Bumbling Nancy Pelosi is Trump’s Ticket to 2020 Re-election

The Friday, December 6 Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll stated that 51% of likely voters approve of president Trump’s job performance. This is an astounding number considering the media/Democrat onslaught against Trump, and relentless impeachment news.

Rasmussen has been the most accurate poll of the last decade, and ‘likely voters’ is the most accurate predictor of elections (as opposed to ‘registered voters’ or just a poll of the general population).

In the same Rasmussen poll Obama’s approval number at the same point in his presidency (on December 6, 2011) was just 45% and that came after years of slobbering media coverage. Yet even at 45% Obama was re-elected easily in 2012.

So things are looking great for Trump in 2020.

When Democrats re-took majority control of the US House of Representatives in the 2018 mid-term elections Nikitas3.com saw a silver lining. I said that Democrats would devote all of their energies to impeaching president Trump, would overplay their hand and that the president would use the issue to win a second term.

Everyone knows that impeachment is a huge risk; many Democrats are extremely nervous about it, but they know that they cannot stop it.

When Bill Clinton faced impeachment in 1998 Democrats and the media railed against it even though Clinton had done at least two things that are impeachable, first and foremost lying to a grand jury. Democrats and the media also said that there would be a backlash against Republicans for Clinton’s impeachment, that the American people did not want Clinton impeached, and that Clinton would get a lot of sympathy.

Today the vastly more extremist Democrats and media are saying the opposite – they will impeach Trump on totally specious grounds, they think that the American people want impeachment, and are implying that there will be no backlash of sympathy for Trump.

Nikitas3.com believes that they are wrong on all counts and that president Trump will use, and already is using this impeachment effort to rally support for himself as a victim of relentless political persecution.

President Trump already has ramped up his campaign against impeachment instigator and Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi by calling her “nervous Nancy” and by saying things like, “Wow, she’s crazy…” He also tweeted about the horrible conditions in the streets of San Francisco which are full of homeless drug addicts and piles of human waste:

“Speaking of failing badly, has anyone seen what is happening to Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco. It is not even recognizable lately. Something must be done before it is too late. The Dems should stop wasting time on the Witch Hunt Hoax and start focusing on our Country!”

This is great stuff and is reverberating with voters, although the Fake News media will never admit it. Pelosi is being seen by tens of millions of Americans as just another rich, obnoxious San Francisco elitist.

President Trump is not going to play Mr. Nice Guy like Mitt Romney did in losing in 2012. He is going to smash the Democrats hard at every turn as he already is doing.

Democrats still don’t understand why Trump won in 2016, why 63 million Americans voted for Trump and they do not realize how effective the president’s 2020 campaign against Pelosi will be.

Pelosi even said, “Civilization as we know it” is “at stake” in the 2020 election, and that “the damage that this administration has done to America, America’s a great country. We can sustain. Two terms, I don’t know.”

What damage? Improving the economy? Rebuilding the military? Negotiating better trade deals? Controlling the Mexican border? Energy independence? Expelling violent MS-13 gang members from the country?

This is “damage” to Pelosi, who is a walking advertisement for a second Trump term.

More and more Democrats are admitting that Trump is going to be re-elected unless he is removed from office, and Nikitas3.com believes that he will be re-elected handily and that impeachment will fail miserably.

Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said, “… I watched all the (Democrat) candidates. And I just thought to myself, “Donald Trump would eat ’em up.”

Other Democrats are expressing the same view including presidential candidate Andrew Yang who said, “it seems like all we can do is throw ineffective rocks at Donald Trump, and then it ends up leading unfortunately toward his reelection.”

“I’m pro-impeachment, but this is going to be a loser. You need literally dozens of Republican senators to switch sides when the trial starts, which we’ve gotten zero indication is going to happen.”

And it is going to fail, and that is going to lead to a backlash against Pelosi and the Democrats. And that is going to add to president Trump’s arsenal for 2020. In short, impeachment is a gift to the president and to Republicans.

