Prediction: Trump Will Win in a Landslide in November has been predicting a Trump re-election for many months, even as far back as 2017. I have studied politics for decades and I know a winner when I see one.

Conservative Republican president Ronald Reagan was first elected in November 1980. He was a commanding, decisive Trump-like figure who was re-elected in a landslide in 1984 based on the strong economy and foreign policy, and on his basic leadership skills. Reagan’s opponent Walter Mondale won one single state in the Electoral College – his home state of Minnesota.

President Trump is the closest thing we have to Ronald Reagan. And while changes in the electorate will not allow Trump to win 49 states, believes he could win 35 states in 2020 after he won 30 states in 2016.

I have said many times that president Trump will be re-elected; re-elected “easily” or “handily”; and even re-elected “possibly in a landslide.”

I would like to qualify that: I predict that president Trump is going to ‘definitely win re-election in a landslide’ next November 3. And if the Democrat nominee is the wacky marxist Bernie Sanders – who is so extreme that he took his 1988 honeymoon in the communist Soviet Union – Trump will win in a double landslide.

First, believes that Trump will retain all of his supporters from 2016. This is his “base” for re-election.

Then look at the Trump rallies. Never in US history have we seen such enthusiasm. Democrats and the Fake News media act like these rallies are irrelevant, that they are just anecdotal evidence of Trump’s popularity, as they said in 2016. But in private Democrats are terrified about the rallies. They know that they are real; 2016 proved it.

At a recent Trump rally in Wisconsin, a crowd survey – which is done at each Trump event – showed that an astounding 58% of attendees were Democrats or Independents(!) This is a big change for Trump over 2016.

Look at the economy. It is doing very well and will continue to do so with Trump policies. That is the most important issue to most Americans. This alone will re-elect the president. We need not say more.

And considering that Trump’s polls are actually rising during impeachment, this is extra troubling to Democrats who are in total disarray. Their extreme efforts to “get Trump” are making them look like fools. Want more? PJ Media reported:

After three years of President Donald Trump, Americans are far more satisfied with the state of the economy, security from terrorism, military strength, and even race relations.

According to a new Gallup poll, Americans’ satisfaction on four key issues has increased by double digits during the first three years of the Trump presidency.

In January 2017, only 46 percent said they were satisfied with the U.S. economy, but this month 68 percent said so, for an increase of 22 points. Three years ago, 50 percent of Americans said they were satisfied with “the nation’s security from terrorism,” while 68 percent said so this month (an 18-point jump). Similarly, satisfaction with “the nation’s military strength and preparedness” jumped 15 points from 66 percent in January 2017 to 81 percent in January 2020.

It is important to remember that this is the same poll done three years later, so it accurately reflects changes in the electorate.

How about a recent Rasmussen Reports survey that showed a whopping 42% of blacks approve of president Trump’s job performance since the improved economy has provided increased opportunity. Rasmussen is considered the most accurate poll of all. Meanwhile the president got only 8% of the black vote in 2016.

To make things even better, one of the black Super Bowl players showed up for an interview in a Trump sweatshirt. And as Kanye West leads blacks in a movement toward conservative Christianity, believes that we will see big increases in black votes for Trump in 2020.

Increased black votes for Trump can easily help to tip states like Virginia and Minnesota to Trump in November. Easily.

Meanwhile, millions of conservatives did not trust Trump and did not vote for Trump in 2016; they either stayed home, voted Libertarian or voted for an allegedly conservative candidate named Evan McMullin who appeared on the ballot in just eleven states. Some even voted for Hillary.

Yet these conservatives are going to turn out in huge numbers for Trump in 2020 as they see the president implementing the most conservative agenda ever.

Pro-life advocates saw the president give a speech at the January 24 March for Life. No president of either party has ever even attended the rally before. This speech is going to turn out the entire pro-life movement for Trump, many of whom did not vote for the president in 2016.

