Brexit!/ Trump Polls Skyrocket/ Could Coronavirus Ruin China?

First, congratulations to the British people. The Brexit departure of Britain from the European Union will be legally complete on Friday, January 31, 2020.

Cheers! A job well done! And you just watch… Britain is going to thrive as it has been doing much better than the rest of Europe since it voted for Brexit in 2016.

Happy Independence Day to Britain!

Trump Polls Skyrocket

Look at this great news for president Trump. PJ Media reported:

After three years of President Donald Trump, Americans are far more satisfied with the state of the economy, security from terrorism, military strength, and even race relations.

According to a new Gallup poll, Americans’ satisfaction on four key issues has increased by double digits during the first three years of the Trump presidency.

In January 2017, only 46 percent said they were satisfied with the U.S. economy, but this month 68 percent said so, for an increase of 22 points. Three years ago, 50 percent of Americans said they were satisfied with “the nation’s security from terrorism,” while 68 percent said so this month (an 18-point jump). Similarly, satisfaction with “the nation’s military strength and preparedness” jumped 15 points from 66 percent in January 2017 to 81 percent in January 2020.

Even Americans’ satisfaction on “the state of race relations” has increased by 14 points, from 22 percent in January 2017 to 36 percent this month. It appears fears of Trump’s supposed racism have abated as the black unemployment rate fell to record lows.

This is wonderful news for the president. It is important to remember that this is the same Gallup poll in two different years, so it is an accurate reflection of the changes under Trump, i.e., things are getting better for most Americans.

Coronavirus Could Wreck China conjectured in a recent commentary that the coronavirus outbreak in China is much worse than we know. And with each passing day we are finding out that this is true. believes that the virus could spread and undermine the entire nation of China and its economy.

Let’s consider a similar situation – the bubonic plague which decimated Europe in the 14th century. That plague came from China and it did incalculable damage to Europe, wiping out one-third of the population.

So it is possible that this coronavirus could grow on itself within China and harm the entire nation. There are reports that 50 million Chinese are being quarantined. Thus this is obviously a major health crisis.

Let us imagine that the whole nation of China is brought to a standstill by coronavirus, that other countries refuse to accept flights from China, close their borders with China, refuse to accept shipments from China for fear of contamination, etc.

Imagine that major sectors of China’s economy are shut down and that Chinese citizens are forced to stay indoors for long periods, as they are doing today. This all would be happening precisely as China’s economic production has been plummeting under economic pressure from president Trump.

China has the world’s second largest economy. The US is #1 with $22 trillion in annual economic production. China is #2 with $12 trillion, although that is a government number and may not be reliable. All of Europe combined is $18 trillion.

So imagine that the Chinese economy slows significantly with this coronavirus. This could be very harmful not only to China but to the world economy since China accounts for 14% of global economic production.

This could cause problems for the US economy since China is a major market for US goods. Naturally the global Fake News media would seek to somehow blame president Trump if a Chinese economic slowdown caused problems, even though the virus came from within China.

But president Trump could simply respond, “This is what we get for allowing so much of our production over the last 50 years to go to China in the first place. This is exactly what I have been fighting against.”

Of course nobody would be crazy enough to actually blame president Trump for the virus itself, could they?

Wait! Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren wrote on Twitter:

“To effectively beat infectious diseases like coronavirus, we need all hands on deck. But like so much else, Trump’s approach to keeping us safe from disease outbreaks is a mess. When he’s gone, we must fix the damage he’s done — and I’ve got a plan for that.”

Friends, this coronavirus is very serious. We don’t even really know what is going on since China is a communist country that is based on lies and deception.

But we do know that the virus broke out in the city of Wuhan where cooked snakes and bats are part of the local cuisine. The virus is believed to have originated in snakes and bats and spread to the people who have eaten them.

This proves once again that “East is East and West is West and the twain shall never meet”, as Rudyard Kipling wrote, although the quote is misinterpreted.

But it is true. China and Asia are separate worlds from Europe and the US. China and Asia are basically backward places. Every technology that powers Asia today came from Europe and the US. Asia did not invent a single modern technology. Without Western technology Asia would have agricultural economies based on oxen and hand plows.

Meanwhile the plague that decimated Europe came from China. It just goes to show that the two ends of the earth are totally different places – our Western culture is refined and advanced while China is backward, primitive and dirty.

Now we have news that the coronavirus has entered the United States. This is why president Trump should ban all flights from China, and all people from China. believes that the communist Chinese government could even be using the coronavirus to export its misery. It could be sending the virus abroad intentionally in hopes of harming the outside world.

This virus even could be a type of germ warfare cooked up by the communists. Perhaps the germs got out of control.

Don’t think that these Chinese devils would not do this. They are capable of endless evil. After all, the Chinese government killed 60 million of its own people under the so-called Cultural Revolution.

There could be a positive impact for the US in this crisis. If thousands of companies pack up and depart China out of fear of the virus and future viruses, then many of these companies could decide to move to the US. This would have a very positive effect on the USA.

This coronavirus may well be another manifestation of The Trump Curse. Perhaps the president has cast a spell on evil China by confronting them about their unfair trade practices, their theft of US technology, their manipulation of their currency and other underhanded actions.

This virus could be the beginning of the end for China’s rise to superpower status. Let us hope so.

Biden Makes Crazy Statement about His Age

Granpa Joe Biden just handed the White House to president Trump… again… if Biden is the Democrat nominee. Biden is 77 years old. He said that he needs a strong vice presidential candidate because he is old and may die in office. Amazing. He said:

“Whomever I pick” for VP, must “be capable of being president, because I’m an old guy — no I’m serious!”

Can you believe this? has said many times that this guy is toast, but now he seems to have said something so bizarre that even his most fervent supporters have to be panicking.

Prediction: Biden will not be the Democrat nominee.

Meanwhile Breitbart News reports about the wacko far-left candidate Michael Bloomberg who has spent $400 million of his own money on his campaign so far:

Presidential candidate and billionaire Mike Bloomberg released his “vision” for putting in place “a comprehensive policy to ensure LGBTQ+ equality” on Tuesday.

The vision includes transgenders’ rights to free sex surgery and hormone treatment, rights to shelter based on gender identity, and forcing law enforcement and health care providers to undergo “cultural competency” and “implicit bias” training.

OK, so bye-bye Bloomberg. This is not what most Americans want to hear. They want to hear about the economy, about energy, about controlling the border, about a strong defense and about confronting terrorism, not about taxpayer funds for sex changers.

Update: The Gateway Pundit reported about another wacko, presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who said that she would only have a secretary of education who had been interviewed by a sex-changer child(!!)

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has reiterated during a town hall in Iowa that her Secretary of Education will have to be vetted by a 9-year-old trans child.

The child, born female, identifies as “Jacob” and asked Warren a question about inclusive schools during a CNN forum about gay and transgender issues in October.

Speaking in Cedar Rapids last week, Warren was asked, “how would you make education inclusive for all backgrounds?”

Warren said that:

‘I’m going to have a Secretary of Education that this young trans person interviews on my behalf, and only if this person believes that our Secretary or Secretary of Education nominee is absolutely committed to creating a lcoming environment, a safe environment, and a full educational curriculum for everyone will that person actually be advanced to be Secretary of Education.’”

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