Democrats simply have swallowed their own poison about Trump. For two years they said that Trump had colluded with Russia. And when that did not work out they brought up impeachment. And when that doesn’t work out, it will be something else. One congressman suggested that they will try to impeach Trump over and over.

Meanwhile “crazy” Pelosi recently said that impeachment is not even about the original Ukraine charge, but that it is about the debunked Russia collusion!

Wow. She IS crazy… Once again, Trump is 100% correct.

Everything that Democrats have thrown at Trump has blown up in their faces – Russia, Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, Manafort, doesn’t pay his taxes, hookers in Moscow, etc.

One of the most effective hits on Pelosi and Democrats is Trump’s charge that Democrats are putting the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of poor US citizens. This is going to push some Democrat poor people to Trump’s side. Millions of these poor people already are going that way after Trump has given them jobs and hope with his economic policies.

We know that Trump is slamming Democrats for being “do nothing Democrats”, for instance by failing thus far to pass the US-Mexico-Canada trade deal. Good. You would never hear Jeb Bush or John McCain or Mitt Romney saying such a thing. But then again none of them was ever elected president.

Pelosi often appears bumbling, confused and angry. When reporter James Rosen asked her if she hates president Trump, Pelosi replied vehemently that she didn’t hate anyone and then angrily said, “Don’t mess with me!” to Rosen.

Obviously she is very defensive and aware of her deteriorating political value, which president Trump also is aware of.

Meanwhile the very same Pelosi said in 1998 that congressional Republicans were “paralyzed with hatred” of president Bill Clinton.

Joe Biden recently showed his deteriorating mental state when a Democrat primary voter in Iowa challenged him about his son’s ties to the Ukrainian natural gas company.

Biden immediately snapped back, calling the man “a damned liar” and then insulted the man’s hefty weight by challenging him to do push-ups(?!)

In other words, Biden knows that his status and his campaign are sinking and so he lashed out in his usual erratic manner, like a child does.

Meanwhile the man, a Marine Corps veteran and retired farmer named Merle Gorman, said about Biden, “He’s been in Congress all of his life and all of the problems like high drug prices and all of that … Where in the hell has he been for the last 50 years? And he’s going to change it all now? Bulls—.”

This is so true… What does Biden plan to do as president that he has not done since he has been in Washington since 1973? Or as Obama’s vice president?

Good question… Gorman went on to call Biden “senile”… Ouch!

Breitbart News also reported about another negative effect of Democrats’ impeachment effort – a huge fundraising surge for Republicans:

Pushing back against impeachment continues to be a call to action for Republicans.

During an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show” on Monday, Republican National Committee national spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington explained how fundraising and activism for Republicans are on the upswing in the wake of the House Democrats’ impeachment push against President Donald Trump.

“It’s incredible,” she said. “We have an amazing grassroots army of volunteers, and that’s only skyrocketed since the impeachment charade. We have thousands sign up to get involved off the sidelines. Every single month, we’ve broken records on fundraising — our joint fundraising with the Trump campaign. We’ve just never seen an off-year election like this at the RNC. We’re in a very strong position, and it is because the country is in a strong position, and the Democrats have all the losing arguments. So, we’re really energized. We’re really excited.”

According to Harrington, Republicans are able able to compete in two states that many have categorized as lost causes for the GOP in Minnesota and New Mexico.

“We’re in states that haven’t been on the map for us in decades. It’s like President Trump transformed the map in 2016. We’re looking to do that again in states like Minnesota and New Mexico. You even had our campaign manager, the Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale up in Oregon two weeks ago because we’re looking for voters everywhere. We follow the data, which we’ve invested so much in over the past four or five years — over $300 million. And we follow the data to find voters where they are on issues they care about. We’re in a very good position, no matter who the Democrat nominee is. They’re not going to be able to compete in that regard.

Awesome. New Mexico and Minnesota. Nikitas3.com believes that Trump can win Nevada and Colorado too. Maybe even Oregon.

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