7-Time Loser Mitt Romney Exposed in Impeachment Vote

President Trump was acquitted in the sham impeachment trial in the US Senate. The vote was 48 to convict and 52 to acquit on abuse of power and 47 to 53 on obstruction of Congress, while 67 votes were needed to convict.

This puts an end to this shameful episode in American history. And best of all, this whole impeachment deal has actually strengthened president Trump politically; even CNN admitted this. His polls are at the highest point that they ever have been during his presidency. This comes from a “sympathy backlash” for the president.

This acquittal comes two days after the disastrous Iowa caucuses that dealt a huge blow to top Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden, who came in fourth, when he was expected to possibly win. This outcome is a body blow to the Democrat party’s hope to win the White House in November.

The caucus failure and the impeachment acquittal coincide with a massively successful Trump State of the Union speech which was received positively by a whopping 82% of Independent voters in a CBS/YouGov poll.

Wow. This is a triple whammy against the Democrats. Trump is on his way to a landslide re-election, predicts Nikitas3.com

You would have thought that the Democrats would have gotten the message to change their Hate Trump tactics after the failure of the Mueller investigation. But they cannot do so. They are so thoroughly immersed in Trump rage that they cannot change. They are psychologically incapable of reforming themselves. They are addicted to anger and hatred.

Democrats think that if they just hate president Trump enough that they can bring him down. But the opposite has happened. What did not kill Trump has strengthened him. This is the Democrats’ worst nightmare.

But, alas, they have no alternative to Trump, who is perhaps the most successful president in US history in getting things done. Meanwhile the Democrats do nothing except hate, hate, hate.

And whaddya know, there was one single Republican US senator who voted to convict president Trump on abuse of power. That senator was Mitt Romney of Utah.

Romney is caught in a psychological complex of self-hatred, anger and doubt. But that is no surprise since Romney is a seven-time loser. Here are the ways in which this is true:

*Romney’s father George Romney was president of American Motors in the 1960s. American was the smallest and least successful car company. Many considered it to be a joke.

*George Romney ran for president in 1968 and was run out of the campaign after claiming that the US military had given him a “brainwashing” over Vietnam.

*In 1994 Mitt Romney ran for US Senate in Massachusetts and lost.

*To seek to vindicate his father, Mitt Romney ran for president in 2008 but lost in the primaries to John McCain, who then went on to lose the general election to Obama.

*Mitt Romney finally won the nomination in 2012 and lost in the general election to Obama, even though the momentum in the last few weeks of the election had shifted in Romney’s favor. But Romney was a spineless candidate who did not seize the day, and he lost.

Now Mitt Romney is a six-time loser with his vote to convict Trump. He will be subject to endless ridicule and disdain by conservatives for the rest of his political life.

Update: Republican party leaders and congressmen and former White House officials called for the Republican party to expel Romney. Nikitas3.com believes that Romney may eventually resign from the Senate to escape the condemnation.

Romney has no idea how bad it is going to get. He is going to be tailed and heckled at every political event that he attends in Utah, i.e., he will be a 7-time loser.

Romney is trying to be the new John McCain, i.e., the media’s favorite Republican. But some Republicans actually liked McCain but none like Romney. He has screwed himself.

Here’s more bad news about Romney from Breitbart:

In 1992, Romney’s Bain Capital invested $5 million in American Pad & Paper and walked away with $100 million in dividends. Nearly 400 American workers in Marion, Indiana, were laid off in the process, and in 2000, the small company filed for bankruptcy.

“I really feel he didn’t care about the workers. It was all about profit before people,” a former worker at the plant, Randy Johnson, told People’s World in 2012.

Johnson said of the layoffs which began in the mid-1990s after AMPAD, acquired by Romney’s Bain Capital, bought the paper company:

They quickly fired every single employee. They walked the fired workers out of the building. Handing them applications as they left, telling the workers if they wanted to work for the new company, they were welcome to apply.

Similarly, Romney’s Bain Capital made an investment in Dade Behring, a manufacturing company that provided supplies for the medical diagnostics industry, of about $415 million in 1994. Romney secured $1.78 billion in dividends for investors while the company filed for bankruptcy and laid off 2,000 American workers in Deerfield, Illinois; Glasgow, Delaware; Westwood, Massachusetts; Miami, Florida; and Puerto Rico.

A number of former Dade Behring employees recalled to the New York Times how their lives were upended when their employers were acquired by Dade at the behest of Romney’s Bain Capital:

Cost-cutting became a mantra inside the company. After his employer, DuPont, was bought by Dade, William T. Mowrey, a field engineer, said his generous pension plan was replaced by a 401(k); his salary was cut by $1 an hour, costing him $2,000 a year in income. When he filed for overtime, he said, his new bosses refused to pay it. “They were just trying to milk as much out of us as they could,” he said.

… Romney’s Bain Capital also invested $47 million in the DDI Corporation in 1997 and profited nearly $90 million before the company filed for bankruptcy and laid off 2,100 American workers. In another case, Romney’s Bain Capital invested $60 million in GS International in 1993, securing $65 million in profits before the company went bankrupt in 2002 and laid off 750 American workers.

One of Romney’s most destructive investments for American workers came when Bain Capital purchased Stage Stores in the late 1980s with a $5 million investment before taking the company public in 1996.

In 2000, after Romney’s Bain Capital profited at least $184 million, Stage Stores went bankrupt and close to 6,000 American workers were laid off with more than 300 store locations closing. Almost all of Stage Stores closed in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and some 50 stores closed across Texas.

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