Prediction: Trump Will Build Post-Presidency Media Empire

First here is a quick word about the coronavirus outbreak:

Scientists in China have blamed the deadly outbreak on bats. And get this – bat soup is a favorite at local restaurants in Wuhan province where the outbreak is centered.

Several internet photos show a soup bowl with a cooked bat sitting in the broth, with its wings and its ugly head still on it. It is absolutely 100% disgusting. Because China is a disgusting place.

The Plague that decimated Europe three separate times came from China. Remember SARS? China. Avian flu? China. Meanwhile many of the worst invasive species that have infiltrated the United States come from China including the flying carp, a fish that jumps out of the water like a maniac.

Here is another example: Customs agents in Cincinnati seized 3,700 mitten crabs, considered among the world’s most invasive species, from shipments originating in China and Hong Kong. The crabs are a delicacy in Asia and can sell for $50 each, but they’ve been banned from the United States due to their invasive nature,

Conclusion: We should keep all food products from China out of America. We should also keep out all people from China. Thousands of Chinese people in the US are spies, maybe tens of thousands. They are agents of the communist party who are ripping off our advanced technology and transferring it to their backward country. There are stories in the media regularly about Chinese spies being arrested while working at high-tech American companies.

Update: A Chinese female flew into Paris recently. She admitted in an internet posting that she took a special drug to lower her temperature before going through the temperature screening system in Paris so that her fever would not be detected.

It was not reported whether she has the corona virus or some other type of flu. But her story is alarming. Therefore the US and Europe should ban all flights from China and all people from China. Period. End of story. This virus could be another plague. believes that this virus is vastly more serious than is being reported.

The communists in China could very well be intentionally seeking to spread this virus all around the world. After all, communists want to disrupt as much of the free world as possible, as all communists do. They are destroyers, not builders.

Huge Impeachment Backfire

The Senate impeachment trial is turning out to be a colossal, historic and legendary bore. The senators themselves are overwhelmed with the tedium of the proceedings. Most Americans don’t care either. Ratings for the TV coverage have fallen significantly and you can be sure that most of the viewers are loony leftists who hate Trump. This is all another huge backfire for the Democrats.

Update: One of the most vociferous anti-Trumpers, Jeffrey Toobin of CNN, said “I just think that the Republicans are winning here. The president is winning here…”

Well whaddya know. Even an anti-Trumper is seeing the truth. Great.

It gets worse for Democrats. Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, said that it is “certainly possible” that even some Senate Democrats will vote to acquit president Trump when the impeachment vote is taken.

If this happens, it will be a massive bomb dropped on the Democrats.

By the way, how did that moron Mitch McConnell manage to give the Democrats three full weekdays to make their case, with full media coverage, while the president’s legal team started its defense on Saturday, when nobody was listening.

This is typical of how Republicans throw away the game time and time again.

Prediction: Trump Will Build Post-Presidency Media Empire

After president Trump leaves office in January 2025 predicts that he will remain a major force in American politics. That will include personal appearances on behalf of his ideas at huge rallies but more importantly believes that Trump will establish a media empire to challenge Fox News, CNN, NBC, ABC, NPR, The New York Times, etc.

You can be sure that investors and media experts are already lined up and planning this empire whenever Trump is ready.

Let’s call it Trump News Network (TNN). It would be multi-faceted – TV, radio, internet but no print editions, which are a dying breed. It will be one-stop shopping for the good ideas that the president is promoting to save America.

Just imagine enthusiastic Trump supporters flocking to TNN for their daily information, giving president Trump revenge on the media skunks who have sought to bring him down.

TNN would have a built-in audience of tens of millions of enthusiastic Trump supporters who would know that they would get the full truth and the straight story in just one place. It would be like a third and fourth term for president Trump. You could get TNN 24/7/365.

And considering that the top-rated Fox News evening shows generally get less than 4 million viewers per show, tens of millions of enthusiastic pro-Trump viewers could easily help TNN to surpass Fox, NBC, CNN, The New York Times and all the rest and put TNN at the top of the media world.

