Jimmy Carter is a Faker/ ‘Therapy Culture’ Undermines Us

First here is a quick word about former Democrat president Jimmy Carter who has been in the news again after falling at his home and cracking his pelvis at age 95:

Carter was a terrible president. He served one term from 1977 to 1981. He was defeated for re-election in 1980 in a landslide win for Republican Ronald Reagan.

Over the last 10 years Carter has made a reputation for himself as a humanitarian who builds houses for Habitat for Humanity.

But this is a public relations scam. Carter simply shows up at a Habitat site, pounds a few nails, gets his picture taken over and over, gives interviews and then gets slobbering media coverage.

It is all a stage show put on by the Fake News media. He gets maximum positive coverage for minimum work because he is a Democrat.

Nikitas3.com works in a food pantry once a week and many times I have seen people show up for an hour just to show their faces and be seen as “good guys”.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

The fields of psychiatry, psychology and therapy are the domain of the political left. There is a reason for that – those fields are the domain of crazy, irrational people which includes most liberals. And they also are the domain of monetary profit. And liberals love money more than anything else.

By institutionalizing the treatment of marginal or nutty people through pay-as-you-go therapy, liberals have built a multibillion dollar industry that does not cure people but simply traps them into being permanent wards of the Democrat/Therapy Complex. At $150 per hour.

Nikitas3.com recently saw a video… or rather another video… of the lunatic actor Robert De Niro cursing out president Trump on live TV (CNN). He called Trump “crazy” but the wandering eyes of De Niro’s rant showed that it is DeNiro who is really crazy. He looked like a madman.

But then again De Niro has made his name for decades playing lunatics, mafia bosses and killers. So it is no surprise that those roles have deeply affected him.

TV ‘therapy’ shows are everywhere. In one a therapist was talking to a sufferer of what has been termed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. OCD used to be called “stupidity” and “childish behavior” before the Democrat/Therapy Complex got hold of it, named it and started charging $150 an hour to “treat” it. The therapist asked:

“How anxiety-producing right now would it be for you to throw away a piece of paper with your mom’s name on it?”

The sufferer had stacked his home for years with junk which he would not throw out since his mother died in the house and the sufferer could not let go of her.

But rather than order this nut to clean up his house and grow up, the therapist turns it into a kabuki theater of the insane with sessions stretched out to fill the hour that can then be charged for.

Just the tenor of a question like that shows what is wrong with America’s Therapy Culture today and how it is being fomented by the media and the Democrat party and then treated for profit by the Democrat/Therapy Complex at $150 an hour.

And that $150 an hour means campaign contributions for the Democrat party.

If you question the maturity of an obsessed person who refuses to shape up, you are called names by liberals. Because these obsessed people can be cured for free by a good swift kick in the rear or a good talking to by a secure and intelligent individual. Or by joining a real Christian church and seeing that God loves them and is much smarter than they are.

But then there would not be billions of dollars in those institutions for members of the Democrat/Therapy Complex. And campaign contributions for the Democrat party.

Why do you think that Democrats are always pushing to get mental health coverage included in insurance plans?

It is to funnel more and more money to the Democrat/Therapy Complex and to the Democrat party. Another therapist asked:

“So Richie, what does it feel like” to throw away the mattress that his mother died on.

This is another tactic. Rather than just letting this guy throw the mattress away and move on, the therapist has to continue to intervene to make sure that the obsessor recognizes the therapist as the person in control.

At $150 an hour, that is.

Therapy/psychiatry works through control. Of one person by another. It is one on one – one mortal and another.

In the Christian faith, one entrusts oneself to a higher power. God is all-loving and flawless and you look to Him in an effort to remake your life and to overcome past errors. A flawless model is the only one that can help you to look forward and not fall back. Because it is the ultimate alternative.

In the Therapy Culture, however, one entrusts oneself to another person, an intellectual, for a profit. The therapist is often crazy too. After all, if you spend your life enabling and acquiescing to and analyzing every affliction of every nut on your patient list you too will become crazed. And probably a member in good standing of the Democrat party.

Isolation is key. To keep the patient isolated one-on-one in a therapist’s office – versus part of a community in a Christian church, for example – further marginalizes that patient and makes him/her subject to the therapist’s whim and control, psychologically and financially.

And in today’s Therapy Culture, an obsessor is immersed in his/her problems rather than seeking to rise above them. The patient becomes intertwined with the therapist who is operating for profit. It is an unhealthy relationship and an unholy alliance.

The Therapy Culture uses tactics that you see everywhere in American liberalism. Look at how blacks are constantly agitated about slavery even when Oprah Winfrey has a $2 billion fortune. They are told not to look at Winfrey or at rich black entertainers or athletes, but to re-live slavery.

This is to imprint negativity and to use that negativity to control people through anger and resentment and the most powerful emotion of all – envy. That is why the inner cities of America have become slaughterhouses of violence and mayhem.

The technique is intended to agitate as many people as possible about the negative past – like a patient in the Therapy Culture is constantly reminded of their past behavior – rather than asking that person to forget about the past and look upward and to move forward.
This entraps them in the negative past.

That is why the Democrat/Therapy Complex is becoming a substitute for churchgoing Christian faith, which does not charge $150 per hour. Because Christianity urges you to look to a perfect God who can straighten out any person in rapid order, and to forget about the negative past. That is a powerful combination.

At the same time, as they immerse the obsessor in past negativity, liberals in the Democrat/Therapy Complex disparage people with genuinely positive traits like self-reliance, diligence, intelligence and ambition. Today the entire leftist academic culture targets white men and their accomplishments.

But conservative white men don’t need therapy. That is why Democrats hate them. Because they cannot control them. Because they are smart and normal and not subject to emotional manipulation.

In the Therapy Culture, however, everyone is controlled. For $150 per hour.

Other wacky subjects on one of the ‘therapy’ shows included a female obsessed with brushing her teeth; another who showers and washes her hands for hours a day; and a male who drives to gyms all over town for short workout sessions, all day long, up to 10 times a day. This nut twirls counterclockwise once as he runs from one place to the next.

When asked why he partakes of his fitness obsession, this kook says that if he did not have these rituals, “I may have to accurately analyze who I am and that person may suck…”

To which the average conservative on his way to work might ask: “May suck? This behavior shows that you do suck… Just stop it and be a better person.”

But the therapist encourages this person by treating him as is he has a genuine affliction. Which he does, according to liberalism.

And so you must wonder who is the therapist and who is the crazy person.

“I want to live as long as possible because living is better than being dead,” says the obsessed workout fanatic. He is married and his wife is perfectly normal. And you wonder why someone like his wife would put up with this nonsense.

Answer: Because she has been drawn into the lunatic culture by the therapist who says that this childish behavior can be “cured” by the therapist. Which is false. It needs to be confronted and that will cure it automatically.

Throughout history, mankind has had an unwritten agreement with stupidity and crazy behavior. Today the media encourage this behavior through television and film and novels and plays that make crazy behavior seem normal. It is called “liberalism” and it will consume us all if we don’t recognize it for what it is.

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