Brexit! Finally!/ Democrats Caused Decades of Economic Decay

The British Parliament voted overwhelmingly to approve prime minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan by a vote of 358 to 234. This was widely expected following the conservative landslide victory in the UK election of December 12. The final Brexit is reported to be planned for January 31, 2020.

Brexit has been repeatedly sandbagged since it was voted in a June 2016 referendum. So congratulations to the British people for finally freeing themselves from the bureaucratic monster of the European Union. predicts that the British economy will thrive after Brexit compared to the rest of Europe. It already has outperformed Europe since the 2016 vote. And this is precisely why the EUrocrats do not want Brexit – because it is going to expose to the world that the European Union and its socialist controls are harming Europe with stagnant, highly-regulated and highly-taxed economies, high unemployment, and open borders.

Democrats Hand Trump Another Major Victory

The Democrat-majority US House of Representatives passed president Trump’s US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA) on December 19. This was another historic win for the president.

The bill passed 385 to 41 with 38 Democrats voting against the historic agreement.

USMCA replaces the NAFTA trade deal passed under globalist president Bill Clinton that sent hundreds of thousands of US jobs to low-wage Mexico and put America at a competitive disadvantage.

With president Trump re-setting trade parameters with virtually every country in the world, he is preparing America to thrive rather than deteriorate in a New World Order under which the US was getting ripped off by every one of our trading partners.

And with the China trade deal also coming slowly to fruition after masterful negotiations by Trump, the US is going to enter a new age of prosperity where the playing field is level and not tilted against us.

Democrats have Caused Massive Economic Decay

2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said recently:

“Where I live folks aren’t measuring the economy by how the Dow Jones is doing, they’re measuring the economy by how they’re doing. When you’re doing the bills at the end of the month at your kitchen table and you find that even if your wages have gone up it’s not nearly going as fast as the cost of health[care] and housing.”

“This economy is not working for most of us, for the middle class and, I know you’re only ever supposed to say ‘middle class’ and not poor in politics, but we’ve got to talk about poverty in this country.”

Buttigieg is correct in many ways but he will never understand or admit how this happened.

In short, there indeed are tens of millions of people who are not being accounted for in the rosy numbers for the Trump economy. They are mainly two groups:

*white, non-urban, rural and small-town people in places like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kansas, Oregon and Ohio, who have watched for decades as factories closed and farm jobs disappeared to mechanization. Logging also has been banned in many places; and

*urban blacks and hispanics nationwide, and some poorer urban whites, who have watched jobs flee the cities over the last 50 years.

For instance, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did everything in her power to stop Amazon from bringing 25,000 jobs to New York City since the company would have received tax breaks that she opposed. This is harming New York as jobs flee the socialistic city for lower-tax and lower-cost places.

None of this is president Trump’s fault but he is instituting reform policies that will address the issues. But those policies will need to remain in effect for at least 20 more years to correct the imbalances that we see today.

If you grew up in the conservative 1950s, as did, you remember a time of peace, order, stability and prosperity. Yet Democrats say that it was horrible decade of oppression, misogyny and corporate power. They hated the 1950s. They could not wait to overthrow it, which they did starting in the 1960s.

By 1979 there were 19 million manufacturing jobs in America that had developed over decades of strong economic growth. These are the “wealth creating” jobs that built the middle class. Today, in a much larger population, that number is just 12.5 million. This decline killed the middle class.

Since the 1960s relentless socialist attacks on our economy (media/university slander of corporations and capitalism; lawsuits; union activism, etc.) coupled to bad government policies (taxes; regulation; ‘green’ obstruction; globalism, etc.) have led to the destruction of, or the failure to create, 20 million manufacturing jobs, calculates

Meanwhile globalist leaders of both parties have stood idly by as jobs have disappeared overseas by the millions.

For instance the US steel industry was killed by radical union activism and wage demands, which came from the socialist left. ‘Green’ pollution laws also hammered the industry.

This was exacerbated by another force from the left – overseas steel suppliers like Japan were government-subsidizing their steel production and “dumping” cheap steel on the US market. China was doing the same thing until president Trump called them out.

Our nationalist, America First president Donald Trump recognized these problems years ago and is taking on the issues every day. He is doing everything in his power to re-energize the American economy, re-negotiate trade deals, bring back jobs from abroad and rebuild capital in this country.

Today most Americans envy the widespread prosperity and the stability that we had in the 1950s. Except Democrats. They did everything in their power to kill that prosperity and stability over several decades. Here’s how:

*Labor unions, long associated with Democrats, have destroyed or discouraged the creation of many millions of high-paying jobs. Through decades of strikes and other labor actions, unions ran General Electric out of’s hometown in Massachusetts, along with 12,000 jobs.

