Leftists Never Accept Reality When they Lose

Protesters gathered in the streets of London after the Conservative landslide victory in the December 12 British election. Sound familiar? Like the widespread protests across the USA on the evening after Trump was elected. Breitbart News reported:

Chaos erupted on the streets of London last night (December 13) as socialist anti-Brexit protestors violently clashed with police chanting slogans like “not my prime minister” and “one solution, revolution”.

Socialists, Antifa, and anti-Brexiteers took to the streets to show their disapproval of the British people’s democratic will while chanting “this is what democracy looks like”, following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s landslide election victory over the far-left Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

One woman told Breitbart London: “Fuck Boris, fuck racism, fuck homophobia, fuck all you pigs.”

“[Boris Johnson] is a pig and I’m so ashamed that he’s the prime minister of my country, it’s disgusting and I wish him the worst, I wish him a horrible death,” said another woman.

This sounds just like the anti-Trumpers. In short, when liberals lose elections their thugs go out in the streets to protest the election, to suggest that the election was not fair even when it was a landslide.

Or they try to proclaim in retrospect that the election was illegitimate, as Democrats are trying to do by constantly harassing president Trump three years into his term and seeking to remove him from office.

And this, friends, is why socialists want to undo our system for free and fair elections – because the voters are rejecting their point of view all over the world. Because when elections are fair and the issues are discussed openly, conservatives usually win.

Conservative Boris Johnson just won a mega-landslide victory in the December 12 elections. It decimated the Labour party (the equivalent of US Democrats).

Naturally the British Fake News media claimed right before election day that the election was close and that Johnson could be on the way out.

In short, they lied like crazy just like the American FN media lied about Hillary Clinton having a 91% chance of beating Donald Trump but then Trump went on to win 57% of the electoral votes, i.e., a landslide.

This is the fantasy world that socialists live in, where they can tell any lie. They imagine themselves as all-powerful since they are that way in their own warped minds. They think that life is one of their Hollywood movies and that they can tear up the script and re-write reality at will.

In Georgia the black female Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams lost her bid for the governorship by 55,000 votes in November 2018 yet she has been claiming ever since that the election was stolen and that she really won.

Can you say “wacko”? Look at what the crazed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said after Labour’s drubbing in the British election:

“We won the argument, but I regret we didn’t convert that into a majority for change… There is no doubt that our policies are popular”.

Obviously this guy is suffering some type of trauma. But then when left-wing candidates like Obama do win and when his policies ruin the economy with pathetic growth rates, $4 a gallon gasoline, $150 billion released to Iran, Syria plunged into war by the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, our military emasculated, and a chaotic open border, then there are no protests whatsoever since those are policies that leftists support.

Why was there no attempt to impeach Obama over his every word and action?

Answer: Because that is not how conservatives operate. We win elections and get things done. We don’t have to lie and riot.

Under president Trump we also have seen millions of internet threats aimed at anyone who supports the president along with physical assaults, property damage and even some murders.

Here is just one story recently from Michigan. WILX reported:

A Mason High School student turned to the police alleging a teacher assaulted her during school hours because she supports President Donald Trump.

Sadie Earegood told NEWS 10 that the teacher involved was Paul Kato.

Paul Kato is the media technology teacher at the high school. Students say that he has not been in school since the alleged incident on Dec. 5, but Mason Schools has not confirmed that.

Earegood claims she was assaulted by Kato when he ripped her “Women For Trump” pin from her shirt.

Earegood is 16 and a junior at the school. She said Kato, started off by saying he didn’t like the pin she was wearing.

“I was just really shocked that a teacher would especially do that,” she said. “He’s talking about the ‘Women for Trump’ pin and I said, ‘that’s fine you don’t have to like it, we can have our opinions.’”

Earegood described a struggle between herself and the teacher where he tried to take the pin off her.

“He grabbed it and I pulled, I tried to push his hand away and he grabbed my shoulder,” she said.

“(He) just kind of put his hand there, and then he started pulling more and more and I just started backing up.”

Imagine that… a liberal, pro-feminist male teacher assaults a 16-year-old female student. It is disgusting, but this is the hypocritical socialists at work.

We never saw this type of anger directed at Obama supporters because we conservatives do not resort to violence and deception every time we lose.

Batty Bernie Campaigns with Radical Islamist Icky Ilhan

We all know that Bernie Sanders is nuts. After all he comes from Vermont.

Well, he just got worse. He campaigned in New Hampshire recently with the radical islamist Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota (the one who allegedly married her brother in an immigration fraud scheme).

