Democrats Have Given up on Defeating President Trump

First here is a quick word about the January 20 gun rights rally in Richmond, Virginia:

Leading up to the rally, the Fake News media warned ominously over and over that the rally would be attended by dangerous “white nationalists” and “heavily armed” people like “militia members” and that “violence” was certain to happen and that Richmond was totally on edge.

Well, the rally was 100% peaceful, as expected. The organizers even cleaned up after themselves, unlike the left-wing rallies like the women’s protest against president Trump’s inauguration that left massive amounts of trash all over the place.

Democrats Have Given up on Defeating President Trump believes that Democrats have given up on the idea of beating president Trump in the November election.

There appears to be less and less chance that Trump will lose. Even the possibility of a recession is highly unlikely since Trump has removed many of the roadblocks that made the economy fragile and susceptible to an economic downturn.

He has lowered taxes, rolled back regulations, made better trade deals and most importantly has given American business leaders a sense of optimism and well-being. This means that businesspeople are not going to turn tail at the slightest whiff of trouble, which often leads to a recession.

Democrats know this. Behind closed doors in Washington, Democrats know that candidates like Biden, Sanders and Warren can’t beat a strong leader like president Trump, not only on the economy but on immigration, foreign policy, energy independence and general leadership qualities. Trump is simply setting a new standard; he is easily the most commanding – and most famous – leader on the world stage today. believes that Trump will win re-election easily and possibly in a landslide. Just imagine a doddering old Joe Biden on a debate stage with Trump. While the debates generally do not help candidates greatly, one gaffe can hurt a candidate badly. And with Biden’s propensity for saying stupid things, Democrats are terrified of a potentially disastrous Biden debate performance.

Bernie Sanders is so far to the left politically that Trump would smoke him in a debate and in the election. Ditto Elizabeth Warren. Trump could simply cite a recent Goldman Sachs survey in which 80% of the business respondents predicted a Trump win in November based on economic optimism.

The president can say, “Stick with me. I have done great things for the economy, and things are going to get even better…” Because they will; Trump has kept his promises and is a beacon of hope for all Americans hoping for a better future.

Seeing this, Democrats therefore are focusing on impeachment to seek to damage the president as much as they can and possibly to bring down a few Republican senators.

There are four Republican senators who are said to maybe be ‘vulnerable’ in 2020 but does not believe that they are threatened. believes that Trump’s victory will be solid and that it will help Republicans to keep their Senate and House seats and also bring along Republican candidates all down the ticket from US senators to the House of Representatives to state senators and representatives, mayors, city councilors, etc.

After all Obama’s radical policies so frightened the electorate that they helped to flip 1,200 downticket seats nationwide to Republicans that had been held by Democrats. So the reverse can happen with president Trump. predicts that Republicans will definitely pick up one US Senate seat, in Alabama, that was won by a Democrat in a special December 2017 election, giving the GOP 54 seats. also believes that Republicans will maintain majority control of the US Senate, which is crucial to confirming judges.

It is important to remember that Democrats and their media friends predicted a massive Trump loss in 2016, and a Republican loss of both the House and Senate. Yet Trump won and Republicans kept control of both houses. This was a massive shock to Democrats.

All in all, believes that Democrats are panicking about the November election and that this is why they are lashing out in any way that they can with every outrageous claim imaginable. But this is only making them look worse.

Lefty Stephen King Gets Hammered by Lefty Mob

Stephen King is a hard-core Trump hater because he got rich writing shlocky horror books and does not understand that there are other types of people in the world who want jobs in, say, manufacturing, farming or construction.

King recently commented in a politically-incorrect way about Oscar nominations and it is delicious to watch his fellow leftists chew him up.

King can nominate contenders in three categories for the Academy Awards since the film Misery, based on a King novel, won an Oscar in 1991 for Kathy Bates as best actress in a leading role. King then went on to comment on the question of ‘diversity’. He tweeted:

As a writer, I am allowed to nominate in just 3 categories: Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Original Screenplay. For me, the diversity issue–as it applies to individual actors and directors, anyway–did not come up. That said… I would never consider diversity in matters of art. Only quality,”

Well, you can imagine the Twitter mob’s reaction. How dare King ignore “diversity” and talk about “quality”! After all the left-wing cranks who dominate the arts say that ‘diversity’ is sacrosanct and “quality” is a racist buzzword for white male supremacism.

Their reaction also demonstrates how tightly joined at the hip these leftists are to “diversity” as a way of getting jobs, recognition, awards, etc. for material that is limited in quality. “Diversity” is just another form of affirmative action which is also known as ‘discrimination against white people’.

