Scientist’s Fake Research/ Maxine Waters Punked

We should all be on our guard about “science” these days. After all, we have seen “science” totally perverted and corrupted by the ‘global warming’ fanatics. And we have seen “science” moving politically to the left on every subject, where it often is not science anymore but has morphed into pure political activism.

For instance “scientists” tell us that the planet is burning up precisely as we experience record cold all over the world. Italy just reported four skiers killed in avalanches in a 24-hour period.

‘Scientists’ tell us that seas are rising because of ‘global warming’, yet Obama just bought a $15 million ocean-side mansion. So obviously not even Obama believes in “rising seas”.

Or “scientists” and “medical professionals” tell us that marijuana is harmless when in fact it is a tremendously destructive substance that degrades the brain seriously, particularly among young people who are smoking it more and more and will continue to do so as it becomes legal in more states.

Now it has been reported that Frances Arnold, an American scientist and winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in chemistry, has retracted a paper published in 2019 after she admitted that it was based on faulty research. Arnold said in a series of tweets :

“For my first work-related tweet of 2020, I am totally bummed to announce that we have retracted last year’s paper on enzymatic synthesis of beta-lactams. The work has not been reproducible…”

“It is painful to admit, but important to do so. I apologize to all. I was a bit busy when this was submitted, and did not do my job well.”

Friends, this is a much bigger story than you think because it is surely just the tip of the iceberg. How many of these scientific papers and studies are faulty every year? Who is checking them for accuracy? Or are they just being approved (“peer reviewed” for accuracy) by like-minded “scientists” who may be friends with the researcher or who may favor the researcher’s point of view?

In other words, why are we accepting any of this stuff as truth?

Friends, many of these people are not scientists at all. They are left-wing political hacks posing as scientists. They make their “science” specifically to fit their agenda and they should never be trusted.

The Nobel Prize committee should take a serious look at Arnold’s work and perhaps retract the prize if they have any suspicions about her.

This incident is a wake-up call for us normal people to stop trusting these ‘scientists’. Look at how many major economic decisions are made based on “studies” by environmentalists that say that this species and that it disappearing. Or that the atmosphere has this amount or that amount of carbon dioxide. Who says? How do they arrive at these conclusions?

We never know. All we ever see are the media reports about these studies with no way to verify them.

This Can’t End Well – White Female Leaves a Bar with Two Black Males…

A missing white 29-year old Alabama female has been found dead after leaving a bar late at night with “two heavy-set black males” who were strangers to her.

The female, Paighton Houston, left the Tin Roof bar with the males and later texted a friend saying “she didn’t know these people and she was in trouble,” according to reports.

Duuhhhhh…. Gee, Paighton, do ya think? And of course we are all supposed to mourn this beautiful life cut short while ignoring the glaring facts:

*This was obviously a racist murder of a white woman by two (or maybe more) black males. This fact will be ignored by the media to once again cover up for decades of racist violence by blacks against whites.

If this story were two white males targeting a black female victim, however, it would be front-page news all over America.

*This woman was certainly some type of promiscuous feminist-type female who wanted to get a thrill with two black sex partners. What was a 29-year old unmarried white woman doing out at a bar late at night by herself? And leaving the bar with two black strangers?

Answer: She was looking for a good time sexually, that’s what. And she was doing that after feminists have said for decades that she has every right to have as much sexual pleasure as she wants, with whomever she wants, whenever she wants. And not to worry about the consequences… like ending up dead.

Or like getting sexually-transmitted diseases, or suffering sexual and physical abuse, unplanned pregnancies, emotional betrayal, etc., or who ends up alone and rejected at age 35 after sleeping with countless men for many years, and loving every second of it… until reality hits that she has destroyed her reputation, her health and her own soul with her behavior.

*She was surely propagandized by a constant media drumbeat that black males are desirable and good sexually for her, and better than white males who might have jobs and careers and care for her in a loving family. This comes from the incessant left-wing media deification of black males (basketball players, rappers, actors, etc.) and of interracial relationships which have a statistically high rate of failure.

Detroiters Angry about House Fire Photo

The black population of Detroit is furious after a Detroit house went up in flames while a group of white firemen posed smiling in front of the fire.

The home’s owner’s son said that firefighters had not made enough of an effort to save the home. The photo in question shows the group of firefighters posing as a group with smiles while the home is engulfed in flames in the background. The structure eventually burned to the ground.

The photo was taken as a momento for a retiring firefighter. Fire officials said the building was vacant and too dangerous to be saved because of the intense flames, but that hasn’t stopped the critics (i.e., blacks, media, Democrats, etc.) in Detroit from screaming for all of the white firefighter in the picture to be fired.

So in other words decades of decay and destruction of the entire city of Detroit at the hands of the blacks is not apparently a problem. But let one house burn down and the white firemen are called to lose their jobs. This is disgusting.

So let’s ask the blacks to put out their own fires. But they won’t be able to; they are historically incapable of passing firefighter tests. That’s why there are so few black firefighters in the US ( does not remember seeing a single one, ever).

Dumb-ass Maxine Waters Duped Again

This is from Breitbart News about radical black congresswoman Maxine Waters. This is precious:

The Russian pranksters famous for tricking House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) into seeking nude pictures of President Donald Trump are claiming that they just (tricked) Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) — for a second time.

YouTubers Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, who go by the names Vovan and Lexus, recently called Waters’s office and, with the help of a female colleague, pretended to be teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, TIME‘s “Person of the Year” for 2019, and her father, claiming to have a taped confession from Trump admitting to the exact charges in House Democrats’ articles of impeachment which passed in late December.

A woman who identifies herself as Congresswoman Waters tells “Greta”: “Of course, I know all about you. You have made quite a big, big, big thunder on this issue. I am really, really very proud of you and the work that you’re doing.”

he prank callers trick Waters into making a statement in defense of the environment of an imaginary island named “Chunga Changa.”

The call gets more farcical when “Greta” tells Waters that she met Trump at the United Nations, where he privately insulted her and confessed to threatening Ukraine’s president.

“He came over, he leaned towards me, and said softly, ‘Listen to me very carefully, little girl, you will never achieve your goals,’” “Greta” says.

“He said you will never achieve your goals? Oh my goodness!” Waters exclaims, stunned. “Greta” then says that she cried. “Oh my God did you cry?” Waters exclaims.

“Greta’s father” then claims to Waters that Trump told her that he did pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals: “He said to her, ‘You know, little girl, nobody believe you anyway, I will tell you the truth. I really pushed on Ukrainian president and you know that you will never achieve your goals like those congressional fools that accuse me.”

“Oh my God, he mentioned the Ukrainian president?” Waters exclaims.

Waters then presses them on what else Trump said. They told her that they got the conversation recorded and have evidence. Waters then asked if they would be in Washington, DC, anytime soon and if they could meet with her.

“Greta’s” father then offers for the young girl to testify if Waters needs it.

Folks, these people like Waters are dumb-ass low-IQ lunatics. They should never be leading our great nation.

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