Global Warming Debunked Again/ Why are Women Today So Unhappy?

Associated Press reported before Thanksgiving:

A day after bringing havoc to the Rocky Mountains, a powerful winter storm rolled across the Midwest on Wednesday, threatening to scramble Thanksgiving plans for millions of people during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year.

The storm, which was blamed for one death and hundreds of canceled flights, pushed east into South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It dropped close to a foot of snow in some areas even as the system weakened and headed toward New York and Pennsylvania.

But the West was not free of heavy weather. A “bomb cyclone” caused by a rapid drop in air pressure brought snow to the mountains and wind and rain along the California and Oregon coasts. Drivers on Interstate 5 near the Oregon-California border spent 17 hours or more in stopped traffic as blizzard conditions whirled outside. Some slept in their vehicles.

Yet these ‘climate’ lunatics claim that “global warming” is burning up the earth.

In New England we had a brutally frigid day on November 9 while wind chills on the weekend after Thanksgiving have fallen to record lows near zero degrees.

Yet Al Gore said in 2007 that ‘warming’ was “settled science”.

Gore is a con artist and a liar.

Here’s one more from Breitbart:

San Francisco saw record-breaking cold on Thanksgiving Day with temperatures plummeting to 48 degrees, tying the city’s record for November, reports SF Gate.

Thursday’s record had not been tied since November 27th, 1896. San Franciso’s coldest-ever temperature is 27 degrees, which occurred on December 11, 1932, according to the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS).

Enough said… “Global warming” is a massive media-driven hoax.

Why are Today’s Women So Unhappy?

Following the birth of the feminist movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s, women were supposed to take over the world and love it. And they have taken over much of the world. There are more women doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, salespeople, artists, college presidents, politicians, newscasters, writers, show hosts and others working in every imaginable field than ever before. Women represent 56% of today’s college students.

Yet some statistics show that women are less happy than they were in the 1950s when they usually got married and stayed home with the kids.

This would not be a surprise. First and foremost today’s unhappy women are products of a contemporary society where traditional and life-affirming institutions like men, fathers, motherhood, churches and the family structure have been seriously devalued. This causes many women great anxiety.

Many women today don’t even know their fathers or they distance themselves from their fathers as part of feminism. Women often come from broken homes, without fathers or with multiple fathers, that make them unhappy to start with. Women often look down on men which creates a toxic mindset; they have an unhealthy outlook on life and this causes them to be unhappy and angry.

This comes directly from the socialist left’s War on Men and particularly its War on White Men.

Second, as someone acquainted with many ‘working’ women who appear to be successful on the surface, can say without hesitation: Women have been sold a bill of goods. Because work is work. It is often drudgery; we all know this. It is only since ‘women’ have entered the workplace in significant numbers that “work” has been called a wonderful thing, with all sorts of happy connotations.

But we all know the truth – that “work” can be fulfilling and rewarding under the right circumstances but that in general work is demanding and monotonous at the least and brutal at the worst, just in showing up every single day for the same darned thing and often dealing with people we don’t like. Work can be tiring, stressful and unrewarding. Yet women have flocked into the workforce by the tens of millions.

Are they enjoying it? Well, just imagine you can stay home and do what you want like taking it easy or raising your kids. Or then imagine that on the other hand that you can become a lawyer.

Do you know what it takes to become a lawyer? The personal and educational demands and sacrifices? And the debt?

And those are just the beginning. Then you have to establish a law practice or be hired by a law firm and bust your butt for decades in the most strait-laced life imaginable. Every morning you need to rise early, dress up your best and get to work on time prepared in every way possible. It all demands a huge amount of personal energy and time.

And indeed the money can be good, but is it a great life?

In some cases yes, but in many cases, absolutely not. But feminists are not allowed to talk negatively about working. is acquainted with three successful sisters all living in New York City all of whom attended the best colleges and all with prestigious jobs. But none of them is married or has children. And I would bet that all three are deeply regretful of that status in life. is acquainted with many single women and I can assure you that most of them are not happy. And while some are single by circumstance – which is unfortunate – many are single by feminist choice. And I have heard them talk about their regret in occasional snippets of conversation here and there.

In fact being single and childless has become their life’s obsession, i.e., why didn’t I get married and have children when I had the chance? Why did I listen to the feminists? Many of these women have never been pursued by or loved by a man, or even slept with a man or even been lovingly embraced by a man.

These females have no children. They often spend holidays alone. They will never have children as the lights of their lives, and grandchildren. They are obsessed with people who have children and grandchildren and who seem happy and who show off their photos.

Oh, these single feminists may have great paychecks and nice homes. They may think that they are free of the bonds of marriage including an annoying husband. But deep down inside they are frequently bereft and depressed. Because they were convinced by feminism that they did not need a man. This robbed women of the emotional support that a husband and children and the family unit have provided for women for thousands of years. And for men too.

Many of today’s women are overworked. They work at hard jobs like doctor, nurse, teacher, waitress, business manager, salesperson, radio host, etc. Some have advanced degrees. They are proud of their financial status, which is often better than men’s. And while some are happy, many are empty inside from all of the hard work. is acquainted with a successful couple with three children in their 20s and 30s – a son and two daughters. All three are gainfully employed but none is married and none will ever be married or have children. This not only does them great harm, particularly to the girls, but to the parents as well. They are never going to see any grandchildren. It is sad because the parents are nice people.

