Conservatives Must Publicly Expose Liberal Failures

First, here is a quick word about our terrible and inefficient Amtrak passenger rail system:

Amtrak trains are hauling three extra empty baggage cars to make the signals work in Michigan. The signals require that the train have a certain number of axles to function properly (not sure how it works, but that is the explanation given.)

Those extra cars weigh more than 200 tons combined and carry nothing. That is all dead weight that the train must haul. Yet the train fanatics tell us that Amtrak saves energy.

Actually Amtrak wastes vast amounts of energy every single day since passenger trains are extremely heavy and inefficient.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

Conservatives Must Publicly Expose Liberal Failures

President Trump recently tweeted about the Trump-hating city of San Francisco:

I can’t believe that Nancy Pelosi’s District in San Francisco is in such horrible shape that the City itself is in violation of many sanitary & environmental orders, causing it to owe the Federal Government billions of dollars. And all she works on is Impeachment…

Good. We need Republicans to strike back at these Democrats for their failed policies. Trump also tweeted about SF:

We should all work together to clean up these hazardous waste and homeless sites before the whole city rots away. Very bad and dangerous conditions, also severely impacting the Pacific Ocean and water supply. Pelosi must work on this mess and turn her District around!

Good again. It is about time that Republicans confront these fakers. If Mitt Romney had a spine like Trump does he could have beaten Obama in 2012. But Romney was too nice. What a loser… And that is precisely why Donald Trump is president. No more Mr. Nice Guy. And that is how he will win re-election in 2020.

Consider the 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Cory Booker. He is the former mayor of Newark, New Jersey, which is one of the most dangerous and poor cities in America. Yet he wants to be president. Any rational Republican should call him out for the horrible conditions in Newark but none has done so except president Trump who tweeted boldly:

If Cory Booker is the future of the Democratic Party, they have no future! I know more about Cory than he knows about himself.

Most of today’s Republicans are basically cowards. They have ceded power to belligerent and aggressive Democrats by being nice while Democrats themselves are always angry like wasps, stinging everyone who exposes their failures.

How about the failed Welfare State? calculates that hard-working, non-dependent Americans have given $150 TRILLION in federal, state and local spending and private charity in the last 60 years to “fight poverty”. Yet we have more poor people than ever.

Why? Because the Welfare State is a failure. We always get more of what the government subsidizes and so if the government subsidizes dependency and poor people then we get more dependency and more poor people. works at a food pantry once a week and you should see the fraudsters who come in for food. Some of them are fat, greedy and obnoxious. Many drive nice cars and live in nice apartments.

It is time for Republicans to point out the myriad failures of socialism, for instance the human tragedy in Venezuela which was once the richest nation in South America. It has the world’s largest known oil reserves. Yet today there are fuel shortages and Venezuelans are starving after the radical socialists promised to somehow make everything better.

Better than what? Venezuela was prosperous and orderly. Many people went there for many decades to work and make business connection because it was such a great place. And now it is a disaster under the socialist/communist regime of Maduro.

The same is happening to California. For more than a century California was an economic powerhouse; it attracted Americans like a magnet with its thriving economy. Today it is the sixth largest economy in the world.

Yet the socialists have taken over; every statewide office is occupied by a militant Democrat and their policies have ruined The Golden State. Productive, skilled and educated white people are fleeing California in droves and being replaced by unskilled, uneducated illegal immigrants. California now has the highest poverty rate in America and the widest gap between rich and poor of all US states.

This is socialism, friends. And Republicans need to expose this devastating ideology.
Just look at San Francisco. Long considered the most beautiful city in America, SF today is full of homeless, crazy drug addicts who use the streets as bathrooms. This comes out of decades of permissiveness, particularly since the 1960s when the ‘hippies’ invaded the city.

It also comes from sky-high housing costs in San Francisco. But housing costs are high in the first place since SF is not building any new housing to increase the supply and bring down prices.

San Francisco has a daunting permitting process for any new construction, i.e., the socialistic city bureaucracy is stifling. To make matters worse, vocal groups pop up to oppose any new construction that might alter the “character” of their neighborhoods. even saw a video of a homeowner in a small town 70 miles north of SF who had to pay $60,000 in permit costs to add on to his house. So the liberal poison spreads out around these socialist cities.

Chicago is perhaps the most liberal city with the most restrictive gun laws in the US and it also has an astronomical gun-violence rate. This is another liberal failure.

Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans and destroyed most of the city in 2005 after local politicians in the corrupt, Democrat-controlled city spent decades stealing every penny in sight and failing to spend the money to shore up the city’s flood walls.

Younger, skilled, productive and educated people are fleeing Democrat “utopias” like Vermont and New York state and running at top speed to conservative states like Texas, Georgia, Florida and Utah.

Yet the media demonize president Trump and glorify leftists like New York governor Andrew Cuomo who has presided over a steep decline in the state’s economy.

Cuomo is a classic socialist. He has signed legislation to outlaw “hair discrimination” (whatever that is), floating billboards, plastic bags at grocery stores and the de-clawing of cats. But he will never sign legislation to allow ‘fracking’ for natural gas, which would provide a massive economic bonanza for hard-pressed rural areas of the state.