Let us pray that Bernie is the nominee. Trump would shred him worse than he is going to shred Biden.

‘Gestapo Greta’ Threatens World Leaders

Eco-maniac Greta Thunberg told a crowd in Italy that “we will make sure we put world leaders against the wall” if they do not do what she says to address so-called ‘climate change’.

“Against the wall” refers to killing people in revolutions through firing squads.

Thunberg is a fascist and an extremely dangerous person. And don’t think for a second that this was just a verbal slip. She was carefully programmed by leftist radicals to say this. After all the ‘greenies’ have been suggesting for years that people who disagree with them should be jailed and even killed.

These are brutal people. They wish to destroy freedom and impose tyranny through myriad means including their devious use of language.

Biden’s Wife Says to Leave Hunter Alone!

Jill Biden, the wife of Joe Biden, recently defended her step-son Hunter by stating that he “did nothing wrong, and that’s the bottom line.”

“I know my son. I know my son’s character. Hunter did nothing wrong, and that’s the bottom line.”

OK, first of all, Hunter Biden has been involved in a lot of corruption and everyone knows it. His company has taken $1.5 billion from China and he personally has taken millions from a Ukraine natural gas company. These actions were both intended to influence his father. And this is just what we know. Imagine what we don’t know.

Second, this is not Jill Biden’s son. It is her 49-year-old step-son. She calls him her son to get sympathy and build a false narrative.

Third, Hunter Biden is a lunatic. He was expelled from the Navy Reserve in 2014 after testing positive for cocaine. He has fathered an illegitimate child with a Washington, DC stripper, while a crack pipe was found in a rental car that he had used. Who knows what else he has done that the Fake News media are covering up.

If president Trump’s kids did anything even vaguely like Hunter Biden has done, Democrats and their media cronies would go nuts.

Of course Jill Biden didn’t say anything when law-abiding and totally innocent 13-year-old Barron Trump was publicly besmirched by a witness named Pamela Karlan in the impeachment hearings.

But now she is defending her “son” Hunter Biden. What a fraudster. This is typical Democrat tactics. These people are crooked as hell and they know exactly what a huge problem Hunter Biden is for his father. So they concoct every imaginable scenario to deflect the issue.

Food Stamp Rolls Shrink Under President Trump

President Trump’s economic policies are working like a charm. Breitbart News reported:

More than 5.9 million individuals dropped off food stamps since President Donald Trump assumed office in February 2017, according to the latest data released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The most up-to-date USDA data shows that 5,975,736 people discontinued using food stamps, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), between February 2017— when Trump completed his first full month in office— and September 2019.

This is called “capitalism”, where government dependency is replaced with jobs.

Here is a test: Ask any liberal: Do you think that it is better that a person EARN $20,000 per year at a job or BE GIVEN $20,000 in taxpayer handouts?

And when they say it is better to EARN it, then you simply say, “Thank you. You are a conservative.”

It is a sure-fire test. Try it! And you will discover that most liberals are conservatives.

NJ Democrat Congressman is Switching to GOP

A Democrat congressman in New Jersey is reported to be switching to the Republican party rather than vote as a Democrat to impeach president Trump.

Representative Jeff Van Drew, a moderate Democrat who strongly opposed impeaching president Trump, is expected to switch parties soon.

Van Drew is one of two Democrats who voted against opening the impeachment inquiry into Trump.

And this, friends, is the beginning of the Republican/voter backlash against Democrats who vote to impeach. Many Democrat congresspeople were elected in 2018 in districts that voted for Trump in 2016. They now face the prospect of heavy blowback if they vote to impeach. Van Drew has given in to the pressure. Expect others to follow or they will lose their seats next November.

Crazy Finland Welcomes Back ISIS Women

Breitbart News reported about Finnish islamist women who ran off to go to war for ISIS:

Leaked documents from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs show that the government has planned to fly Islamic State extremists and their children back to Finland.

The document is dated from last month and states that the ministry has set up a group to look into chartering flights for Islamic State members currently in Syria’s al-Hol prison camp, flying them to Iraq and then to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Yle reports.

According to the document’s timetable, the chartered flights were supposed to take place this week and were aimed primarily at importing children of Islamic State members — but the plan also states that “all persons who agree to return” could be included in the operation.

The document states that the operation will be led by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will end once the returnees are back in Finnish territory. Any police action taken towards the returning fighters listed in the document is to be planned separately.

Meanwhile, if you want to know why Finland has flipped out, the country now is led by a government of under-35 millennial women and has a majority-female cabinet. Their new prime minister is a 34 year old female.

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