On the other hand women continue to say that they earn less than men; and worst of all that women have suffered for thousands of years in their second-class status.

Let’s take these issues one at a time:

First of all, women do generally earn less than men because men take higher-paying jobs that require more sacrifice. For instance an oilfield worker may earn $100,000 a year, but he often is away from home for long stretches, in hostile climates like the frigid tundra or the blazing desert. The jobs can be brutal work that a woman could never do.

How about working on the railroad or on the power lines or on construction, or in terrible weather conditions? Or on ships at sea where countless men have lost their lives throughout the ages?

No, you won’t find many women doing those jobs, and for good reason. Women tend to take easier jobs that are close to home (i.e., schoolteacher, nurse, secretary, business manager, etc.) that pay less but that allow the woman to be home every night, with her children if she has them.

Men often have more valuable degrees and skills like computer systems analyst or engineer. This gives them a huge advantage in salary.

But when similar jobs are compared, women often earn more than men in today’s economy, totally blowing up the feminist narrative. reported in October 2018:

Almost a third of working women nationwide now out-earn their husbands. It was inevitable, really. With more women than men going to college, with women taking less time out from careers to raise children, with more women choosing careers that only a few years ago were the province of men, better jobs and better money have become available to them. reported in 2016:

Despite having made significant progress over the past few decades, women still earn 78 cents for every dollar men earn, data from various independent organizations show.

In fact, research shows that the pay gap is even worse for women of color and women over 45 years of age. It’s a persistent issue that has business leaders like Sheryl Sandberg concerned.

But a 2016 report by jobs platform Glassdoor says there might be a silver lining. Women earn more than men in certain job roles, according to the report, titled, “Demystifying the Gender Pay Gap.”

Not surprisingly, the job titles are not in the tech or finance world, two industries notorious for unequal pay.

The Glassdoor report, which considers more than 505,000 anonymous, self-submitted salary reports, says that these are the 10 jobs where women are less likely to face a gender pay gap.

10. Business coordinator
9. Procurement professional
8. Health educator
7. Social media professional
6. Communications associate
5. Physician advisor
4. Purchasing specialist
3. Research assistant
2. Merchandiser
1. Social worker

This is what feminists don’t want you to know.

How about male corporate CEOs who are subjected to massive work loads and huge responsibilities? They make lots of money but it is overwhelmingly a male field that can take decades to work up to, and women often cannot take the stress of these jobs like men do.

And then consider that 93% of all workplace injuries and deaths are suffered by men. And that men live on average five years less than women and you have a clearer picture of the hard life that men live and have lived for thousands of years.

Yet still women have become increasingly unhappy. And it is no surprise. Most ideas that come from the political left, like feminism, make people unhappy.

Another major issue is sexual promiscuity that has been promoted by feminists for decades. Some women love sex and often they get involved in promiscuous activities, particularly in today’s “hook-up” culture made possible by texts and dating apps. And while this can give temporary physical pleasure, it often leads to mental pain, confusion, betrayal and sadness, like the hangover after a night of partying. It is no different than being a cocaine addict. It may feel good when you are doing it, but it is artificial and is no substitute for inner peace, contentment, security, self-knowledge and joy.

Joe Biden’s Dementia Exposed

As if Joe Biden does not have enough problems in his failing presidential campaign, he recently was photographed at a campaign event biting his wife’s finger.

Friends, this is really sick and crazy. If Trump ever did this we would never hear the end of it. And if Biden is the nominee this will be just one more clip that Republicans can play to effectively sully his image.

Update: Its gets worse. At a campaign stop in Delaware Biden said:

And by the way I sit on a stand, I got hot, I got hairy legs that turn, that, that, that, turn blond in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach in and pull and rub my legs, and watch the hairs rise up again. So I learned about roaches. I learned about kids jumping up on my lap. And I love kids jumping on my lap.

This guy is nuts. predicts that he will never be president.

Boy Thrown from Mall Balcony is Making Amazing Recovery

A 5-year-old white boy is making an amazing recovery after being thrown off a third-floor balcony at Mall of America in Minnesota by an evil, degenerate black male. Fox News reported:

The 5-year-old boy who was thrown from a Mall of America third-floor balcony and survived is “walking perfectly” and could be off his medication soon.

The family of Landen Hoffman gave an update about the boy on a GoFundMe page, saying the open wound on his belly had “finally scabbed over and new skin is growing.”

“Mom has been doing everything she can to speed up the healing of his wound and working toward getting off some of his medications,” the post said.

Hoffman was hospitalized with two broken arms, a broken leg and fractures to his face and skull when Emmanuel Aranda, 24, tossed him about 40 feet during a random attack at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. on April 12.

He was forced to undergo 15 separate medical procedures and surgeries due to the injuries and “severe complications.” He returned home months later.

Now, Hoffman said to be enjoying life and is going to kindergarten with his twin brother and sister.

“He gets out of the car every morning happy and blows kisses all the way in! He’s a strong, happy boy,” the post added. “When his mommy asks him if she can look at his wound or asks how he’s doing, he always responds with ‘Mom, I’m healed, you don’t need to ask me anymore.’ Landen loves life and Jesus!”

No, it was not a “random attack”. Obviously this black pig targeted a white kid as blacks target white people all over the US. The black crime rate against whites is astronomical compared to vice versa.

God bless Landen for his recovery. And may God curse all of the degenerate black animals who are committing these types of atrocities against white people every single day all over America and the world.

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