Berlin Wall Fell 30 Years Ago!/ Trump Judiciary Goes Conservative

On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell.

For those too young to know about this abomination, the Berlin Wall was built by the communists who controlled the city of East Berlin, Germany. It was built in 1961 on the border of East Berlin and West Berlin.

West Berlin remained free and linked politically to Western Europe and the US even though both Berlins were situated within communist East Germany.

And no, the Berlin Wall was not built to keep illegal immigrants or anyone else out of East Berlin; it was built to keep the German people inside East Berlin, to prevent them from fleeing their dreary, dreadful, poor, grey, despairing communist city. It was essentially a prison wall to keep people inside the prison of communism.

Pictures of communist East Berlin show it be colorless and decrepit. There was little sign of life. Many buildings were abandoned or ruined. Few cars roamed the streets. On the other hand capitalist West Germany was a modern, productive nation by the 1950s.

The Berlin Wall was a simple concrete barrier built hastily. It was patrolled by armed guards to make sure that nobody escaped their communist “worker’s paradise”.

In 1962 US president John F. Kennedy did what American politicians did for decades – they lamented the Wall. Kennedy said in a speech at the free side of the Wall, “Ich bin ein Berliner…” meaning “I am a Berliner”. It was meant to express sympathy for the imprisoned people behind the wall.

So big deal… For another 18 years American politicians, fueled by leftist ideology, said that we needed to co-exist with communism and that the Berlin Wall was part of communism and that we must simply accept the Wall as part of the modern landscape.

In November 1980 anti-communist US president Ronald Reagan was elected. Over his 8 years in the White House he stood up to the Soviet communists in every way, including their friends in East Germany who built the Wall. Reagan faced down the Soviet Union militarily and in June 1987 he went to the Wall for a speech during which he declared boldly to Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev, “Tear down this wall!”

Socialists and communists the world over were shocked. They considered the Wall to be a permanent installation. They said that it was rude to demand that the Wall be torn down.

On November 9, 1989, spurred on by Reagan, the people of East Berlin began to dismantle the Wall and the communist East German state began to fall too. In 1991, the communist government in the Soviet Union also fell, ushering in a new era of freedom as “satellite” communist governments collapsed all over Eastern Europe including East Germany, Romania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Latvia and others under which millions were murdered and hundreds of millions suffered.

To see an amazing 7-minute video about the execution of Romanian communist dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu and his wife on Christmas Day 1989, go here. It includes actual footage of the Ceaucescus being machine-gunned to death. It is very impressive.

The fall of the Berlin Wall was yet another victory against the catastrophic ideology called communism. So let us celebrate this anniversary and celebrate US president Ronald Reagan who inspired the people of East Berlin, and the people all over the Soviet Union, to rise up and unshackle themselves from the colorless, deadening failure of communism.

Trump Judicial Nominees are Breaking Records

As radical judges are elected all over the US on the local level (see next article down) president Trump is making sure that the federal judiciary goes the other way, including the Supreme Court. Breitbart News reports:

President Donald Trump celebrated the number of federal judges confirmed by the Senate on Wednesday.

“Together we’re restoring American freedom, defending American justice, preserving the extraordinary vision of our founding fathers,” Trump said at the event at the East Room at the White House.

Trump said that 159 federal judges had been confirmed and up to 182 federal judges in the next two months.

“How’s that? Good?” he asked.

He added that once pending nominations were confirmed, he would have an estimated 219 judges confirmed.

Trump said he was told that the most important thing a president could do was to shape the judiciary with Constitutional judges.

Good for Trump. He has saved us from decades of left-wing judicial radicalism.

Soros-Backed Judges Moving in on the Local Level

While president Trump is doing a great job re-making the federal judiciary, dark forces are working at the state and local levels. Far-left “social justice” judges have been elected in cities like St. Louis, Chicago and Boston. These judges are being backed financially by the mega-billionaire militant marxist George Soros and other left-wing individuals and groups.

Soros is even backing judges in once-conservative states like Virginia. These left-wing judges are soft on criminals, they give light sentences, they often eliminate any requirement for bail, and they oppose effective measures for combatting crime like “stop and frisk” policies. They also favor sanctuary-city policies that allow criminal illegal aliens to escape prosecution and deportation.

California, for instance, has effectively eliminated criminal penalties for shoplifting theft under $950 and thus a tidal wave of shoplifting is plaguing California. Meanwhile a Soros-backed judge presided over the Jussie Smollett scam in Chicago.

