Pray for Rush/ Shut off the NFL/ BBC = CNN

Rush Limbaugh announced at the end of his radio program today that he has advanced lung cancer.

Since is not a doctor, I cannot say anything about his prognosis but only can ask that we all pray for Rush.

Shut off the NFL

After the disgusting Super Bowl halftime show that looked like a strip club and that featured “kids in cages”, it is time for good Americans to shut off the National Football League permanently. Who could forget the halftime show in 2016 that was full of anti-police messages.

From players and coaches refusing to visit the White House, to National Anthem kneelers, to Deflate-gate and other cheating scandals, to criminal behavior and the abysmally low level of intelligence among NFL players, enough is enough. suggests NASCAR racing, which respects our flag and our military, and is not afraid to visit the president in the White House.

By the way, one of the black players for the San Francisco 49ers said that he would not visit the White House if his team won the Super Bowl. But the 49ers lost and the player has been savaged on the internet for his arrogance. The Trump Curse strikes again.


First, congratulations once again to the British people for freeing their nation from the bureaucratic monster of the European Union (EU) in Brexit.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a publicly-funded British and international news source that vehemently opposed Brexit. BBC was a trusted news service for many decades but has gone far to the socialist left.

One of the reasons that many nations are so socialistic is that they have been using the BBC as their international news source for a long, long time.

The recent departure of Britain from the European Union in the Brexit movement brought the BBC to tears. The BBC fought tooth and nail against Brexit, acting as a relentless propaganda machine for the Remainers (people who wanted to remain in the EU). The London-based left-wing snobs in Britain who control the BBC did not want Brexit.

We have seen this before; most of the elite business and academic leaders in New York City in the 18th century were strongly opposed to the American Revolution to free America from Britain.

BBC’s treatment of Brexit was just like CNN and the mainstream media discussing the election of president Trump.

For instance a crowd of 100,000 in London to celebrate Brexit was described by BBC as “a few hundred”. The crowd was described sneeringly as “mostly white” which sounds perfectly normal since Britain has been a totally white nation for most of the last 1,000 years. Yet there are many non-whites in Britain who favored Brexit.

BBC broadcasters had long faces as Brexit was celebrated just as NBCABCCNNCBS had long faces on the night of Trump’s election.

The BBC put out all bad news about Brexit ever since Brexit was passed in 2016, and even before then. heard a friend say that she had heard that flowers were going to cost ten times as much under Brexit, which was false information that was disseminated by the BBC and others as part of Operation Fear, to scare Britons about the ramifications of Brexit.

On the other hand the British economy has been doing much better than the rest of Europe since the 2016 Brexit vote.

This is like the New York Times columnist Paul Krugman predicting that the election of Trump would lead to a stock market collapse and an economic implosion for America, while the opposite has happened.

Conservative activists in newly-free Britain already are suggesting that the BBC be cut off from its government subsidies and become a subscription service. This is one reason that the BBC was so bereft about Brexit.

And when the economy thrives in a newly-liberated Britain, other European nations will see Britain thriving instead of collapsing like the BBC predicted it would. Then we will start seeing Brexit Fever in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and all the rest. predicts that the French conservative leader Marine Le Pen, who was defeated for president in May 2017, will run on a Frexit platform in 2023, and will win.

Nigel Farage is the man behind Brexit. He is the Donald Trump of Britain. He deserves all the credit for Brexit along with prime minister Boris Johnson who got the deal finalized in the last few months.

Brexit was first passed in June 2016. Naturally the media/intellectual elites who opposed Brexit did everything in their power to delay the official exit, which was supposed to happen in Spring 2019. They even suggested holding a new referendum to reverse Brexit, just as the Americans who hate Trump have sought to undo his election rather than heed the will of the people.

Venezuela Oil $$$ Disappearing

Venezuela has the world’s largest known oil reserves, even more than Saudi Arabia or the US. Yet the communists who took over Venezuela in 1998 have destroyed the whole nation and its thriving oil industry. The Gateway Pundit reported:

PDVSA, the Venezuelan state-owned oil and natural gas company, shut down its last two operating refineries in Venezuela. The Amuay and the Cardon facilities at the Paraguana Refining Center the largest refining complex in Venezuela, were shut down earlier this week.

The news was first reported in a technical report by S&P Global Platts.

Due to multiple failures and a lack of crude oil to process, the 645,000 barrel per day Amuay refinery was completely shut down Monday, with its five distillers out of service.

The 310,000 barrel per day Cardon refinery was shut down last Saturday for maintenance work on the Number 1 distiller, which had been operating at 50,000 barrels per day.

Venezuelan oil company officials have not wanted to offer statements to clarify the reasons for the stoppage of operation

A refinery operator at Amuay, who spoke to Platts on condition of anonymity, said it will take “maybe two or three more days” to restart Amuay and “a few weeks” for Cardon to be up and running because of the distiller repairs.

The deterioration of the refinery units, lack of light crude oil to process and the failures in the supply of electricity has caused the closure of other plants in the country. Fuel supply is a problem in some areas of the country despite the vast deposits of crude oil.

This is exactly what the socialists always do and what they want to bring to America. Venezuela was the wealthiest nation in South America for many decades. It was a prosperous land that attracted people from all over the world for its economic opportunity. But the communists have totally destroyed it. As usual.

Bomb Material Found in… Swedish Children’s Sandbox

The civilized world has watched in horror as hordes of muslim immigrant have invaded Sweden. There are now reported to be 800,000 muslims in Sweden out of a population of only 10 million.

Sweden has seen hundreds of terror bombings that the Swedish and international media are covering up. It gets worse. It was reported recently that in the heavily-muslim city of Malmo that children discovered explosive material in a sandbox — the latest discovery of explosives in the city in recent years.

Friends, this is no coincidence. The muslims in Europe are intentionally and brazenly causing as much disruption and violence as they can. They do this to show their power over Europe.

They then act like victims to avoid being criticized; they are helped all along by the left-wingers in Sweden. This is all a plot by the muslim barbarians to take over Europe without firing a shot.

Here is a typical muslim in London. After stabbing three people the authorities found that he had once posted internet messages in support of ISIS, justified the rape of Christian women and encouraged his girlfriend to behead her parents.

Nice guy, right? Yes, just another normal muslim, according to the communists and islamists in Europe.

Meanwhile it was reported that this islamist had been convicted of terrorism but was freed from prison early after serving only half of his three-year sentence.

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