*Socialist taxers have waged war on private capitalist companies for decades. This has sucked capital out of these companies and discouraged the investment needed to expand. President Trump is now working to reverse this with lower taxes.

*Government bureaucrats have regulated thousands of successful companies to the point where they cannot function. President Trump is unilaterally rolling back federal regulations. He can to this since these regulations are imposed by federal agencies, and are not laws passed by Congress that have to be repealed by Congress.

*’Green’ regulation and obstruction have destroyed millions of jobs, including in rural America, and thwarted the efficient delivery of energy and other resources to our economy. That is why gasoline was $4 a gallon under Obama but is $2.50 a gallon today.

*Democrat corruption in government has siphoned away trillions of dollars from the productive economy.

*Environmentalists’ War on Energy has cost us dearly. When gasoline and heating oil went up to $4 a gallon under Obama, it was a direct result of ‘green’ policies. 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden said this recently in an exchange during a Democrat debate:

The moderator asked: “Three consecutive American presidents have enjoyed stints of explosive economic growth due to a boom in oil and natural gas production. As president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth, even knowing potentially that it could displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy?”

Biden responded, “The answer is yes…”

Thus another Democrat wants to ditch guaranteed American jobs producing guaranteed high-quality energy in exchange for a utopian goal down the road. And that goal of ‘clean’ energy is a mirage; it will destroy tens of millions of people with high energy costs and energy scarcity, and will ruin the environment too.

For instance, calculates that we would need as many as 3,000 giant mountaintop windmills to replace just one single nuclear reactor. Those windmills could cover hundreds of miles. Those windmills turn mountaintops into industrial zones.

Meanwhile the labor cost to maintain those windmills could easily be more than 1,000 times the labor cost to maintain the generators at a nuclear reactor.

The fear of radioactivity from nuclear power is another ‘green’ scam. In 12,000 reactor-years of global nuclear power production there have been just 31 confirmed deaths from radiation and they all came at the Chernobyl reactor in Ukraine which failed in 1986. It was built by communists with zero safeguards.

In the wake of the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor accident in Pennsylvania in 1979 the ‘greenies’ called it “the most dangerous place in the world”. Yet president Jimmy Carter went right inside the plant after the accident and is still alive today at age 95 after recovering from cancer… twice.

Maybe the radiation made him stronger?!

At the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, triggered by an offshore earthquake, there have been zero confirmed deaths but years of media hysteria about the plant’s radiation.

Meanwhile the earthquake, a product of “mother nature” – which ‘greenies’ consider benign – killed 18,000 people and did $300 BILLION in damage.

Will ‘greenies’ ever admit that ‘mother nature’ is the most brutal killer of all? Are you kidding?


Law Enforcement Moving Forcefully Against MS-13

Obama’s open-borders policies allowed thousands of violent MS-13 gang members to enter the US illegally from El Salvador. This was intentional; it was part of Democrats’ policies to undermine our stable society.

Under president Trump we are seeing vigorous action to arrest, convict and expel MS-13. Recently New York prosecutors announced the arrests of 100 members and associates of MS-13. It was the largest crackdown on the gang since the gang first started coming here.

“The goal of this investigation was to deliver a major blow to the gang’s leadership, operations and recruitment in our region… we did exactly that,” Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini said.

This is more good news from president Trump and will help to re-elect him, which is predicting.

CNN Fails in Its Attempt to Trash Conservative Monica Crowley

Breitbart News reported:

Treasury Department Assistant Secretary of Public Affairs Monica Crowley has been vindicated by Columbia University after a years-long investigation ultimately concluded she did not plagiarize her thesis, despite allegations by CNN and other establishment media outlets that she did.

Crowley, now the Treasury Department’s top spokeswoman but previously a Fox News contributor, had been under consideration to join the National Security Council (NSC) in the White House at the very beginning of President Donald Trump’s administration under his first national security adviser, retired Gen. Mike Flynn. Then, allegations from CNN and Politico among other publications claimed that she plagiarized her 2012 book and her thesis at Columbia, sparking Columbia to launch a review of her thesis that has now concluded.

OK, we know the story: If you are a conservative these liberal outlets will simply fabricate charges against you, as they are doing to try and bring down president Trump.

These liberals do not understand that they are actually destroying themselves in the long run by going over to the dark side with this constant stream of false accusations. As the old adage goes, “The truth will always come out”. And liars ultimately will face consequences.

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