Where are the Republicans to point all this out? It seems that only president Trump is taking on the liberals in any serious way.

This is happening because Republicans want to get along politically and are scared of the Fake News media and won’t speak up. And thus they are ceding huge amounts of power to the Democrats in failing to do so.

Bernie Sanders Wants Legal Pot to Employ Ex-Convicts

Democrats want legal marijuana nationwide. This is a terrible idea. Many studies show that marijuana leads to mental impairment and brain degradation, particularly the very strong marijuana of today. One single puff makes the smoker very “high”.

And now younger and younger kids are smoking it and will continue to do so as it becomes legal. This is harming these kids academically as their brains are affected. Kids who are “stoned” don’t want to go to school or work hard.

But that reality does not stop liberals from promoting legal marijuana wherever they can. Breitbart News reports about presidential candidate Bernie Sanders:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is proposing a $10 billion federal program to help former convicts work in the marijuana industry. The proposal, which he released Thursday at approximately 4:20 p.m. Eastern, is part of his comprehensive plan to legalize marijuana nationwide.

Sanders unveiled his sweeping plan to legalize marijuana on Thursday, noting that he will not wait on Congress to act. Instead, he will take executive action within the first 100 days in office.
“Today, the government considers marijuana as dangerous as heroin,” Sanders tweeted following his plan’s release. “That’s idiotic.”

No it is not idiotic. Marijuana is a bad and powerful drug that alters the mind significantly. It has destroyed millions of minds but the Fake News media will never report on it. So it is just as bad as heroin in its own way.

Worse, liberals and their Fake News media friends are doing everything in their power to suppress the truth about marijuana. Sanders even wants to use marijuana as an employment source for former convicts. This is ridiculous. Many of these convicts were marijuana smokers to start with and that is what helped them to get into trouble.

Democrats are seeing legal marijuana as a huge economic benefit for themselves since virtually all marijuana growers and dealers are leftists.

In Massachusetts, where marijuana has been legalized, the liberal newspapers slobber over marijuana every day. They constantly tout stores, grow sites, pot entrepreneurs, etc. Marijuana is being portrayed as an economic panacea for an area that is declining economically after decades of Democrat policies.

It is not a panacea. Legal marijuana is simply making more people “high”. And people who are “high” do not perform well economically. If you ever have known these young ‘stoners’ (heavy marijuana smokers), you know how awful they are. remembers these people from as far back as the 1960s.

An acquaintance of, who smoked marijuana since the 1960s and always touted it, died at age 62 in an accident in 2017 when he was ‘high’. He left behind a wonderful family.

Now Bernie Sanders says that he wants $10 billion in federal money to help transition “former convicts” to the marijuana trade.

First, why does he need $10 billion?

Answer: Because all liberal ideas require taxpayer money to be distributed to leftist groups for their latest scheme.

Second, this idea is a travesty. The last thing these “former convicts” need is to be working around large quantities of marijuana. They should be working in factories or doing something productive like sweeping the streets.

More on California Fires

Look at this from Associated Press:

The Pacific Gas & Electric Co. utility says its power lines may have started two wildfires over the weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The company reported the incidents near the town Lafayette to state regulators on Monday.
PG&E told the California Public Utilities Commission that a worker responded to the first fire around 4:45 p.m. Sunday and was told firefighters believe contact between a power line and a communication line may have caused it.

A worker went to another fire about an hour later and was told firefighters are investigating a transformer as a possible ignition source.

PG&E is under severe financial pressure after its equipment has been blamed for a series of destructive wildfires in Northern California.

OK, what is wrong with this story?

Well, look at the wording… PG& E says “its power lines may have started two wildfires”.

But there is a huge difference between power lines that “did start two wildfires” and that “may have started two wildfires.” Where is the proof that the power lines started the fires?

There is none. But this story is part of the environmentalist/media assault on a private utility company – to blame PG&E for everything bad that happens.

Then it says that “firefighters believe contact between a power line and a communication line may have caused (the fire)”. And then, “A worker went to another fire about an hour later and was told firefighters are investigating a transformer as a possible ignition source.”

In other words, none of this has been proven. But since PG&E is a big, powerful utility company that the socialists are trying to destroy, everything gets blamed on them with the Fake News media promoting that idea.

Meanwhile ‘greenies’ make everything worse. Power lines indeed can ignite fires after the environmentalists make laws that say that brush and trees cannot be cleared near power lines. After all we know that hundreds of forest fires throughout the American West over the last few decades have definitely been attributed to overgrown forests that are not thinned out or managed under strict ‘green’ laws.

Update from Fox News:

The Getty Fire in Los Angeles, which has destroyed a dozen homes and forced many people — including some celebrities — to escape the area, was sparked by a tree branch that fell on top of power lines and ignited nearby brush, officials said Tuesday.

“The fire was likely caused by a tree branch that broke off during the high wind conditions and subsequently landed on nearby power lines, which resulted in sparking and arcing that ignited nearby brush,” the Los Angeles Fire Department said.

So it was an “act of God” that cause the fire, not the fault of PG&E as the liberals claim over and over. But liberals managed to implant the idea that PG&E was to blame.

Update: Two Northern California fires were started by homeless people living in the forest, not PG&E. Will the Fake News media report on these fires? No.

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