Democrats’ Anti-Oil Agenda Will Harm Them Badly

Democrat presidential candidates, along with thousands of Democrat politicians across the nation and thousands more ‘green’ activists, want to totally shut off America’s oil, coal and natural gas supplies.

This is a new ultra-extremist plank in the ‘green’ platform. It only has emerged in the last few months but more and more Democrats are saying it out loud including presidential candidates Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

They are saying this to secure the fringe ‘green’ vote. If they don’t say it then the ‘greenies’ and their friends will wage war on their candidacies, killing their chances. believes that this stance will have a major negative impact for Democrat candidates over the next decade. A clear majority of Americans does not believe in shutting off the lifeblood of our economy and Republicans should be appealing directly to them. We know that president Trump will do so in 2020.

Environmentalists have been seeking to shut down our energy supplies for many decades. As far back as 1975, when the 800-mile Alaska pipeline was proposed to carry oil from the North Slope oil field at Prudhoe Bay to the ocean port of Valdez for shipment to US refineries, environmental groups sought to stop the project.

Since it was completed in 1977 the pipeline has transported 18 billion barrels of oil from one single source. Thus the pipeline has been one of the most useful and critical infrastructure projects in US history.

Environmentalists are fighting every pipeline being proposed in America today. They want to stop the use of oil and natural gas by halting its movement.

But then when we move oil on trains and the trains derail and explode, as they did in Quebec, Canada in 2013 destroying dozens of building in the resort town of Lac Megantic and killing 47 people, the same environmentalists create a frenzy of indignation.

Meanwhile one of the wacky far-left 2020 Democrat presidential candidates named Andrew Yang has proposed… get this… for the government to buy every gasoline and diesel-powered vehicle in the US and replace it with an electric car. PJ Media reported:

… Yang offhandedly proposed buybacks of regular cars — you know, the ones you can drive more than 300 miles even in winter, and can fill up anywhere to 100% in just a few minutes — and stick us all in electric vehicles which he insists “we are all going to love.”

He admits that there will still be some “legacy gas-guzzlers” on the roads when he’s president, but “some” indicates the sheer scale of his ambition and/or ego. There are more than 270 million motor vehicles licensed in the United States alone — the vast, vast majority of which are gas/diesel/hybrid. Annual passenger car/light truck sales are highly variable, but last year totaled about 17 million. If Yang were to wave a magic wand and mandate nothing but e-car production from now on, it would still take about 15 years to replace American’s existing inventory of (gas/diesel) vehicles.

Friends, these people are insane; electric cars are much more expensive than gasoline-powered cars so buying new electric cars would put us all into deep debt.

Electric cars also use much more energy per mile than gasoline-powered cars. That happens because electricity is a highly “refined” resource and it is a law of physics that ‘it consumes energy to refine energy’.

And don’t think they won’t take your gasoline car and offer you no option but expensive electric cars. Look at this from Road & Track magazine:

Members of the German government have just passed a resolution to ban the sale of internal combustion engines in the European Union by 2030. Only zero-emissions vehicles would be allowed on the market after that time, according to the resolution.

German news magazine Der Spiegel broke the news on Saturday; an English-language report on the resolution can be found at Forbes. The resolution was passed in Germany’s Bundesrat, the nation’s legislative body representing the sixteen German states, with across-the-aisle support.

The resolution implores the EU Commission to ban the sale of new vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel internal-combustion engines starting in 2030; vehicles sold before the ban would still be allowed, but after 2030, automakers would be banned from selling new fossil fuel-powered vehicles in the EU. As Bertel Schmitt at Forbes points out, the Bundesrat has no direct authority over the EU, and cannot demand changes to the EU’s transportation regulations. But with the largest government and most powerful economy in the EU, German government decisions exert huge influence over the EU and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

So why do ‘greenies’ want the electric car?

It’s simple. ‘Greenies’ have enormous power over our electric utilities through government regulation. They have much less power over the oil and natural gas industries. Therefore if our transportation system converts to electric power then ‘greenies’ will control it through regulation.

Meanwhile reported:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Monday that she would immediately move to place a “total moratorium” on new federal fossil fuel leases if elected president, blocking energy companies from drilling offshore and producing oil, gas and coal from U.S. government-owned land.

The Massachusetts Democrat and 2020 contender said she would prioritize building new renewable energy projects. Warren said her administration would set a goal of producing 10 percent of the nation’s electric power from wind towers, solar farms, and other clean energy projects constructed offshore or on public lands.

OK, so Warren has said that she wants to totally ban oil, coal and natural gas starting with this ban on federal lands. This plan would destroy our economy by driving energy costs through the roof because a product’s cost rises as it becomes more scarce. This could easily produce gasoline and heating oil prices of $10 a gallon or more.

She plans to start this process through moratoriums on drilling on federal land. Yet this land belongs to all of us and, as a part owner of the land, wants drilling to be allowed.