Imagine TNN with a personal Donald Trump program or commentary every day. That would turn the media world upside down.

Imagine the conservative programs on Fox – Sean Hannity, Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham – all fleeing to TNN. It would be a double-whammy; it would weaken increasingly liberal Fox and strengthen TNN.

TNN even could feature entertainment programming like dramas, comedies or talk shows with conservative/patriotic themes, i.e., it could give jobs to creative conservative people instead of the left-wing Hollywood crazies and their twisted ideas.

Just imagine pro-Trump hosts like taking to the airwaves or to the internet to give you the Trump point of view seven days a week.

Before Fox News took to the air on October 7, 1996 there was a concerted effort by Democrats and liberals to keep Fox off the air.

There is a clear reason for that – leftists fear free speech and open debate. They fear the conservative agenda because they know that it works. And if Trump starts TNN, then there would be every effort to sabotage it just as they are trying to sabotage the Trump presidency every single day. also believes that the president will become an important global figure after he leaves the White House, traveling the US and the world giving speeches on behalf of strong borders, capitalist prosperity and national pride.

His rallies are already famous in America and people all over the world certainly know about them. So just imagine that he goes to Germany or Japan or Brazil and gives a barn-burner speech about the wonders of nationalism and capitalism to tens of thousands of cheering fans. He could literally change the world. He already is doing so.

Will Donald Trump Jr. Carry on Papa’s Legacy?

With president Trump looking poised to win re-election in November we should look forward to 2024. believes increasingly that president Trump is going to support his son Donald Trump Jr. for president in 2024. Trump Jr. will be 46 years old on election day 2024.

Why would the president do this over his own vice president Mike Pence, who is “next in line” under the standard rules of political decorum? Or over US senator Ted Cruz, who put up a good fight against Trump for the nomination in 2016?

Answer: To create a political dynasty for the Trump family and to assure that the rough-and-tumble Trump style continues to work for the American people.

Nobody else could carry on the Trump legacy so well. Only Donald Trump Jr. can do so as he already has defended his father over and over in the most colorful and aggressive ways. Pence is far too mild. He would never have the courage to do what president Trump has done like standing up to Iran, re-working trade deals and securing the border with strict enforcement policies.

Donald Trump Jr. already is very popular among Republicans and conservatives. In a recent poll Republican voters chose two of president Trump’s children as their top choices for president in 2024.

The Axios/Survey Monkey poll found that 29% of Republicans favored Donald Trump Jr. for president while 16% favored Ivanka Trump. On the other hand vice president Mike Pence got 40% and was the favorite among older Republicans. believes that Donald Trump Jr. will surge in popularity as 2024 approaches and that president Trump will go full-speed ahead to support his son’s candidacy. Watch Trump Jr. He is a powerhouse. He will be president someday. The only question is ‘when’?

Ocasio-Cortez Spews Leftist Nonsense about the Economy

The crazy left-wing congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is at it again. She talked about a hypothetical billionaire who makes ‘widgets’, saying:

“You didn’t make those widgets, did you? Because you employed thousands of people and paid them less than a living wage to make those widgets for you. You didn’t make those widgets. You sat on a couch while thousands of people were paid modern-day slave wages, and in some cases real modern-day slavery.”

This is a gross caricature of capitalism that is directed at the ignoramuses in the Democrat party and the Welfare State, millions of whom don’t work anyway. Ocasio-Cortez obviously does not understand economics.

Ocasio-Cortez has never created any jobs at all. She was a bartender before being elected to Congress. Meanwhile president Trump has personally created tens of thousands of jobs in building and operating his properties. And his employees are known to be very satisfied with their jobs and their salaries.

On the other hand a lady who worked for Trump hater Robert De Niro as a personal assistant says that the actor is a vulgar bully and a drunk who treats his employees horribly. But what else can we expect. De Niro is a left-wing Hollywood lunatic.

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