HUGE Conservative UK Win – Brexit Certain/ Impeachment Will Cost Democrats Dearly

Warning to US Democrats: Conservative, pro-Brexit politicians won a blowout victory in Britain on Thursday. This assures that Brexit will get done!! This is a major blow against global socialism.

This was an historic realignment of British politics, even more profound than what happened in the US with president Trump’s 2016 win. Reuters reported:

Britain was speeding toward Brexit on Friday after Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a crushing election victory, ending three years of uncertainty since the country decided to leave the bloc.

Exiting the European Union, a goal Johnson has pursued relentlessly since he put himself forward as the face of the victorious “Leave” campaign in a 2016 referendum, is Britain’s biggest leap into the unknown since World War Two.

… Overnight, results pouring in from the 650 parliamentary constituencies around the United Kingdom showed that Johnson’s Conservative Party had trounced its main opponent, winning 364 seats to the Labour Party’s 203.

Wow. Awesome. If this can happen in liberal Britain it can happen anywhere.

This is a warning shot over the bow of Democrats in the US: YOU’RE NEXT!, particularly with this impeachment sham backfiring.

Update from Fox News:

Johnson’s Tories won 365 seats in Parliament’s lower chamber, with Labour picking up just 203. It hands the Conservatives their biggest majority since the days of Margaret Thatcher and marks the worst showing for Labour since the 1930s. The left-wing party was left shell-shocked after a night that saw once-safe seats in working-class areas turn (conservative), with enormous swings that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

Seats in places such as Bolsover, Workington, Blyth Valley, Burnley, Wrexham and Stoke-on-Trent toppled one after another, each one yet another nail in the coffin of Labour’s hopes of ushering in a socialist government and preventing Britain’s departure from the European Union. It represented what many commentators are seeing as a realignment in British politics, as the Conservatives ripped up the electoral map and made gains in the North East, the North West and Wales in particular.

This is going to happen in November in the US, predicts Already we are seeing president Trump appealing strongly to blacks, hispanics, union members and other traditional Democrats who are going to usher in a new generation of conservatism in 2020, predicts

Impeachment Will Cost Democrats Dearly

“Can we not have any more questions about impeachment?” House speaker Nancy Pelosi snapped at a press conference recently, as if irritated.

Huh??!! Pelosi NOT wanting to talk about impeachment?!

Friends, this is a sure sign of something very wrong in Impeachment Land. And the reason is simple: Democrats are reading the polls that show American voters turning strongly against impeachment.

Democrats know that impeachment is turning into a massive backfire and that Trump is going to win next November. And that Democrats are probably going to lose majority control of the House and stay in the minority in the Senate. In short, mass panic on the left.

Why did Pelosi announce shortly after revealing two articles of impeachment on December 9 – which should have been the story of the year – that House Democrats had reached a deal on the Mexico-Canada trade bill, which is one of president Trump’s signature accomplishments? Why would she allow news of the trade deal to “step on” news about impeachment?

Answer: Because Pelosi knows that Democrats desperately need to act like they are doing something positive in the face of bad news on impeachment.

Remember the facts – Pelosi did not want impeachment. She was forced into it by the radicals in her party. PJ Media recently reported about a poll taken after months of Impeachment Mania:

Three states that went for Trump in 2016 – devastating Democrats – are poised to do it again if the results of a new poll hold up.

President Donald Trump beats every Democrat in the three key battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, according to a new Firehouse Strategies and Optimus poll:

Across the board, President Trump is polling well against the Democratic field in each of these battleground states. Notably, Vice President Biden has seen a sharp decline in support in our surveys as he currently runs behind President Trump in each of the three states.

… Worse for the Democrats: It turns out that voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania aren’t wearing the Democrats’ impeachment goggles, either:

In each of these battleground states, we find that a majority of likely 2020 voters do not support the impeachment and removal of President Trump from office. Impeachment and removal is opposed by 50.8% of voters in Michigan, 52.2% of voters in Pennsylvania, and 57.9% of voters in Wisconsin.

In 2016 Trump shocked Democrats by winning all three of these key states.

OK, so you may say that this is just one poll and that most polls are not reliable, which is generally true (like in 2016). But more and more polls are showing Trump in great shape, even including biased media polls.

