Democrats Hate President Trump but they FEAR Him Too

Three things are driving the leftist rage and mania against president Trump:

*First, they hate his conservative policies on the border, on the economy, on conservative judges, on the environment, etc.

*Second, they detest his swaggering, macho attitude as he takes on his political enemies and takes down the Fake News media, for instance destroying the ratings of CNN. We could write a book about all of this.

*But third, liberals really FEAR Trump as much as they hate him. And this increases their rage by a factor of 10. Because they know that Trump has the power to expose massive Democrat corruption in Washington and around the world. And that he is doing so as we speak.

Look at what is happening to Joe Biden. His presidential campaign is in free-fall. And it is largely due to the scandal surrounding his son Hunter and Ukraine and China. And this scandal only emerged after the Democrats blamed president Trump for suggesting that the Ukrainian president investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

But Trump had every reason to want the probe. The Bidens are both connected to corrupt top officials and figures in the US and in Ukraine. And it is the responsibility of the US president to root out corruption in the American government.

In short, the whole Ukraine deal has backfired on the Democrats just like so much has backfired. And they now see that there may be another huge backfire coming.

And this is why they fear president Trump…

It starts with an Inspector General report which is due out soon outlining how the Democrat Deep State abused the FISA court process to spy on the Trump campaign in the fake Russia collusion case.

The findings in this report will be a bombshell that will explode directly over the Democrats’ ship. The details have been laid out over the past year by conservative investigative reporters like John Solomon, Sarah Carter, David Schoen, Greg Jarrett and Sidney Powell through conservative media host Sean Hannity.

If these reporters were liberals they all would have won the Pulitzer Prize by now. The Gateway Pundit reported:

Inspector General Horowitz is set to release his report on FISA Court abuses this coming week.

And Attorney General Bill Barr and US Prosecutor John Durham are expanding their investigation on the origin of the Russia-collusion hoax.

Better yet — Obama lackeys former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Chief John Brennan are getting ready to testify before John Durham.

The Deep State and their fake news media are very worried.

Ken Dilanian from NBC News reported: New: AG Barr expands controversial review into origin of Russia investigation

Ken Dilanian: Durham wants to talk to CIA analysts involved in the intelligence assessment of Russia’s activities, prompting some of them to hire lawyers. And there is tension between the CIA and the Justice Department over what classified documents Durham can examine.

Ken Dilanian: A Western intelligence official familiar with what Durham has been asking of foreign officials says his inquiries track closely with the questions raised about the Russia investigation in right-wing media—a line of inquiry based on accusations made by George Papadopoulos.

Friends, this is just one little corner of this corruption probe that targets Democrats. Look at this from The Gateway Pundit about corrupt former Ukraine president Poroshenko:

Poroshenko was known for his strong ties to the Obama Administration, specifically Obama’s point man for Ukraine:

Now this…

A convoy of trucks were seen emptying former President Poroshenko’s home this weekend.
CD Media reported:

CD Media broke news yesterday of allegations by intelligence sources of extensive money laundering and corruption by former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. We will be releasing detailed information on the schemes to embezzle hundreds of millions of IMF aid money to Ukraine and we can confirm that investigations are under way by the Ukrainian special prosecutor’s office.

In the meantime, we think it very interesting that reports are coming out of Ukraine of tens of trucks emptying Poroshenko’s palace of belongings in Kyiv.

His right-hand man, Oleg Gladkovskiy-Svinarchuk, was arrested two days ago on corruption charges by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU). His other confidant Ihor Kononenko has apparently ran away according to reports.

Unofficial – suspected war crimes oligarch Petro Poroshenko is preparing to escape abroad, reported Ukrainian news outlet Vremya [Time].

Poroshenko is the guy that US Democrats are closely associated with. And he appears to be preparing to flee his own country.

And this friends, is why the Democrats are deathly afraid of Trump and want to bring him down – because he is exposing their corruption in Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

This story is developing. We can expect major revelations in the next few months from attorney general Barr’s probe. Democrats know that Barr has the power to put them in jail and they are all terrified. And they can see the evidence piling up as reported by Carter, Solomon, Schoen, Powell, Jarrett and others.

Worse, they know that these reporters have all of the information gathered already in scrupulous detail. Barr does not have to go out and dig it all up.

Barr is also traveling abroad and was in Italy recently gathering information for his case. In short these Democrats know full well that their time is up.

And that, friends, it why they are utterly desperate to get rid of president Trump.

Fool Mitt Romney Exposed Yet Again

Anti-Trump Republican US senator Mitt Romney of Utah maintains a fake Twitter account under the name Pierre Delecto. The account is reported to have a paltry 1,173 followers.

This is extremely embarrassing for Romney. President Trump has 65 million Twitter followers.