Now the president is taking on illegal immigration. The border wall is going up despite Democrats’ attempt to sabotage it, and Trump’s get-tough policies on illegals themselves and on Mexico are producing great results. Look at this from Breitbart News:

President Donald Trump’s border security policies contributed to a lowering of deaths from opioid overdoses in 2018 relative to 2017, said Dr. Nicole Saphier, author of Make America Healthy Again: How Bad Behavior and Big Government Caused a Trillion-Dollar Crisis, linking the reduction in overdose deaths to a broader increase in life expectancy across the same timeframe. She joined Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss these developments with host Alex Marlow.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest report on life expectancy indicated an increase of 0.1 year between 2017 and 2018.

“Drug deaths dropped almost 5 percent in 2018 after rising for 28 consecutive years in the United States,” noted Marlow.

As all voters including Democrats and Independents look at these accomplishments, believes that they are going to vote for Trump in big numbers in November.

Union members, who traditionally have voted Democrat, are swinging in large numbers to Republicans and to Trump. They are seeing that Democrats sold out their jobs over many decades to places like China and Mexico through lousy trade deals and left-wing economic negligence including industry-killing taxes, regulations and ‘green’ policies.

And if voters are still undecided as they go to vote on election day, believes that they largely will go with the candidate whom they know and who has produced good conditions for the nation, i.e., president Trump. Basic human psychology points to this choice.

Joe Biden is so dizzy that he recently said that he needs to pick a younger and experienced vice president because he, Biden, is “an old guy” who may die in office. This hardly encourages support for Biden. At the same time 77-year old Bernie Sanders had a heart attack last October. This is not reassuring.

The Democrats have been waging a maniacal War on Trump since the day he was elected. sees American voters becoming thoroughly disgusted with the constant harassment of the president from the media, Democrats and left-wing activists. And you can be sure that president Trump is going to focus on this issue for his re-election and will get millions of votes in a “sympathy backlash”.

Now we are seeing the coronavirus in China turning into a serious health concern worldwide; it already is disrupting the global economy and could get much worse.

President Trump will simply say, “I have been warning for decades about moving our jobs to China, and nobody else has done so.” And millions of American voters will say, “Yes, and again, Trump was right all along…”

Meanwhile after killing terror leaders al-Baghdadi and Soleimani, another recent Trump-ordered airstrike “likely” killed the al qaeda leader in Yemen named al-Rimi. Over the past few years Trump-ordered airstrikes wiped out the ISIS terrorists in Syria. It is reported that 30,000(!) terrorists were killed. This all shows a strong and fearless Trump.

At the same time Americans see the Democrats doing absolutely nothing to help the country but only trying to impeach a president who is producing solid results.

After decades in which we were supposed to accept spreading terrorism, economic decline, a weakened military and endless flows of illegal immigrants, Trump is showing a better way that is certain to re-elect him.

Wacky CNN Reporter Asks Disgusting Question

If you want to see how bad CNN has become, a CNN reporter named Brian Karem asked conservative Republican senator Ted Cruz about his 9- and 11-year old daughters by comparing them to Joe Biden’s corrupt, drug-addicted 49-year-old son Hunter. Karem asked:

“So basically what they said is Hunter Biden got a job. His dad was Vice President. If that’s a crime. I mean, shouldn’t half of your children be in prison?”

This, friends, is why CNN’s ratings are in the basement and probably will go down further. CNN is disgusting. Its reporters are insane. Anchor Don Lemon even had to apologize recently for mocking Trump supporters on his show. It never stops. CNN just keeps digging its own grave. Good. It is great to watch them burying themselves.

Sanders Supporter Tried to Breach Mar-a-Lago Security

The woman who tried to breach the security at president Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida is Hannah Roemhild. Her Facebook page shows that she is a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Special agent George Piro of FBI’s Miami office said “It’s very early in the process so we will not be speculating with regard to the suspect’s motive” in seeking to breach security. “Upon completion of our investigation, we will potentially have additional federal charges.”

Uhhh, hey George… let tell you the motive; she did it because she is a Bernie Sanders lunatic who hates president Trump. Period. End of story.

We all remember when another wacko Sanders supporter tried and failed to kill all of the Republican congressmen at the baseball practice game in 2017 in Washington, DC. That crime was never fully investigated. believes that it was a conspiracy. After all, how could a heavily-armed maniac from a town in Illinois know when and where to find these unprotected congressmen if he was not tipped off by someone inside the House of Representatives, who are the only people who would have known about the game, for obvious security reasons.

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