Communists are Inciting Riots Across South America

Breitbart News reported:

Residents of poor communities in El Alto, Bolivia, are facing threats of violence or “fines” they cannot afford if they do not join socialist riots against the interim conservative government that replaced ex-President Evo Morales, local media reported on Friday.

The Bolivian newspaper Página Siete republished an anonymous message from the poor communities in the outskirts of El Alto, a socialist stronghold, in which locals complained that their neighbors were threatening to burn down entire neighborhoods. Another Bolivian newspaper, El Deber, reported that criminal gangs were going door-to-door demanding “fines” from families that did not take the streets to loot and ransack homes and businesses.

Morales, of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party, resigned on Sunday following the publication of evidence compiled by the Organization of American States (OAS) of fraud in the October 20 presidential election. Morales vied for an unconstitutional fourth term and won after the servers counting the votes shut down and diverted the count to an unknown private server, the OAS found.

Morales resigned voluntarily, then fled to Mexico, where he claimed to be the victim of a right-wing “coup.”

No, it was not a right-wing coup. It was the people of Bolivia rising up against leftist/communist voter fraud, corruption and dictatorship.

Morales is a communist. Notice that Morales vied for “an unconstitutional fourth term”. This is typical… communists never care about the rule of law.

The Bolivians know that Venezuela fell into chaos after the communists kept stealing elections there. They said “No” to the same thing in Bolivia.

But that has not stopped the supporters of Morales from tearing apart Bolivia after he was forced out. In short, communists never stop being violent and destructive. When they hold power, as in Venezuela, they destroy the country with their policies. When their election fraud is discovered and they lose power, as in Bolivia, they destroy the country with riots.

Who commits 99% of the voter fraud in the US? Democrats do. Who is trying to overturn the 2016 presidential election? Democrats are. We all know that the Democrats brazenly stole the 1960 presidential election for John F. Kennedy and stole three US Senate elections in recent years (South Dakota in 2002, and Alaska and Minnesota in 2008).

Violence also has broken out in Chile and Ecuador recently. And we have seen more than 20 years of violence and repression in Venezuela. Where does it all come from?

It comes from the communist left. In Chile, subway fares were raised just 4% and the capital of Santiago was beset by riots with 41 trains stations destroyed, some completely burned and smashed beyond recognition.

This all came from the communist left looking for an opportunity to destroy whatever they wished. After all, communists are angry people who love to wreck things and who then seize power when chaos exists. It is one of their fundamental tactics.

So how does destroying the train system help “the poor”, as the communists say they want to do?

It does not. But that is not the point. The point is for the communists to use chaos to seize power. For instance, if the stations are not fixed quickly enough a communist candidate will come along and promise to fix them, and maybe get elected. But he never will fix them.

Venezuela has been suffering mass deprivation for more than 10 years. But since the communists are causing the deprivation there are legitimate protests by starving citizens against the communists. It is the communists who are destroying the country with their policies, and then repressing the legitimate protests.

Media commentaries say that Chile is seeing riots because of increasing gaps between rich and poor. This is to be expected as Chile becomes more and more socialistic just as California is seeing the same thing as it slides further and further to the left.

Gee, isn’t socialism supposed to cure “income inequality” and not cause it?

Yes, in theory. But it never does. Another factor harming Chile is the destruction of the Venezuelan economy by the communists, the effects of which are spilling over into other South American nations and adversely affecting them. Thus socialism/communism always has this deleterious effect on the world outside the communist nations. For instance the poverty of communist nations drags down global economic well-being.

The narco cocaine traffickers in Colombia are allied with the communist FARC terrorists. They work with the communist guerillas who live in the jungles to disrupt Colombian society as much as possible. And you can rest assured that some of their drug profits are being funneled to friendly (communist) politicians, who are gladly accepting it all over South America, Central America, Mexico, Cuba, etc. to expedite the drugs to the wealthy US market.

We know that drug traffickers have been working with left-wing government officials all over the world to move drugs to the lucrative US market. The goal of the traffickers and the communists is the same and it is two-fold – to funnel drugs into the United States in order to undermine us, and to make money.

Meanwhile massive amounts of the opioid fentanyl are being manufactured in communist China and smuggled into the US through Mexico. This is no surprise. This makes money for the communists and the drug dealers and does irreparable harm to an orderly American society. And you can be sure that many Mexican politicians are participating in the smuggling.

We have watched the communists destroy the nation of Venezuela. Once the richest nation in South America with the world’s largest known oil reserves Venezuela today has slid into poverty, energy shortages and starvation.

We all know what happened after the communists took control of Russia in 1917. The nation turned from being a food exporter into a nation that was starving and that needed to import food for the next seven decades.

Compare the economies of North Korea and South Korea. These nations are populated by the same people separated only by a border yet capitalist South Korea has an average living standard 18 times as high as the communist North.

The North Korean economy, at just $17 billion annual GDP, is only about half the size of the economy of the tiny US state of Vermont ($31 billion)! And North Korea has 40 times as many people as Vermont!

This is what communism does to entire nations… it destroys them economically and kills their freedom. Cuba was a prosperous nation until the communists took over in 1959. Photos from the 1950s show a thriving capital city of Havana. Today Cuba is suffering repression, poverty, stasis and backwardness and Havana is in a state of advanced decay.

By the way, South Korea’s GDP is $1.6 trillion and the people have a high living standard like the US.

