesota has become more and more liberal.

But that appears to be coming to an end not only in Minnesota but in other liberal states. After all president Trump won the electoral votes in 2016 in allegedly ‘blue’ states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

And Democrats are becoming very concerned that the ‘red state’ map may be expanding as Trump focuses on Minnesota and New Hampshire – both of which Trump lost by small margins in 2016 but will likely win in 2020 – along with Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada.

Vice president Mike Pence joined president Trump at the Minneapolis rally since Pence had been in Minnesota campaigning to flip the state “red” next year. One Democrat strategist said that he had never seen Republicans so active in Minnesota as the Trump people are. This is great news and it shows how much Trump has become the leader of the Republican party.

President Trump won 30 states and 57% of the electoral votes in 2016. predicts that he will win 32 or more states in 2020, perhaps as many as 35.

Trump lost Minnesota by just 45,000 votes, or 1.5 points, in 2016. Many Minnesota Republicans who were concerned about Trump in 2016 voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson, who received 112,000 votes, or they voted for conservative anti-Trumper Evan McMullin, who got 53,000 votes.

Those voters are likely to swing to Trump in 2020 along with a general shift going on in Minnesota’s electorate, leading to conjecture that president Trump will win the state’s electoral votes in 2020. This shift is reflected in these ways:

*The growing disenchantment among Minnesota independents and some Democrats with the radical agenda of elected Democrats nationwide and in Minnesota.

*The growing disenchantment among all voters within Minnesota with radical Minneapolis Democrat muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar. At his rally the president called out Omar over allegations that she married her own brother in order to commit immigration fraud. Trump is using Omar as a “wedge” to get voters turning Republican.

Update: Through photo matching and facial recognition techniques it appears that Omar attended the violent Minneapolis protests against Trump.

*The shift of thousands of Minnesota police officers, perhaps many more, from Democrat to Trump. The president is going to run on a law-and-order agenda, rest assured.

At one point during the rally the president invited Minnesota police on stage with him, to big cheers, while anti-Trump thugs outside the rally were taunting police. And this, friends, is the 2020 election in a nutshell. We may see these contrasting images in Republican ads in Minnesota. It is perfect fodder for a Trump victory.

*A CNN reporter recently visited Democrat-heavy parts of rural Minnesota and found many Democrats supporting president Trump. These people included iron mine workers in rural and small-town Northern Minnesota who traditionally voted Democrat in favor of the mining unions.

But today these same people are seeing ‘green’ Democrats turning against mining altogether and thus they are moving to Trump.

*And finally you can be sure that many Minnesota voters are shocked at the chaos outside the Trump rally.

Most Americans don’t want to see this chaos. And believes that the failure of top Democrats to condemn these thugs is going to cost them not only in the presidential election but for the US Senate, House, governorships and other offices down to city councilor.

After Obama was elected Democrats lost 1,200 such seats. 2020 could be another bad year for the Dems.

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