McConnell Should Halt Impeachment/ Another Minimum Wage Fail

A recent Suffolk University/USA Today poll said that only 36 percent of Americans favored impeaching president Trump. And since these university/media polls are biased against Trump we can assume that the real number of those favoring impeachment is probably 30% or less.

In a recent Facebook post, Republican US Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky wrote:

Nancy Pelosi is in the clutches of a leftwing mob. They finally convinced her to impeach the president.

All of you know your Constitution. The way that impeachment stops is with a Senate majority with me as majority leader.

OK, so what is McConnell saying? Is he saying that he will not even allow an impeachment trial in the Senate since he controls the business of the Senate?

After all impeachment is a two-step process – the House votes to impeach and the Senate then holds a “trial” to review the evidence against the president. If the Senate decides that the president should be removed from office it would require not just a majority but at least 67 votes for removal.

Unfortunately for Democrats Republicans hold 53 US Senate seats and Democrats will never get those 67 votes and thus any trial would exonerate Trump.

But believes that McConnell should never allow a trial in the first place. Because it is time for Republicans to get a backbone and stand up to these leftist thugs who are creating any type of anti-Trump hysteria that they desire with their friends in the media helping out.

McConnell should simply say that this impeachment drive is a political hoax that has been created by Democrats to reverse the 2016 election and that he will not allow it to continue.

We just went through two full years in which the Fake News media and Democrats assured us that president Trump had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. They said it with absolute certainty yet it was proven flat-out false by the most intensive scrutiny ever of a US president.

So it is time for McConnell to say, “They snookered us with the Russia investigation. It is not going to happen again.”

And since McConnell controls the business of the US Senate as majority leader, he can do whatever he pleases. He should simply say that there will be no trial in the Senate if the House passes it, as they probably will.

This would certainly lead to a media firestorm against Trump and the Republicans, but who cares. They already create a firestorm every day if Trump says, “Have a nice day…” Nothing will be different if McConnell blocks the Senate trial. In fact it would be fun to watch the liberals go insane again.

Then Trump, McConnell and the Republicans can say, “We will let the voters decide in November 2020 who is right…”

And believes that voters will re-elect Trump, possibly in a landslide, and would not hold the trial cancellation against Republicans since most Americans know that Trump is doing a great job and are tired of seeing the president harassed.

But since we know that Trump is innocent of the charges being leveled against him it seems that it would be smart just to allow a Senate trial to fail to remove him from office.

In this case, however, we should not. By allowing a trial Republicans would be showing weakness while Trump has shown over and over that strength wins.

President Trump has stood up to the Democrat/media mob time and time again. He has thrown their slander, libel and lies right back into their faces. He has been right over and over. Thus it is time for all Republicans to join in and show some backbone rather than worry about what the media and Democrats think.

By blocking a trial, McConnell also would be striking a blow for the rule of law. In other words, by holding a trial and not speaking out against the sham Democrats, McConnell would be legitimizing an impeachment scenario that could arise every time that the House is held by the opposition party. So if there is a Republican House and a Democrat president, then we might see another fake impeachment. It would never end.

McConnell has often seemed like a so-so Republican but he has come through in the clutch before. He put off the Senate nomination hearings for the left-wing Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland when Garland’s confirmation would have tipped the Court to the left. That was perhaps his most courageous maneuver.

Thus it is time for McConnell to stand up again. After all, Trump went out and campaigned vigorously for Republican US Senate candidates in November 2018 and Republicans actually picked up two seats as a result of Trump’s hard work.

In their first mid-term elections after winning the White House presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama lost a total of twenty Senate seats for their respective parties.

In other words Trump campaigns saved McConnell’s majority leader job and so it is time for McConnell to pay back president Trump by blocking an impeachment trial.

Another Minimum Wage Fail

Socialists believe that they can make the world better through legislation. This is false. Things get better when individual citizens make them better.