For decades Chile was the most stable nation in South America. It got that way when the military took over from a communist leader in 1973. The military made Chile stable and prosperous and handed back the nation to free elections in 1988.

The communists have been enraged ever since 1973. So today they are stirring up riots and destruction in the capital in their attempt to tear the nation apart so that they can seize power.

Friends, communism is an agent of total destruction. So why does it exist in so many places if communism hurts so many people?

Answer: Because communism enriches a small dictatorial elite and their cronies at the expense of everyone else. And once that that elite gets the military behind them it is very bad for the country and impossible to uproot. Just look at Cuba, North Korea and China; they have never given an inch of freedom since the communists took over.

Perhaps you have noticed that Chinese president Xi Jinping has a totally blank expression on his face at all times. That comes out of a combination of madness and fear since only the most crazed, ruthless and murderous people rise to the top under communism; these people are cold-blooded killers, thieves, liars and thugs just like mafia bosses are. Meanwhile Xi knows that he and his entire family could be killed at any moment by the Chinese military if he makes one wrong move.

At the same time the Campus Reform website reported about a milder form of leftist disruption here in the US:

A group of climate activist students shut down a Board of Trustees meeting in early November at the University of Pennsylvania.

About 100 members of a group known as Fossil Free Penn stormed the meeting to demand a town hall to move toward a full divestment from fossil fuels by the university, according to a report by student paper The Daily Pennsylvanian. Video of the incident shows students in the meeting room holding signs and chanting “the impact of the fossil fuel industry is genocidal” and “which side are you on?”

The activists eventually were successful in ending the meeting about 20 minutes early, with several board members leaving out the back door, but Penn spokesperson Stephen MacCarthy told The Daily Pennsylvanian that the board had dealt with all matters on its agenda before being shut down, having passed resolutions just minutes before the disruption began.

These crazy environmentalists want to totally destroy our economy. They want to take away our gasoline, heating oil and natural gas and leave us impoverished and freezing. Then they want to seize power when we are in economic disarray by saying that only the government can save us from poverty.

Iran Protesters Want Corrupt Regime Gone

Meanwhile in Iran, protests against 40 years of corrupt islamic rule are sweeping the nation. These protests came after the government imposed a FIFTY PERCENT cut in fuel subsidies, which is a lot more than the 4% increase in fares in Chile. The Gateway Pundit reports:

The protests in Iran against the brutal regime are spreading to at least 75 cities.

Protesters ransacked several state run radio and television stations.

In Tehran Pars protesters overturned a police bus and set it on fire.

Iranians are chanting death threats at the regime.

Defiant protesters in the city of Robat Karim – south of Tehran – took over the city hall, controlled the city, forcing the suppressive police forces to flee. Centers of suppression and plunder in the city, including 12 banks, have been set ablaze by the young protesters.

Protesters in Tehran Pars overturned a police bus and set it on fire. The city hall of Salehiye in Tehran was attacked by insurgent youth. Protesters shouting “Death to Bassiji” attacked and burnt down the Kosar Pazand Bank, another center for regime plunder. In the southern district of Mallard in Tehran, protesters set fire to another petrol station.

Protesters in Khorramabad attacked the regime’s radio and television station in the city and broke all windows. They set several state-owned banks on fire or broke their windows.

Protesters in the major cities of Shiraz and Isfahan have blocked major squares and set up bonfires. Two Bassij (regime paramilitary forces) bases in Khayam Street in Shiraz were set on fire. In Isfahan’s Shahin Shahr the people chanted, “Fear not, we are all together.”

These are people seeking to overthrow the islamic tyranny that has impoverished the people and destroyed their freedoms. These islamist rulers are closely linked to communist elements in something called “islamic communism” which is a double dose of repression.

In 1953 a US-backed coup in Iran deposed a communist ruler and over the next 25 years Iran became a prosperous Western-oriented nation with a modern economy. Its ruler was the pro-American Shah of Iran. But in 1979, islamic barbarians seized power and ruined the economy and turned Iran into a backward radical muslim theocracy. Its economy has nosedived.

Today many of the Iranian people, particularly the younger ones who are pro-American, are rising up. This is a perfect example of people rioting against tyranny, not destroying things to support it.

Left-Wing British Leader Sorry that ISIS Leader was Killed

In their ongoing defense of muslim terrorists, the leading left-wing British politician has sided with a recently-killed ISIS terror leader.

Britain’s Labor party leader Jeremy Corbyn said during an interview that he considered the death of ISIS terror leader al-Baghdadi a “tragedy”:

“If we preach internal law and international legal process through the international court of justice and The Hague, then we should carry out [ sic]. And if it’s possible to arrest somebody and put them on trial, then that is what should have been done and that is what I said about the death in 2011 (of Osama bin Laden) and will continue to be my principle.”

“If it would have been possible to arrest him, I don’t know the details of the circumstances at the time, I’ve only seen various statements put out by the US about it – surely that would have been the right thing to do.

“If we want to live in a world of peace and justice, we should practice it as well.”

Blah, blah, blah. This is nothing more than a love of terrorists. This is classic leftist demagoguery and lunacy. These are the types of people who say that “Hitler really did some good things for Germany”.

And you can rest assured the many Democrats in the US believe exactly the same thing. They are in love with terrorists and they mourn every time that a terrorist dies. Because they know that their terrorist friends can disrupt America, just like they themselves want to do.

Perhaps you recall that Democrats began wondering aloud why the terrorists hate us just a week after 9/11. They could not wait to blame America for the 9/11 attacks.

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