The highly accurate Rasmussen poll has put Trump as high as 53% approval recently, even after four years of never-ending attacks on his character. That 53% is 6 points higher than Obama’s numbers at the same point in his presidency (December 2011) in the same Rasmussen poll. And Obama was re-elected easily in 2012.

Other polls, including anti-Trump media polls, are showing Trump with surging support among blacks and hispanics, as high as 34%. And we know that many union members – maybe millions of them – are shifting from Democrat to Trump as a result of his America First economic policies.

Meanwhile millions of other voters who were suspicious of Trump in 2016 and did not vote for him can see that he is getting things done and will support him in 2020. And not only are Trump’s poll numbers high concerning his policies but he surely is getting a “sympathy backlash” vote over the constant Democrat harassment. predicts that Trump in 2020 will not only win re-election by a bigger margin in the Electoral College (57% in 2016) but will easily win the popular vote too.

Then it is important to remember several things about the current polls:

*Media polls are all rigged against Republicans, even moreso in the Age of Trump. So if a CNN or New York Times poll says president Trump has 44% approval, it really means he probably has 54%.

*Trump does not poll well in the first place. Many people will not tell a pollster that they support Trump. Thus support for the president is stronger than polls show. This was proven in 2016.

* believes that millions of voters who are not even showing up in polls yet will vote Trump in 2020.

For comparison media polls said that Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan was down by as much as 20 points in the Summer of 1980 behind incumbent Democrat president Jimmy Carter. But Reagan went on to win in a landslide that November.

Democrats know all of this. It terrifies them.

After the Russia collusion hoax, you would have thought that Democrats would have gotten the message to lay off Trump. They did not. And now they are desperate. They know that Trump is much more popular than they are willing to admit.

With the Mexican border finally coming under control (see below), believes that the issue of immigration alone will re-elect the president. Add to that the strong economy, better trade deals, improved military strength, no war, and energy independence and believes that Trump is a shoo-in for re-election.

Here are a few excerpts from Breitbart News’ report on Trump’s December 10 rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This shows how Trump is slamming the Democrats mercilessly, which is a tactic that is going to help to re-elect him:

8:31 PM: Trump painting Democrats as the “insane” party that wants extreme late-term abortions and sanctuary cities. He says Democrats are the party of blatant corruption, high taxes, abortion, open borders, and socialism.
8:30 PM: Trump says “Crazy Elizabeth Warren” has a healthcare plan that would cost $52 trillion and you still won’t have your doctor.
8:20 PM: Trump rips far-left Democrats for supporting sanctuary cities, where illegal immigrants are free to rape, kill, and beat up people. He says the sanctuary city of Philadelphia is one of the worst. … Trump says Democrats stand for crime, corruption and chaos while Republicans stand for “law and order” and “justice.”
8:15 PM: Trump mocking Beto (O’Rourke) for wanting to get rid of religion (Bible), guns, and oil. He says “Sleepy Joe Biden” also believes in shutting down fossil-fuel production in Pennsylvania but voters will never let that happen. Trump claims he has taken the toughest actions against China’s “trade abuses.” Trump says steel mills in Pennsylvania are “roaring back to life” because of the steel tariffs on the dumped steel.
8:01 PM: Trump calls Schiff a “crooked bastard.”
7:53 PM: Trump says with the “flimsy” impeachment articles, Democrats have made a mockery of the “somber” impeachment process. He says Democrats have all but conceded there was no collusion, no obstruction of justice, and no crimes with the “flimsy articles.”
7:39 PM: Trump now rips the Obama FBI for spying on his campaign without disclosing the political nature of the hit job to the FISA court. Trump says innocent people’s lives have been destroyed by “scum.” “What they did was so unbelievable,” Trump says.
7:36 PM: Trump accuses the radical left and the establishment of of trying to nullify the election and erase the votes of his supporters. He says Republicans have never been more united than they are now because “it’s all a hoax, and they understand it.” He also says they also understand poll numbers.

We would never hear this kind of hard-hitting language from Romney or McCain. Never. And that is why they both failed to win the presidency.

Update: Only 994 people watched live on the internet as Democrats announced their impeachment charges against the president. Meanwhile 31,000 watched Trump’s Pennsylvania rally live, and 2.1 MILLION saw it on Facebook.

Can you say ‘Trump in 2020!’?