The $15 minimum wage is a classic socialist stunt. It is having negative side effects everywhere across the US. While some workers may benefit, others lose out. $15 is at the very best a zero-sum game and at the worst a very bad deal for workers. It is never positive overall. recently reported on the Target stores $15 minimum wage. That article is excerpted here with a comment after each excerpt: reports: Workers say they’ve had their hours cut and lost other benefits, such as health insurance. If only someone could have predicted that.

Under pressure from activists, Target announced in September 2017 that it would hike wages for all 323,000 employees to at least $15 per hour by 2020.

This was a major victory for the “Fight for $15” movement—a win that was supposed to have repercussions for retail and fast food workers everywhere. “Our momentum is unstoppable,” a Minneapolis Fight for $15 organizer told Common Dreams.

Two years later, the story is pretty different. comment: Of course it is different. Because liberals and leftists always paint a utopian picture of what their policies are going to produce. And virtually always those policies have the opposite effect. reports: “I got that dollar raise but I’m getting $200 less in my paycheck,” a Target employee named Heather told CNN. Heather’s hours have been cut from about 40 per week to around 20, she explained.

And she’s hardly alone. CNN Business (which withheld employees’ last names) has interviewed 23 Target employees in the past month. Many tell the same story: They are working fewer hours and have lost some employment benefits as a result. Target only provides health insurance benefits to workers who average at least 30 hours of work a week. comment: Gee, no kidding. As we rational conservatives have always said, government should not set, or activists should not force, the wage rates that a private company should pay. Because it imposes the wages without knowing anything about the economic conditions of the company.

Today wages are rising naturally as a result of the strong Trump economy. Liberals will never admit this., hardly a Trump supporter, reported in January 2018:

Workers looking for fatter paychecks had their best year in 2017 since before the financial crisis, according to a government report Wednesday.

The Employment Cost Index, a measure of salary and benefit costs, registered a 2.6 percent gain for the full year, tied for the best since 2007, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.

Meanwhile many companies are responding to government mandates for higher wages by cutting hours, firing workers, denying raises to other workers, cutting benefits and perks, and automating jobs.

McDonald’s, for instance, is installing computer ordering screens nationwide to replace human order takers and their higher mandated wages.

So which is better for the average worker – to be employed at $10 an hour or unemployed at $15?

The answer is obvious. Target is very liberal and so it decided to pay the $15 voluntarily. And now Target employees are getting burned as the company does what it has to do to comply with the $15.

Imagine you own a hardware store and you want to clean out the store’s basement. You want to pay three high school kids $10 an hour to do the one-day job on a Saturday. The students would make $80 and the basement would be clean and orderly.

But $15 wage laws would not allow you to pay $10. In another hypothetical case, a restaurant owner might fire his floor mopper and do the job himself if the minimum wage goes too high.

Meanwhile we know that restaurants are declining to hire bussers to clean tables but are making waiters bus their own tables with the minimum wage going up. And so this $15 drive is actually hurting the low-wage, entry-level workers whom Democrats claim they want to help.

These mandated wage increases also increase the amount that the employer must pay for Social Security and Medicare. So there are hidden costs to minimum wage increases on top of the known costs. reports: Minimum wage increases are “not a net good, and zero-sum at best,” according to a recent analysis from the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a free market think tank. In a report released earlier this month, CEI found that mandated wage increases include a wide number of trade-offs, including reduced non-wage compensation, fewer job openings, reduced hours, increased automation, higher insurance co-pays, less vacation and personal time, and reduced employee discounts.

“The negative economic trade-offs for minimum wage workers, unfortunately, cancel out most of the paycheck gains,” says Ryan Young, CEI senior fellow and author of the report. comment: That is exactly what happened at Target. reports: “The company keeps hiring more and more people part time,” Target staffer Lee Beecher—a member of United for Respect, a workers’ advocacy group—told CNN. “I’m a loyal employee. I’m trying to pick up a second job for the hours I’m not getting at my current job.” comment: Too bad. These “workers’ advocacy” people wanted the minimum wage hike and were warned about it. But they listened only to their radical handlers.

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