Huge Rallies Show Trump’s Clout / Mitt Romney Approval Crashes

Before the presidential election of 2016 candidate Donald Trump held many huge rallies that foreshadowed his coming victory.

The Fake News media ignored the rallies and predicted that Trump would lose. They are doing the same thing today. They were wrong then and are wrong today.

These rallies are unprecedented in American history and they are sustaining the same intensity that Trump first inspired. And what scares Democrats most is that these rallies are attracting a much wider audience than expected.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale reported about the November 1 Trump rally in Mississippi that 16,432 voters were identified, that 24% had voted once or less in recent elections (showing that new voters are coming out to support Trump, which is great news for the president); that 27% were Democrat(!); and that 20% were black(!)

Wow. This is all major good news for Trump. There are many polls showing Trump winning re-election in 2020 but of course there are many Fake News polls showing Trump losing. This is to be expected. The same Fake News polls said in 2016 that Hillary Clinton had a 91% chance of victory.

But the rallies are showing a massively positive picture for the president not in polls but in people showing up. predicts a solid Trump victory in 2020 and here is why:

Polls, surveys and interviews are showing over and over that the president’s “base” voters are not abandoning him. In fact their allegiance to him is strengthening as the media and Democrats attack.

In addition, millions of Americans who did not vote for Trump in 2016 see that the president is a strong leader who is actually achieving the things that they did not think he would do.

These people all are going to vote for Trump in 2020. All added up, believes that Trump will win a popular vote victory in 2020 as well as a bigger Electoral College victory than 2016 when he won 30 states and 57% of the electoral votes. predicts 32 or more states and 63% or more of the electoral votes in 2020.

Meanwhile the Fake News media continue to portray president Trump as just another Mitt Romney-like Republican who will choke as the election nears.

Nonsense. Trump is the boldest campaigner ever in history. And at his November 4 rally in Kentucky he showed what is in store.

Below is a time-stamped summary by Tony Lee of Breitbart News reporting some of Trump’s comments at the Kentucky rally. This is a preview of the Trump 2020 campaign.

Just look at these hard-hitting and unapologetic charges against Democrats. These are going to be very effective when election day 2020 comes around.

8:39 PM: Trump says “America is thriving like never before” and says the “best is yet to come.”
8:25 PM: Trump says on no issue have Democrats betrayed the American people more than immigration. He says Republicans believe that “taking care of our own citizens first is paramount.” Trump says Democrats are leading an “unrelenting assault against people of faith.”
8:22 PM: Trump: “I defeated ISIS.”
8:15 PM: Trump rips “very slow” and “sleepy Joe” for not taking seriously China’s “piracy and plunder.” He mocks Biden for always saying “folks” and says he needs handlers like “horses” because he makes so many mistakes. Trump rips Obama/Biden for being soft on China and says he is here “because of them.”
“We can’t let our country go back to hell,” Trump says. “Because the Bidens got rich while Americans got robbed.”
Trump says “under this administration, the great betrayal is over. America is not for sale.”
Trump tells Pelosi to pass the (US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement) or “go back to San Francisco and clean up your mess.”
7:50 PM: Trump now brags about the judges he has confirmed…
7:45 PM: Trump … says McConnell didn’t blink when left-wing “arsonists” tried to smear Kavanaugh. He says McConnell’s opponent lost a House race and now wants to be a (senator) and rips her for comparing Trump’s election to 9/11. McConnell says they are changing the federal courts forever and nobody has changed the courts more than Trump. He vows to leave “no vacancies behind.”
7:40 PM: Trump says (Kentucky Democrat gubernatorial candidate) Beshear is a “major lefty” and wonders how voters in Kentucky could vote for someone like him. Trump says “radical leftists” want Beshear to win because he stands against everything people in Kentucky stand for… he points out Beshear has vowed to oppose Trump’s agenda. Trump says companies are not leaving Kentucky after he became president. “They’re all coming back,” he says. Trump says Beshear wants to shut down coal and raise taxes while taking a “wrecking ball” to the greatest economy in the state’s history. Trump says Beshear “doesn’t represent you… He represent the radical swamp.” He says Beshear wants sanctuary cities and is “too dangerous” and “too liberal” for Kentucky.
7:31 PM: Trump warns the country will have a “depression the likes of which the country has never seen before” if Democrats take over and now says Democrats are trying to nullify the votes of tens of millions of Americans with their impeachment inquiry. Trump says Democrats “declared war on American democracy” and Republicans have never been more united.
“The American people are fed up with Democrat lies, hoaxes, slander,” he says. Trump says the Dems’ outrageous conduct has created an “angry majority” that will vote the do-nothing Dems out of office. Crowd chants “Four More Years!”
7:29 PM: Trump rips Pelosi’s San Francisco for homelessness, drugs. Says Los Angeles looks like a “third world country” like many cities liberals govern. He then switches back the the record stock market numbers as the crowd chants “USA!”
7:28 PM: Trump now rips the Democrats for the Russia hoax as he always does. Says “these people are crazy.”

This, friends, is bold stuff. And more is coming. Much more. And president Trump will be easily re-elected by using these bold tactics, predicts

Mitt Romney Popularity Crashes

Mitt Romney ran for president in 2008 but lost the primary to John McCain. He then became the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. He could have won the White House if he had had stood up strongly to Obama but he did not.