There are other ways that this ban will harm us. Plastics are made from oil. If we reduce and/or eliminate oil from our economy then we reduce and eliminate plastics. This will push up the price of everything with plastic parts including your computer. It also will push up the price of food since plastic packaging is such an important and valuable part of our food supply chain.

Asphalt for roads is made from crude oil. If we eliminate oil, then how will we pave our roads?

Oil is critical to the production of fertilizer. If we don’t have oil then we won’t have fertilizer and food production will plummet.

Heating oil costs would go through the roof and we would all have to live in cold or freezing houses in the Winter. Poor people would be harmed the most. Yet liberals claim that they love “the poor”.

Remember when gasoline and heating oil went up to $4 a gallon under Obama’s ‘green’ policies?

But what brought the price down to $2 a gallon and less?

‘Fracking’ did. And Democrats want to outlaw ‘fracking’ too since ‘fracking’ is increasing oil supplies and demolishing their apocalyptic narrative that the world is running out of oil.

Worst of all, the reduction in gasoline supplies would increase the cost of transportation, perhaps dramatically. We would see increases in the costs for shipping all of our goods by truck and train, which would increase the cost of those goods including food.

In other words we will get inflation and maybe hyper-inflation in several different ways if we cut our oil supplies the way the Democrats want to do.

Then look at this disturbing sentence:

Warren said her administration would set a goal of producing 10 percent of the nation’s electric power from wind towers, solar farms, and other clean energy projects constructed offshore or on public lands.

Friends, this means that Warren wants to blanket our public lands and wilderness areas with windmills and solar panels. And if you have ever seen these ugly monsters you know how bad they are.

First, windmills are extremely inefficient. Second, calculates that the construction of windmills requires hundreds of times as much in resources (steel, copper, concrete and composite material) than if that power were produced in a nuclear plant.

Windmills cause ‘climate change’ by slowing down the winds. Windmills destroy our natural scenery and turn our mountaintops into industrial zones with 400-foot-tall generators, 1,000 ton concrete block foundations, and wide roads blasted through the forests for massive trucks and cranes to get to the mountain tops to erect and maintain the windmills.

Meanwhile our entire highway system takes a beating as the super-heavy windmill parts are hauled to these sites by truck.

Windmills also need corridors to be cut into every forested mountainside for power lines to get the electricity from the mountaintops down to the power grid.

Windmills are an environmental disaster. You can see them for miles around. They also kill millions of birds every year including endangered eagles. But this is forgiven by the ‘greenies’. Look at this from in December 2013:

The Obama administration said Friday it will allow some companies to kill or injure bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years without penalty, an effort to spur development and investment in green energy while balancing its environmental consequences.

The change, requested by the wind energy industry, will provide legal protection for the lifespan of wind farms and other projects for which companies obtain a permit and make efforts to avoid killing the birds.

Question: Where are the ‘greenies’ to protest all of this widespread and profound environmental damage?

They are silent since it is they who are doing the damage.

Solar panels are awful. They often lead to roof damage when they are mounted on homes; you should never tamper with your roof. And if you have ever seen a beautiful rural meadow blanketed in black solar panels, it is terrible.

The worst part is that wind and solar produce tiny amounts of energy in return for all of the money that we invest in them and for all of the damage that they do to the environment. Solar panels only produce significant amounts of electricity in the middle of the day when the sun is high, and not during storms or on cloudy days. Meanwhile windmills often produce much of their power at night when the electricity is not even needed.

Solar panels are pushing up the price of electricity. Germany has the most solar power in the world percentage-wise and has three times the electricity costs of the US.

You may have noticed that your power bill is going up while people with solar panels say that their bill is going down. This happens because solar power is nothing more than a socialistic transfer of wealth that is rigged financially through the tax code to give every advantage to “green” homeowners and penalize those of us without solar panels.

Environmentalists are seeking to blight the land with windmills and solar panels because environmentalists and their friends get rich on these contraptions. They do not care how much damage they do to ‘the environment’.

Interestingly the public schools are teaching the anti-oil ‘green’ agenda yet public school teacher unions are some of the biggest holders of, and beneficiaries of, highly profitable oil company stocks.

In short, the elimination of oil and cars and gasoline and heating oil and natural gas is the most dangerous proposal ever by a political party. And Democrats are embracing the idea heartily. Fortunately it will cost them dearly at the polls.

Update: Supporters of energy abundance are not taking these ‘climate’ radicals sitting down. The Daily Caller reported:

A man claimed responsibility for defacing the newly painted mural of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg in Canada, writing with spray paint, “Stop the lies! This is oil country!”

Hours after Thunberg attended a climate rally nearby, artist AJA Louden created a mural of the young climate activist in the Canadian city of Edmonton, according to the Independent.

Two days later, a man spray-painted the words, “Stop the lies! This is oil country!” across the painting as a journalist, who was filming, watched. “This is Alberta,” the man said, explaining to reporters that as soon as he saw pictures of the mural of on social media he knew he had to “deal with it.”

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