Prepare for Christmas Pity Party

The so-called Holiday Season is upon us. The word ‘holiday’ is a contraction of the words “holy day”. And it is time once again for the American media to rev up its annual Pity Party for all the poor and deprived citizens of our nation. The Salvation Army bells this year were ringing in early November.

Indeed the usual stories about Thanksgiving leaked out early. No, not tales of happy families congregating or the abundance of America but about how much food is being donated to feed the homeless, and all of the other preparations down at the shelter.

Then we all know how Thanksgiving Day itself went – 50% of the images on television are football games and the rest are people sitting at long tables in church halls and homeless shelters, consuming their free meal. This is to make us all feel bad, one of the principal tactics of socialism.

Naturally these stories of deprivation were muted when Obama was president even though there were more poor people than ever. Why? Because socialism can never accept the blame for the poverty that socialism always causes to increase.

Then comes Christmas. The minute that the leftover turkey is in the refrigerator we start seeing TV shows and charity appeals to give even more toys for poor children and food to the hungry and coats to the homeless.

Folks, enough is enough. Certainly we should be concerned about the poor, especially those whom Democrat policies have thrown into poverty. We need sound economic policies – like the ones being implemented under president Trump – to reverse this Democrat-caused disaster. But a lot of these “needy” people have been milking the system for decades. They are permanent freeloaders and 100% reliable Democrat voters.

Many ‘homeless’ people are living exactly the lives they want to live because they know that they can shun responsibility and accountability but that they are going to be fed and taken care of and fussed over to a certain subsistence level and beyond. They have become picky, demanding, belligerent and obnoxious along with tens of millions of other “poor” Americans. When their welfare check does not show up, all hell breaks loose.

The Democrats have created this culture by nurturing a Welfare State that actually creates more poverty by subsidizing the poor and establishing an entitlement mentality to fuel it.

Do you remember when Christmas was Christmas? Before it was referred to as The Winter Celebration with the Embellished Evergreen or some other inane, politically-correct name so as not to offend non-Christians and Democrats? When it was a time of joy and giving and carefree fun when we could actually sing carols and have a Christmas party without some deranged ACLU activist suing us or radical muslims threatening us with jihad because they did not feel comfortable in our Christian nation?

(Solution for radical muslims: Go back to the destitute, backward lands that you came from. We’ll pay your airfare.)

But just as Christmas no longer is Christmas and the Christmas tree has become the “giving tree” we are seeing our happy traditions slipping away under pressure from the anti-Christian, anti-American, atheist left. Thus we must fight back by enjoying Christmas even more, and by always saying “Merry Christmas” as many times as possible.

All this is happening because the media progressives believe in socialism under which we are not supposed to earn anything for ourselves but are supposed to either “give” or “receive”, i.e., the government sends responsible people big tax bills and then “gives” our tax dollars away while needy people “receive” more and more free things from the rest of us. And if you are audacious enough to have worked hard and to have more money than somebody else, then shame on you, according to the socialist template.

Unless you are Al Gore or the Clintons or George Clooney or anyone else with a D after your name. Then it’s OK to have mountains of cash and luxurious weddings and yachts and all the rest. So that we peons have something to divert our attention from our misery like Hollywood excess diverted the impoverished people during the great depression of the 1930s.

Yet our American reputation as the most generous nation in history came from the fact that we were free to earn our way and to give it away however we pleased. No more, however.

Actually Charity Season is now every week of the year. There is no day or week or month that is indisposed to a socialist harangue. But it really kicks off big-time on Thanksgiving Day when TV coverage is focused obsessively on the poor gobbling down their free dinner so that we all can feel guilty about our wonderful meal… that we paid for ourselves.

Then comes the run-up to Christmas which once was a time for reflection on the birth of Jesus and the Christian underpinnings of our great nation, good cheer and exchanging gifts from the heart. Until the media got hold of it such that the poor have become the central image hovering over us like the Sword of Damocles. Pretty soon nobody will have toys for their own kids or grandchildren because they’ve given them all to “the poor”.
Kinda like the way the income tax works…

Yet why has privation been growing in America when we have spent so many tens of trillions of dollars in the so-called War on Poverty?

Answer: Because we lost that ‘war’ long ago in the way the Democrats have fought it. It actually is producing more poverty by subsidizing poverty. Think about it. That makes complete sense, does it not? If the government subsidizes dependency, then we are going to have more dependency. Because we always get more of what the government subsidizes.

Then the media insistently repeat the fiction that there is economic inequality in the first place because our evil capitalist system is making the rich richer and everyone else poor. Yet that is the opposite of the truth. It is socialism itself that is creating poverty by:

*Nurturing a handout culture that has created tens of millions of lazy dependents through endless government giveaways. These people never improve themselves. They have no incentive to do so. They stay on the same low level all their lives on handouts;

*Legitimizing single motherhood through destruction of the family via feminism, sexual promiscuity and anti-family media like prime-time network TV shows. Single mothers and their children are always statistically poorer than everyone else;

*Thwarting business with corruption, taxation, lawsuits, regulation, enviro laws and bureaucracy that slows economic development. Look at the many millions of poor city dwellers who are suffering under poverty while the Democrat party controls every aspect of their lives. Shouldn’t they be living in utopia?

*Relentlessly criticizing our wealth-creating corporations and taxing and regulating them until they go overseas;

*Launching repeated enviro assaults on rural Americans, taking away their jobs and opportunity by the millions;

*Feeding trainloads of cash into our terrible public schools – run by Democrats and teacher unions – which are failing generation after generation guaranteeing more poverty. And more.

So if we really want people to have better lives then we need to have more free-market capitalism and more moral family-centered Christianity and to eliminate poverty-making socialism. And stop with the endless media reports about ‘the poor’ unless you want to be honest about the socialism that is making them poor in the first place.

Then the same media hustlers continue to find new ways to tug at our heart strings in this Season of Giving It All Away. One New York state newspaper ran a story about a caucasian woman who had adopted a black child from Haiti who is blind and who was born premature. The child was born to a mentally retarded mother and the Albany woman fell in love with the child and wanted to have the boy as her own.

Yeah, right… How sweet…

Guess what, folks. Whether you like it or not you are going to support that kid for his entire life. Because rest assured that that child will be on some sort of government dole until the day he dies. That woman isn’t going to be able to finance that kid on her own, no way, no how.

First we’ll give a few boxes of diapers. Merry Christmas! And then clothes. Happy New Year! And then thousands of hours of very expensive education and training and therapy. And food, medical care and housing for a lifetime after the mother dies. While our own health-care and educational systems for our own citizens are collapsing under massive financial duress.

Happy Charity Season, everybody!

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