Refusing to give up on the national limelight, Romney ran for and won a Utah US Senate seat in November 2018. Since then he has become a vocal anti-Trumper even though he is a Republican.

Well, here is some really bad news for Romney. A recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showed only 18% of American adults have a favorable view of Romney. The survey found that only 2% had a “very positive” view of Romney.

Wow. And an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll is going to be biased in favor of anti-Trumpers like Romney so his approval number is probably worse than 18%.

Romney is a three-time loser. He ran for president twice and lost both times. His father George Romney ran for president in 1968 and was run out of the race after claiming that he had been “brainwashed” by the US military over the Vietnam War.

Romney should resign from the Senate and go back to where he came from. He is an embarrassment. Meanwhile predicts that president Trump will be re-elected in 2020, further disgracing Romney.

The Trump Curse has hit Romney hard!

‘Climate’ Loons are Sailing in Circles

The loony environmental activist from Sweden named Greta Thunberg took a SAILBOAT across the Atlantic Ocean to get to the US to preach her nonsense. But now she has to get back to Europe along with other ‘climate’ activists and cannot seem to find a boat to get her back there.

Good. Just imagine what it is like to spend weeks on a sailboat crossing the ocean. It must be awful. Look at this from Breitbart News as Thunberg and her alarmist friends try to figure out how to get back to Europe on another SAILBOAT:

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg is not alone in asking the world for help so she can join 25,000 other delegates at the rescheduled United Nations COP25 climate conference in Spain.

Young Belgian climate proponents Adelaide Charlier and Anuna De Wever had boarded a sailing boat for South America in October to sail to Chile to participate in COP25 when it was (scheduled to be held there).

Now they are stranded and desperate to head back to (Spain) for the COP25 meeting rescheduled for Madrid next month in the biggest and fastest boat that can be made available to them free of charge.

The Brussells Times reports 30 European teenage “followers” of Thunberg had all set off to sea on 2 October in Amsterdam in direction of Brazil aboard a three-masted yacht.

Once in Brazil, they were to reach Chile by land. The group still hopes that some of them will be able to join Madrid but they are actively searching for a faster boat that could take them from the Brazilian coast to Spain by 12 November.

“We would be very happy if at least some of us could be in Madrid to testify of our vision for the COP,” the young activists said in a statement as reported by the Times.

“Our large ship would not succeed from Belem, Brazil, but perhaps a faster boat could make it.” The young people say they are open for any advice.

OK, so here is some advice from for these childish lunatics: Go home and suck your thumbs. It is a better use of your time.

And if you really want something fast, try flying!

New York City is Falling into the Abyss

New York City is in rapid decline. Under its far-left mayor the city is facing an exodus of wealthier people protesting its crushing taxes and also of younger people who don’t want to live there anymore because of the increasingly bad conditions.

Here is a perfect example from Rick Moran on PJ Media about a recent protest:

An amazing demonstration in New York City took place last night, as about 1,000 protesters descended on a Brooklyn subway station to complain about police enforcing the law.

The city had deployed about 500 extra cops across the subway system to deter fare-jumpers. This, and two recent incidents involving the police at subway stations, were enough to bring out the worst in the social justice crowd.

Protesting a fare increase, which Mayor De Blasio is planning, is as American as apple pie. But these protesters weren’t demonstrating against politicians. They were enraged that police would dare to prevent people from getting a free subway ride.

The demonstration formed soon after 7 p.m. on the streets near the Barclays Center, with protesters unfurling large banners that read “F—k the police” and “Don’t let these pigs touch us.” The crowd began dispersing by 9 p.m.

The demonstration was in response to a planned crackdown on fare evasion by the NYPD — and two controversial police actions in Brooklyn subway stations in recent weeks.

There was also a sign being carried by a dozen protesters that read, “Ante up! Punch that cop! NYPD out of MTA!”

The protest degenerated into a near riot, as several scruffy youths decided to practice their fare-jumping skills. One protester tweeted:

We are invincible together. This is how we win ?????????????????????

Thousands of my NYC family protesting police violence to and criminalization of our people who can’t afford to pay subway fare by taking over the subway and not paying. Police had to give up.
— rafael (@rafaelshimunov) November 2, 2019

Not surprisingly, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has come down on the side of the protesters.

Ending mass incarceration means challenging a system that jails the poor to free the rich.

Arresting people who can’t afford a $2.75 fare makes no one safer and destabilizes our community.

New Yorkers know that, they’re not having it, and they’re standing up for each other. …

… The two incidents in question involved a melee that broke out on a subway station and the cops trying to restore order. A couple of kids were slugged by New York’s finest. An iffy claim of racism at best.

… The lack of respect for the police in New York City has grown out of control lately. The lack of support for their own cops from City Hall has compounded the problem. The police are supposed to keep the streets safe, but now those same streets aren’t particularly safe for the cops anymore. And when large enough groups of people being rejecting authority and assaulting police officers, that’s the point where the fabric of society starts breaking down.

This, friends, is the kind of activity that is pushing people out of the once-great city of New York. The people who are leaving want to pay their own way. But they are tired of paying for those who won’t.

And the people who won’t pay are staying put, as expected.

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