Conservative US States are Doing Best

Of the 50 states reviewed by the American Legislative Exchange Council-Laffer Economic Outlook, four states with the best economic outlook are conservative states – Indiana, North Dakota, Idaho and Utah.

Meanwhile the same report ranked Hawaii, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Vermont and New York as the states with the worst economic outlook. These states are all famous for being extremely liberal.

We know this story well. For 50 years we have watched Americans flee liberal states by the tens of millions to go to conservative states while liberals tell us that people will run into the arms of liberalism.

Fox News reported on the four states:


Historically speaking, Indiana has been on the rise when it comes to its economic outlook ranking. In 2012, the state rated No. 22 on the list, but by 2014, it ranked third in the nation.

The report points to its estate/inheritance tax not being levied, its low state minimum wage, its low average workers’ compensation costs and being a right-to-work state.

North Dakota

North Dakota has consistently ranked in the top five for the past seven years.

The report indicates North Dakota’s recent tax changes contributed to its high ranking, as well as not taxing estate or inheritance, low average workers’ compensation costs, low minimum wage, debt service as a share of tax revenue and it being a right-to-work state.


Idaho fell to No. 10 in 2017, but it’s rebounded since then, maintain its No. 2 ranking.
The report says its low minimum wage, not taxing estate and inheritance as well as it is a right-to-work state status contributed to its consistent success. The state also recently legislated some tax changes and has a debt service as a share of tax revenue.


The Heritage Foundation’s Stephen Moore said on FOX Business’ “Bulls and Bears” on Monday that Utah got the top spot for many reasons, including its flat-rate income tax of 5 percent and its lack of an estate tax.

“Utah spends … less than any other state per pupil on education, on public education, and yet, they have the highest test scores and the best results,” Moore told David Asman.
Utah has held the No. 1 spot since 2012.

The ranking bases its forecast on the “state’s current standing in 15 state policy variables,” which includes things like the state’s Gross Domestic Product and Non-Farm Payroll Employment, which the report says is “highly influenced by state policy.”

“Generally speaking, states that spend less — especially on income transfer programs — and states that tax less — particularly on productive activities such as working or investing — experience higher growth rates than states that tax and spend more,” the report reads.

Meanwhile the Massachusetts and New Jersey legislatures are moving toward banning plastic shopping bags at the grocery store. New York has already done so.

This is a joke. These liberals will do nothing to improve the economy for their people but are worried about plastic bags. This shows how awful liberals are.

Illegal Immigration Slows Even More

President Trump is making good on his promise to significantly slow illegal immigration over the Mexican border. believes that this issue alone is going to re-elect the president. Breitbart News reports:

The apprehension of migrant families illegally crossing the border from Mexico in November fell by nearly 90 percent from the peak in May. Border Patrol officials cited closed loopholes in immigration and asylum laws as having a direct impact on the reduction of illegal border crossings by migrant families.

The apprehension of migrants by Border Patrol agents following illegal border crossings fell from a high of 84,486 in May to only 9,000 in November, according to information obtained from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Southwest Border Migration Report released on Monday morning.

The apprehensions are also down significantly from November 2018 when agents apprehended more than 25,000 Family Unit Aliens (FMUA), CBP reports reveal.

“Why are the numbers dropping so drastically?” CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan asked during a Monday press conference. “Because we have all but ended Catch-and-Release. If you are a family from the northern triangle countries, you are no longer released into the interior of the United States simply because you have a child.”

Germans Turns Against Christmas for ‘Green’ Reasons

The real goal of the fearmongering ‘green’ movement is to eliminate capitalism, empower socialism and destroy Christianity.

‘Green’ extremism has even extended to Germany’s Christmas decorations. A majority of Germans in a recent poll said that they would consider taking down their Christmas lights for environmental reasons – 57% said that they would reduce their use of Christmas lights or cut them out entirely.

This is blatantly awful since Christmas lights consume just a tiny, infinitesimal fraction of Germany’s annual electric consumption while they bring great joy, color and light to the darkest time of the year, exactly as they are supposed to do. But ‘greenies’ don’t want anyone happy or uplifted. They want us all living in a world of darkness and fear (global warming, rising seas, the end of the world, etc.) in which they control us.

So obviously this idea of shutting off the Christmas lights has nothing to do with the environment – it is an effort to further undermine Germany’s Christianity. You can bet that Germany’s anti-Christian communists and muslims are behind this idea.

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