Where are the ‘Good’ Georgetown Women?

In the aftermath of the Rush Limbaugh incident in which he referred to a female Georgetown University law school student as ‘a slut’ for advocating for birth control in the school’s health plan, Georgetown certainly has been in the news.

But the focus of the news only has been that Limbaugh insulted women.

Yet the student advocate Sandra Fluke has not been singled out for insulting Christian/Jesuit Georgetown and for insulting those women at Georgetown who are not sexually promiscuous but who are acting like ladies, working hard and worrying about their grades and their futures instead of worrying about the cost and availability of birth control.

Even the president of Georgetown University John D. DeGioia came out against Limbaugh when it is his own school’s very policies that deny birth-control coverage to female students.

DeGioia, like a good politically-correct liberal even at a historically conservative school, never said that perhaps Sandra Fluke had given his school a black eye with her testimony. Because she has, and indeed Fluke is yet another feminist provocateur out to publicly undermine the moral and religious underpinnings of yet another Christian institution.

Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. Imagine if Limbaugh were a student and that he went to a typically liberal college and started publicly demanding a radical agenda, for instance that every student must be armed and that the school provide the guns. Imagine the outrage in the Media Left!

The college very well might ask him to leave, rest assured. Because colleges can do whatever they want in this regard. They are like private companies that can fire a worker for inappropriate conduct.

Why doesn’t Georgetown ask Fluke to leave if she is so publicly opposed to the school’s policies?

Answer: Because Georgetown is terrified of the feminists, that’s why. Even when they act against the school’s historical foundations.

And remember that Fluke went to Georgetown specifically in order to bring up this issue because she knows that it is a religious school where contraception and birth control are not included in the school health plan.

And get this… Fluke also is crusading to undermine our entire health-care system by forcing insurers to cover sex-change operations(!) (Note: The need for a sex change is a mental issue, not a physical issue like cancer or heart disease.)

So president DeGioia – if you are going to be angry with Limbaugh then you should be angry about Fluke and demanding an apology from Fluke for making your Roman Catholic school sound like a brothel. And you should demand that she cease and desist in her efforts to undermine the historical standards of your school. Because her testimony was insulting to all those good Americans who believe in sexual restraint and to the Georgetown women who behave themselves in the school’s religious tradition which is described in this excerpt from georgetown.edu:

‘Georgetown is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institute of higher learning in the United States. Jesuits have played a significant role in the growth and evolution of Georgetown into a global research university deeply rooted in the Catholic faith. Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition also promotes the university’s commitment to spiritual inquiry, civic engagement, and religious and cultural pluralism. The Jesuits are members of the Society of Jesus, an international religious community which was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century. Today, Jesuits continue to enrich the university through their work as scholars, researchers, administrators, chaplains and counselors.’

Notice that it doesn’t say anything about sexual promiscuity or sex-change operations…

Georgetown has a reputation for excellence cultivated over 223 years. Yet Sandra Fluke’s testimony in one single statement has given that school a black eye. From now on the word ‘Georgetown’ is going to be synonymous with sex-crazed co-eds. It is shameful.

And this is the plan that the Democrat left has for all of America – undermine our morals and our religious institutions with every type of license and demand. And anyone who disagrees can be smeared as a conservative cave man.

Here is what should happen: Conservative donors and even politically-moderate donors to Georgetown should pull their funding and their alumni contributions until Sandra Fluke is asked to cease and desist or to leave the school just as Limbaugh is being punished financially by his advertisers who are withdrawing from his show.

Is Fluke on Georgetown financial aid or is she being funded in some way by the school or by organizations that disagree not only with her message but with her political tactics – getting inside the school and then attacking it from within. Because she clearly is working against the historical inclination of Georgetown.

In fact there are women at Georgetown who have spoken out against Fluke but who are being ignored. Because only feminism is seen as a publicly-acceptable ideological template for “women” these days.

So here is a recommendation for Georgetown alumni and donors: Withhold your donations until Fluke is asked to leave or to halt her crusade. Make it a point to de-fund Georgetown the same way that advertisers are de-funding Rush Limbaugh for his comments.

In fact here is a note to all alumni who are opposed to the left-wing agenda at most colleges in America: De-fund these schools by withholding your contributions.

That is precisely what I do. I have never given money to my alma mater because every time I read anything about the place it is about ‘global warming’ or multiculturalism or feminism or homosexuality while the historical triumph of Western culture, science, religion and art are marginalized. One report said that my school gave $40,000 to anti-white racist Al Sharpton to speak there.

And I am supposed to fund this? Sorry, but no.

Here are some other questions about political provocation from the Democrat left:

*Why are the advertisers on Bill Maher’s HBO program not withdrawing for Maher calling Sarah Palin a vulgar female epithet or for calling Christians “stupid”? John McCormack on weeklystandard.com wrote:

‘Maher has called Palin a “dumb twat” and dropped the C-word in describing the former Alaska governor. He called Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann “boobs” and “two bimbos.” He said of the former vice-presidential candidate, “She is not a mean girl. She is a crazy girl with mean ideas.” He recently made a joke about Rick Santorum’s wife using a vibrator. Imagine now the same joke during the 2008 primary with Michelle Obama’s name in it, and tell me that he would still have a job. Maher said of a woman who was harassed while breast-feeding at an Applebee’s, “Don't show me your tits!” as though a woman feeding her child is trying to flash Maher. (Here’s a way to solve his problem: don’t stare at a strangers’ breasts). Then, his coup de grâce: “And by the way, there is a place where breasts and food do go together. It’s called Hooters!”’

No, Maher is not called out because liberals can say whatever they want. There never are repercussions.

There need to start being repercussions now.

*Why was Barack Obama never counted out for listening to Jeremiah Wright say “G—damn America!” in his church?

Answer: Because Obama is a liberal.

*Why was Obama never called to account for calling America “lazy” or for his administration calling the Fort Hood massacre “workplace violence” instead of a premeditated terrorist attack?

Answer: Because he is a liberal.

*Why has black Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters never been held to account for calling Republicans “demons”, which is code language that promotes physical attacks by violent young black males on white people?

Answer: Because she is a liberal.

*Why was Ted Kennedy allowed to serve 40 years in the US Senate after allowing Mary Jo Kopechne to drown at Chappaquiddick in 1969?

Answer: Because he is a Democrat.

Imagine if Limbaugh had allowed a female passenger in his car to drown while he swam to safety and sought to cover up the incident. He never would be on the radio in the first place.

*Why was a black Memphis radio talk-show host named Thaddeus Matthews allowed to tell a black Republican congressional candidate to “get your stupid, ignorant ass up out of my studio,” and to refuse to shake her hand because her “whiteness” might rub off on him? Why aren’t his advertisers urged to pull out in a campaign against this bigot?

Answer: Because Matthews is a liberal.

*Why was Bill Clinton never harmed politically over the charge that he raped Juanita Broaddrick?

Answer: Because he is a liberal. And liberals are allowed to treat “women” any way they want.

See what a two-way street we have in America? How liberals are allowed to say whatever they please but conservatives are held to the standard of zero tolerance? This is frightening.

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