Trump’s YUGE Iran Victory/ Trump Will Win Virginia Electoral Votes/ Ala. Senate Seat to GOP

President Trump has won a massive foreign-policy victory with the targeted assassination of Iran’s top terrorist-general Qasem Soleimani. Not only did the president rid the earth of a purely evil character but he pinned Iran’s ears back in an act of public humiliation.

Oh, sure, Iran launched some wayward missiles back at American forces in a fit of faux-rage, but that was a half-hearted effort that had no chance of hurting anyone. And it did not. Intentionally…

Iran wanted to put on a show of force for its despicable fan base around the world to show it standing up to Trump, but it really proved that Iran is weak and in no way is going to taunt president Trump, that they knew that Trump would bomb their economy to smithereens if they did.

This proves the old adage of “peace through strength”. We did not need to bomb Iran. We only needed to have the capacity to do so. This whole episode is a huge foreign policy win for Trump that will help to guarantee his re-election this November.

In his remarks after the failed missile attack president Trump also took time to highlight the fact that that the Iranian missiles were paid for by Obama. This ‘payment’ came in the form of $150 billion in assets that were held by the US since the mullahs took over Iran in 1979. Obama “unfroze” the assets and gave them back to Iran because Obama loves radical islam and wants Iran to succeed.

At the same time our militant former secretary of state John Kerry has been openly colluding with Iran against president Trump. This is classic anti-Americanism that Trump is exposing as a violation of the Logan Act, which prohibits private citizens from colluding with a foreign government.

President Trump has exposed Iran as a paper tiger. With its top terrorist-general now blown to bits and its “fearless” mullahs exposed as scared rabbits in the face of US military might, we can expect the president to start putting pressure on world leaders to seek to coerce Iran to capitulate to the international forces of good, and possibly for a rising up of the Iranian people against the primitive islamic state that has ruined their lives since 1979.

Kudos to president Trump for his sterling foreign policy actions. He knew full well that Americans – like all people throughout history – are hungry for real leadership rather than for the passive appeasement of evil as we have seen from American presidents for far too many years.

Trump Will Win Virginia Electoral Votes

There are three allegedly “blue” states where Donald Trump won the electoral votes in 2016, helping him to win the White House – Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These states had voted Democrat in presidential elections for up to 32 years straight.

This shift to Trump marks a seismic change in the American political dynamic. Across America millions of former Democrat working-class and middle-class voters are shifting to Republican as a result of Trump’s America First policies. believes that president Trump is going to win those states again in 2020 possibly along with several other allegedly “blue” or “purple” states like New Mexico, Colorado and Minnesota. discussed Minnesota in this editorial. also believes that president Trump will win the 13 electoral votes in Virginia in 2020, which Republicans have not won since George W. Bush in 2004.

For 52 years Virginia was a reliably Republican state. Wikipedia reports:

Virginia was won (in 2004) by incumbent President George W. Bush by an 8.2% margin of victory. Prior to the election, all 12 news organizations considered this a state Bush would win, or otherwise considered as a safe red state. The state had voted for the Republican candidate in all presidential elections since 1952 except during 1964’s Democratic landslide. This pattern continued in 2004, although it would be broken four years later by the Democratic victory in 2008.

In 2008 Obama won Virginia by 6.3% over John McCain. Virginia went for Obama again in 2012 by 4 points over Romney, and for Hillary Clinton in 2016 over Trump by 5.3%. Those Democrat wins are pretty big swings from 8.2% for Bush. So what happened to Virginia?

The seemingly conservative state of Virginia has changed for several reasons:

*A big and growing population of increasingly left-wing federal workers from Washington, DC lives in the expansive and wealthy northern Virginia suburbs next to DC. These people are politically active, they have a lot of money, and they can and do contribute to Democrats generously.

*The rural, white, conservative Virginia population has shrunk while there has been growth in Virginia’s cities and suburbs, which are more liberal.