So you get the drift. King is getting a taste of his own liberal medicine. Good.

An author named Frederick Joseph said, “The interesting thing is that diversity generally leads to more interesting, relatable, and higher quality art.”

This is false; the problem with “diversity” is that it generally produces stories, films, books and plays that are linear, emotional, self-referential, two-dimensional and didactic tales about being black, hispanic, female, gay.

There is no depth, layering, complexity or inspiration as there have been in Western masterpieces from Homer to Euripides to John Milton. These “diversity” tales are not universal; they generally are narrow and limited in scope and are written to appeal to other people in the same crowd.

Have you ever heard a black writer talk about anything except being black?

Not really. And that narrative is tiring for those of us who are not black.

White men traditionally have produced art that is universal, complex and focused on issues in the larger world. That is why they are associated with “quality” in the first place.

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Conservatives are Getting More Bold

A 2nd Amendment rights activist recently shouted during a live MSNBC feed, “You pieces of sh**! F*** you!”

This is great. The Fake News media are on the run. Let’s make them run faster. Let’s see more of this type of guerilla assault on the media. They deserve it after decades of vile attacks on conservatives.

‘Reparations’ Already Paid in Full, Many Times Over

Breitbart News reported:

Longshot 2020 Democrat candidate Deval Patrick endorsed developing a reparations program in announcing his “Equity Agenda for Black Americans” …

He said: “The American Dream remains further out of reach of Black Americans than other Americans, and because of that, America has not fulfilled her promise. In addition to having personally lived the American Dream as an African-American man, what distinguishes me is my demonstrated ability to convert policy proposals into results. That is what I did in Massachusetts as Governor, and that is what I will do as President.”

Patrick said that while his proposal aims to close the gap regarding healthcare and education in the African-American community, but added that “reparations without reconciliation are incomplete”

Uh, sorry governor but calculates that black Americans have taken $75 TRILLION in government handouts and private charity in the last 60 years. So there’s your ‘reparations’… already paid in full. Several times over. It is more than enough. Not a penny more.

Liberal Journalist Goes Nuts over Electric Toothbrush

A liberal journalist named David Leavitt has exposed liberals for the petty and nonsensical people that they are. Leavitt recently went into a Target store and saw an electric toothbrush that was marked “DISPLAY” and had a price of .01 on it (one cent).

Obviously the toothbrush was not for sale and the price was some type of mistake. But not to a liberal. PJ Media reported:

David Leavitt has 215,000 followers on Twitter. His bio reads “Award-Winning Multimedia Journalist. Bylines: CBS, AXS, Yahoo, Examiner, etc.” With a resume like that, he’s not the kind of person you would expect to be publicly shaming retail workers, and yet, that’s exactly what he did…over a toothbrush.

Leavitt posted on Twitter about an upsetting trip to Target where he tried to buy an expensive toothbrush for a penny. He claimed this was part of a law requiring retailers to sell an item for the advertised price. The price on the display for the toothbrush was marked at 0.01 cents. It was also clearly marked “display.” When the Target manager, Tori (now known as #TargetTori) refused to allow Leavitt to rip off the store, he called the police, photographed her and posted her photo on Twitter expecting the Internet to help him shame an hourly worker. But that’s not how the Internet works.

Leavitt got hammered on the internet for being a deranged lunatic who cannot even accept reality when it comes in the form of an electric toothbrush. It is no surprise that this happened near Boston, Massachusetts. Leavitt then made it worse for himself since he actually called the police on the Target worker.

But then he claimed.. get this… that “I did not call 911. I called the business number for the police and told them it was not an emergency and they could take their time and explained the situation,” and then went on to claim that “I have not been able to afford to go to a dentist in over three years.”

Obviously this guy is a left-wing wacko. This shows what happens when someone with an immature grade-school mindset (i.e., any leftist) loses his marbles while on the other hand he has a sky-high sense of entitlement. It is delicious to watch. The Trump Curse strikes again!

Baltimore is Out of Control, like Many US Cities

The Washington Examiner reported:

An incident during which a Baltimore police officer was assaulted as he tried to make an arrest has polarized local law enforcement.

Video surfaced late Friday night of a city police officer being kicked and punched by a crowd of people as he struggled with a suspect on the ground. The officer was not seriously injured during the attack, and the crowd eventually dispersed.

The video sparked condemnation from Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan and other local leaders.