Romney has become one of the biggest losers in America, right behind Hillary Clinton. He is a fake Republican. He failed to get elected president in 2012 when he easily could have won that race.

He served one single term as governor of Massachusetts and then abruptly quit to run for president. He then tried to get the Republican nomination in 2008 but failed.

Now he is Trump’s biggest Republican critic and even is maintaining a fake Twitter account. Amazing.

Why is he doing this?

Because he wants to be the new John McCain who is adored by the media.

Unfortunately there is no process to remove Romney from office as US senator from Utah. He was just elected in November 2018 as a Republican. If Utah voters had known what Romney was going to do they never would have elected him.

Romney also is a Mormon which is a cult-like religion that most theologians consider to be heretical to Christianity.

Romney comes from a family of losers. In the 1960s his father George was president of American Motors, the smallest, most maligned and least successful US car company (remember the awful AMC “bubble car” called the Pacer?) that went out of business in 1987.

George Romney took office as governor of Michigan in 1963 and then ran for US president in 1968. He dropped out of the race when he lost his credibility after he claimed that the US military had “brainwashed” him over the Vietnam War.

Mitt Romney has been seeking to salvage the family name ever since. Unfortunately he just keeps making it worse and worse.

Update: Newt Gingrich said about Romney:

The truth is I don’t pay attention to Mitt Romney. I don’t think Mitt Romney matters in the long run of American political history. He certainly does not matter in a Donald Trump Republican Party. I think he is a fossilized element of a party that is disappearing. It doesn’t offend me.


Why ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Will Lose to Trump in a Landslide

Breitbart News reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a leading 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidate, says transgender border crossers and illegal aliens “must” be released into the United States.

Warren, with Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) where she demands that transgender border crossers and illegal aliens be released into the U.S. rather than being held in Mexico under President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. has one response to this: Warren will lose in a landslide to president Trump if she is the 2020 Democrat nominee. A clear majority if Americans does not want these types of immigration policies. They prefer president Trump’s tough approach.

Trump Tariffs Working as China Economy Slows

Bloomberg News reports:

China continued its grind to more moderate growth in the third quarter as investment slowed, providing little upside for a global economy flirting with its first recession since 2009.

(Chinese) gross domestic product rose 6% in the July-September period from a year ago, the slowest pace since the early 1990s and weaker than the consensus forecast of 6.1%. On the upside, factory output improved and retail sales held up, but slowing investment growth remained a concern.

OK, folks, most of the world would be ecstatic with 6% growth. The US has grown at 2% to 3% under Trump. Europe is growing at less than 2%. Japan is less than 1% while 6% is the rate that the American economy was growing in the booming 1960s.

Yet 6% is “slow” for China’s economy. And it shows that president Trump’s tariffs are undermining the Chinese economy, as planned. This is good news. We need to continue to penalize China for decades of unfair trade practices against the US.

The only way to rein in China is to hammer their economy with tariffs until they sign a trade deal with the US. believes that China will give in soon as its economy slows.

But all is not well. Bloomberg reports:

As China slows, it is buying less from the rest of the world, pushing its trade surplus higher and dragging on global economic growth. That’s having a knock-on effect on trade partners, from developed economies like Germany to commodity suppliers.

So as the Chinese economy slows, the global economy slows since the Chinese economy is the second largest in the world at $12 trillion annually out of an $85 trillion annual global economy. The US is first with $22 trillion. Europe’s economies combined are $18 trillion.

China’s slowdown may be pushing the world into a recession which could harm the US. So this trade war is a double-edged sword. But it must be fought. China can no longer be allowed to take advantage of the US in trade as it has done for decades.

Another Good Guy (uh, Lady…) with a Gun

While Democrats go on a rampage to control or take away legal guns, Breitbart News reported:

A Tucson, Arizona, woman shot and killed one home invasion suspect and fatally wounded another after waking to strange noises in the night.

AZ Central reports the incident occurred on Wednesday around 3:45 a.m. Tucson police spokesman Officer Frank Magos indicates that the woman investigated the noise and discovered two men allegedly trying to make entry into her home.

Magos said, “She confronted them, she armed herself with a firearm and shots were fired and that info was relayed to us by 911.” reports the identity of the alleged invaders as 18-year-old Corey Teixeira and 18-year-old Ali Mohamed, both of whom were in the backyard when police arrived. Teixeira was pronounced dead at the scene and Mohamed was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The woman was home alone at the time of the incident.

Great… two more criminals dead. These stories are happening everywhere but you generally will not read about them in the national Fake News media like you read about “gun violence” every day.

The Fake News media do not want you to know that legally-owned guns prevent millions of crimes and that self-defense is one of the main reasons that gun ownership is allowed in our free nation.