*An influx of immigrants, both legal and illegal, has shifted the state toward the Democrats.

*An influx of activist Democrats from withering liberal states like New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts and New Jersey has moved the state left.

*A sizable black population votes reliably Democrat.

But believes that Trump will win Virginia’s electoral votes in 2020. Why?

*First, Trump is going to pick up millions of votes nationwide among people who were suspicious of him in 2016 and who did not vote for him, including voters in Virginia. They now see him as an effective leader who has kept his promises. These voters will be withdrawing their Democrat vote in 2020 and giving it to Trump. This will be a double-whammy against Democrats and the Democrat presidential candidate.

*Trump is expected to do vastly better among black voters, and hispanic voters, than Republicans traditionally do on account of the improved economy.

This all means that Trump can definitely win Virginia in 2020, making the White House even more out of reach than ever for Democrats.

Trump won 306 electoral votes in 2016, or 57% of the total. believes that he could win 330 or more in 2020, or 62% of the electoral votes.

Update: After composed this commentary The Daily Caller reported:

President Donald Trump is leading every major Democratic presidential candidate except for Joe Biden in the solid blue state of Virginia, a new poll published Tuesday shows.

The president is leading Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren 48-44, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders 51-45, and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg 47-45. Trump trails Biden 49-45 , according to the pollster Mason-Dixon. Mason-Dixon polled 625 registered voters between the dates of December 12-16, and had a margin of error of 4%. Of the registered voters polled, 42% were Democrats, 30% were Republicans, and 28% were Independents.

This is important since this poll shows Trump doing great in Virginia even though Democrats were way over-sampled in the poll, i.e., the poll was heavily biased to Democrats 42% to 30% believes that that means that Trump actually is doing much better than the poll shows, and is beating even Biden.

Meanwhile president Trump does even not poll well in the first place, as we saw in 2016. We know that many people will not even admit in private to a pollster that they support Trump so you could add a few points to most polls in Trump’s favor for that reason alone. also believes that Trump is going to surge in popularity as November approaches as Americans make up their minds not to “change horses in the middle of the river”.

And that Biden is going to sink as his increasingly far-left political positions sink in. But that assumes that Biden gets the nomination, which he very well may not.

If Trump wins the Virginia electoral votes his political ‘coattails’ probably will bring along Republican candidates running for the Virginia state legislature, which has gone Democrat in both houses. This would help to reverse the radical liberal course that Virginia is on.

Prediction: Alabama US Senate Seat Will Revert to GOP in 2020

In January 2017 president Trump nominated Alabama Republican US senator Jeff Sessions for attorney general of the United States. Sessions was confirmed on February 8, 2017. This meant that Sessions had to resign from his Senate seat.

Republican Alabama attorney general Luther Strange was appointed to fill the seat until a special election could be held. That election was held on December 12, 2017 and was won by a left-wing Democrat lawyer and former US attorney named Doug Jones.

This happened in conservative Alabama because Democrats and their media friends sabotaged the reputation of Republican candidate judge Roy Moore, who lost by 22,000 votes or 1.7%. Through hearsay evidence they said that Moore to had had indecent sexual contact with two different minor girls in the late 1970s.

One charge never went beyond hearsay while the second charge was found to have used forged evidence. But the damage was done by the Democrat smear campaign, and Moore lost. This was like the damage that Democrats and the media sought to inflict on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in Autumn 2018 with false allegations of sexual assault from decades ago.

Jones is very liberal, although he has taken a few conservative positions in hopes of keeping the Senate seat in Democrat hands. But believes that the seat will go back to Republican in 2020, along with a Trump presidential win.

If the seat goes Republican it will be a big step toward Republicans keeping majority control of the US Senate for the years 2021 to 2023, possibly with 54 Republicans to 44 seats for Democrats, and 2 Independents. This is crucial since the Senate confirms federal judges and president Trump is moving forward swiftly on re-making the federal judiciary in a more conservative mode.

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