“Crime in Baltimore is out of control,” said Sgt. Mike Mancuso, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3. “[The incident is] indicative of a broken city that is being led by people who have absolutely no real-time crime plan or, it seems, even know how to formulate one.”

Mancuso laid blame for the attack on the city’s current elected leadership, which he characterized as asleep at the wheel when it comes to combating violent crime in the city.

“Until new leadership is elected and appointed, this lack of respect for the law and those who enforce it will continue and deepen,” he said.

Friends, this is yet another example of what happens when blacks try to run their own affairs and elect their own leaders. They cannot do it; the leaders are totally corrupt and the blacks end up destroying themselves. That is why so many blacks in America are in desperate straits.

Recently a writer chastised white Europeans for allowing so many black Africans to come into Europe as a reaction to “white guilt”. That guilt came from white European colonial rule of African nations for more than 100 years, which, according to the leftist point of view, was allegedly a bad thing.

Yet those 100 years were the best years that Africa ever had. The white colonialists brought prosperity, order and advanced economies to nations that had known none of that; Africa had been an undeveloped, impoverished wilderness until the whites arrived.

South Africa became the most prosperous nation on the continent, yet leftists worldwide treated the white South African government as a pariah until white rule was eliminated. Since then South Africa has spiraled down into poverty, misery, chaos, crime, murder and malnutrition under its black communist government, as all of Africa has.

So there are no more white colonialists in Africa but there sure are tens of thousands of white doctors, aid workers and other volunteers in Africa trying to save the continent from its miserable black-ruled self.

Top British Cop PROMOTED after Covering up Pakistani Gang Rape Case

Breitbart News reported:

A senior police detective who was involved in an operation that failed to go after a predominantly Pakistani child rape gang has been elevated to a top position dealing with sexual abuse against children.

Tony Cook, an investigating officer in the failed Operation Augusta, was promoted to the head of operations at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre in Manchester four years ago, despite the institutional failure of the operation to protect children from a Pakistani grooming gang in the mid-2000s.

In a report last week detailing the failures of Operation Augusta, it was revealed that officers were told to focus on arresting grooming gang offenders of “other ethnicities” so as to not appear racist.

Detective Cook has denied that race played a role in the failure of the operation, saying in comments reported by The Times: “Any concerns about creating further community tensions did not influence any of his investigative decisions.”

The report, which relied heavily on Cook’s notes from the time, paints a different picture, however, quoting the inspector as saying there were “sensitive community issues” around the case and that perpetrators were “predominantly adult Asian men”.

This is obviously awful, but even worse, notice that the perpetrators are called “Asian men” instead of “Pakistani” which means “muslim”. This is another fraud from the left and from the islamic lobby in Britain in their ongoing efforts to cover up violence and terrorism among muslims.

Operation Augusta was initiated after a 15-year-old girl died after being injected with heroin by her 50-year-old Pakistani male abuser, a man whom the report claimed remains unpunished to this day.

This is sick. But so are millions of people in Britain who are covering up for these muslim animals, including the Labour party, most of the big newspapers and the crazed and radical BBC.

Democrats Side With Radical Trannybaggers

Anyone who thinks that Democrats stand for “women’s” rights is crazy. Women athletes in America had better recognize that Democrats want these male-to-female sex changers to be able to compete in women’s sports anytime, anywhere. This means in most cases that real women can never win when there is a sex-changed man in the event. This is slowly destroying women’s sports and robbing women of potential advancement based on their athletic abilities.

Breitbart News reported:

Florida Republican Congressman Greg Steube was disgusted to tell Fox News that not a single Democrat voted in favor of a bill that would protect women’s sports from biological males who claim to be transgender women.

Steube appeared on a recent broadcast of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, where he unloaded on House Democrats for refusing to vote to protect women.

The Florida congressman recently introduced a bill that would have banned “schools from using Title IX federal funds to support women sports if biological men are allowed to compete with them,” Steube told Carlson.

Steube, a former Army JAG officer and Iraq War veteran, told Carlson that he was amazed that we have come to a day when we even have to say that only women should compete against other women.

“It’s just fascinating that we are in a place in our country where you have to file bills to make it clear that women are actually going to be competing with women and women’s sports,” Steube told the Fox host.

Steube added that Democrats came down on the side of transgenders who “identify as a woman that day and want the ability to compete.”

So today it may be men who have ‘transitioned’ to being women who compete. But you can be sure that soon some men will simply say that “I feel like a woman today” and will be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

Don’t doubt this. It is definitely going to happen. These people are insane.

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