Fake ‘Garbage Patch’ in the Pacific

The Hill website reported:

Ocean clean-up technology has reportedly taken a bite out of the so-called “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” for the first time.

Dutch scientists had designed a floating device to collect plastic from oceans, which collected debris from giant swath of trash, The Guardian reported on Thursday. The garbage patch, located halfway between Hawaii and California is the largest congregation of plastic in the ocean on Earth, measuring at about three times the size of France.

Boyan Slat, who created the Ocean Cleanup project, tweeted that the 2,000-foot boom had begun its work.

The cleanup system includes a barrier with holds a 10-foot screen below it to catch plastics without interfering with marine life. Satellites and sensors would signal its location for garbage to be retrieved every few months, The Guardian reported.

“I think in a few years’ time when we have the full-scale fleet out there, I think it should be possible to cover the operational cost of the cleanup operation using the plastic harvested,” Slat reportedly said at a press conference.

Friends, this is another massive ‘green’ hoax. This device, which is funded by millions in ‘green’ grants, is a simple mechanical device that is supposed to pick up trash from the ocean. But they had trouble getting it to work even though it is a low-tech contraption.

More importantly, however, is that this Great Pacific Garbage Patch does not even exist. Notice that it is described as “three times the size of France”, which would be 750,000 square miles.

But this Garbage Patch is not real. There is not a single picture of this Patch on the internet. And for good reason.

It is not a giant mass of floating plastic bottles and Styrofoam and shopping bags as we are led to believe. So now that environmentalists have been found to be lying, they are saying that it is made up of microscopic particles of plastic. And even that is a hoax.

Yet the cleanup device it designed to gather up large pieces of trash… which do not exist.

None of this makes any sense whatsoever. It is just more ‘green’ baloney. These people are running in circles.

Sex Changers are Causing Chaos Wherever they Go

These deranged sex-changers are without question the most toxic interest group to appear on the political horizon since the ‘hippies’. Sex-changers are going to destroy women’s sports by allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports, with predictable results.

The Daily Caller reports:

Allowing biologically male athletes who identify as transgender to compete in female athletics “will destroy women’s sports,” Donald Trump Jr. said Monday.

The president’s oldest son was reacting to a Daily Caller News Foundation story on a biologically male cyclist winning a women’s world championship Saturday.

“This BS will destroy women’s sports and everything so many amazing female athletes have worked their entire lives to achieve,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “I couldn’t care less how you identify, but this isn’t right.”

The cyclist, Rachel McKinnon, won gold for the sprint event in the women’s 35-39 age category at the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester, England. McKinnon, representing Canada, set a women’s world record in the qualifying event.

McKinnon won the same women’s world championship in 2018.

McKinnon is the latest example of biologically male athletes racking up victories in female athletics.

Trump Jr. is correct. Women’s sports are being ruined. Intentionally.

Now we have yet another story emerging. We all know the “Venus” symbol for women – a circle with a ‘plus’ sign on the bottom? It has been around for thousands of years. PJ Media reports:

On Saturday, transgender activists succeeded in forcing Procter & Gamble, the makers of Always sanitary pads, to remove the “Venus” female symbol (♀) from the wrapping of its products.

The company caved due to accusations of “transphobia”.

… A trans activist using the pseudonym ‘Melly Boom’ had tweeted in July asking Always why it was ‘imperative’ to have the sign on their sanitary products.

The tweet said: ‘There are non-binary and trans folks who still need to use your products too you know!’

Another activist, Ben Saunders – named young campaigner of the year by LGBT charity Stonewall in May after making a documentary about being transgender – contacted the sanitary pad makers in June with a similar complaint.

The Always marketing team replied with a comment that Saunders, 18, posted on Twitter, reading: ‘We are glad to inform you that as of December we will use a wrapper design without the feminine symbol.’

OK, these people are obviously insane. They think that tampons and menstrual pads are not just for women but for males who change their sex to female. And that this has to be made clear in advertisements.

But eliminating the Venus symbol puts Procter & Gamble in direct conflict with another radical group on the left – the feminists. PJ Media continued:

Leading feminist campaigner Julie Bindel told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Removing the female symbol from sanitary towel packaging is basically denying the existence of women.

‘We’re now moving towards the total elimination of women’s biology. The women’s symbol has been used by feminists for decades. This is pure cowardice and virtue signalling from these big corporate brands who are capitulating to the trans agenda.’

Women on social media sites also aired their fury at the decision by P&G.

Maya Forstater, a women’s rights advocate who lost her job as a think tank tax expert for saying transgender women are not women, tweeted: ‘The venus sign in biology is used to represent the female sex (you know, the ONLY people who will ever need these products). It does not represent gender identity.’

As expected, these crazy extremists are marginalizing themselves and are starting fights with one another.

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