The American Lookout reported about Soros:

(Democrats) are using the money of the far left billionaire George Soros to elect far left candidates to important legal offices in politics.

They are trying to remake the American system of justice into a ‘social justice’ system.

In Virginia, all of the prosecutor candidates backed by George Soros won (in the November 5 elections).

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

All four Virginia prosecutor candidates backed liberal billionaire George Soros emerged victorious in Tuesday’s elections.

Soros and other liberal Democrats spent millions on prosecutor races ahead of the elections in a bid to overhaul the state’s criminal justice system, supporting candidates who vowed to introduce criminal justice reform and change the state’s policies on the death penalty. In addition to the $1.2 million in funds Soros spent on House of Delegates and Senate races in the commonwealth, he funneled an additional $2 million to four Democratic prosecutor candidates.

Their candidates’ wins could lead to a major shift in Virginia’s criminal justice system.

Among the candidates backed by Soros was Buta Biberaj, the Democrat running in the Loudon County commonwealth attorney race. Biberaj received nearly $850,000 from the Justice and Public Safety PAC, a D.C.-based committee financed by Soros. The PAC was by far the largest donor to the campaign.

Biberaj defeated the recently appointed Republican commonwealth attorney Nicole Wittmann 51.17 percent to 48.73 percent. Biberaj also received $18,000 in in-kind donations for canvassing and phone banking services from New Virginia Majority, a civic engagement and issue advocacy group that received $75,000 from Soros’s Justice and Public Safety PAC earlier this year.

It is important to remember that our left-wing criminal justice system works by looking the other way as bad people flourish. For instance FBI was repeatedly warned about the 9/11 hijackers but did nothing about them.

Meanwhile our politically-correct military ignored many warning signs about the Fort Hood killer of November 2009, that he was a radical muslim.

Or the police in Colorado ignored a formal complaint that one of the Columbine high school killers had issued a death threat against a fellow student.

Or FBI had interviewed and released one of the Boston Marathon bombers over a trip that he took to a radical muslim enclave in Russia.

Remember the Golden Rule: Crime thrives under socialism and communism while peace and order thrive under conservative leaders.

New Kentucky Attorney General is a Conservative Fighter

While the Fake News media have been declaring that conservatism and Trump were undermined in Kentucky after Republican governor Matt Bevin lost his re-election bid, they ignore the fact that Bevin was very unpopular and that Republicans swept the other statewide races on November 5. Breitbart News reported:

Newly elected Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron did more than win a top spot in the commonwealth’s government. He also made history as the first black to be elected to the post, and he is also the first Republican to be elected attorney general in more than 70 years.

In April, the Kentucky-based magazine Commonwealth Journal profiled Cameron and his promise to take on the drug addiction epidemic if elected as the state’s top cop.

“I certainly think that the attorney general should be the tip of the spear in confronting the challenges [of drugs],” Cameron said in the magazine interview. “We lost, based on the most recent numbers, 1,565 individuals to drug overdoses here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.”

… Cameron’s resume is filled with achievements that he hopes will make him a viable candidate for the voters to choose. He spent both his undergraduate and graduate years at the University of Louisville, going to the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law.

He graduated into a career that included working under federal U.S. District Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove for two years, returning to Louisville to join a practice, then, in the early months of 2015, accepting an offer to become the legal counsel for Senator Mitch McConnell.

… The article reveals the conservative values he will bring to the table as attorney general. He stated:

I think on the question of cannabis – I believe that the general assembly should make that decision – but for my view, my judgement, I think anyone who’s running to be the chief law enforcement officer in the Commonwealth of Kentucky needs to have an opinion that consistent with law enforcement. The personal view that I have is that I’m just not supportive of recreational usage of marijuana. I have grave concerns about that.

… There’s a lot of people that question whether it’s a slippery slope, if it’s a gateway drug, and so I think we’ve already got enough challenges as it relates to the drug epidemic here. I’d be worried about inserting another one into the equation.

Cameron is correct. Marijuana is a bad drug. And one of the keys to stopping the opioid epidemic is to seal the Mexican border where heroin and fentanyl (made in China to undermine the US) are coming into the US in large quantities.

Democrats want these drugs to destroy America so that Democrats can take over. That is one of the many reasons that Democrats want open borders.

Watch for Cameron to advance, perhaps to the US Senate eventually, or even the White House…

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