Trump Wins Over and Over as Democrats Self-Destruct

Last week president Trump had the best week ever for an American leader. On Monday February 3, the Democrats screwed up the Iowa caucus vote count so badly that they shot themselves in the foot, making Trump and the Republicans look bright, organized and disciplined in contrast.

On Tuesday, the president gave the best State of the Union speech ever. A whopping 82% of Independent viewers liked the speech, while Nancy Pelosi massively embarrassed herself by tearing up her copy of the speech.

On Wednesday the president was acquitted in the phony impeachment trial. And on Friday, after it was announced that the economy had produced a whopping 225,000 jobs in January, a federal appeals court unanimously ruled that more than 200 Democratic congressional lawmakers do not have standing to sue the president over allegations that he violated the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.

Wow. What an awesome week. But of course it started out with the somber news that Rush Limbaugh is suffering from advanced cancer. So we all should pray for Rush. believes that he will live many years more. After all, when he went deaf in 2003 we all thought it was over then too. God bless Rush…

We all remember when president Trump said during the 2016 campaign that he was going to win so many victories that we would get tired of winning. Well, we are not tired of winning. Bring it on! The look of distress on the face of CNN anchor Jake Tapper when the impeachment acquittal was announced was utterly priceless.

By Friday, February 7 the president’s polls had reached their highest level since he took office. And this comes after almost five years of relentless attacks on his character. What other leader could survive such a withering assault?

None. Nowhere. Never. This president is Superman. Times ten. Bullets bounce off his chest.

Indeed it was supposed to be president Trump who was taken down by years of media and legal assaults, but it is the Democrats themselves who are self-destructing. And it is a treat to watch them go down. Who would have predicted four years ago that CNN’s ratings would have tumbled into the basement and that its anchors would be seen as jokes.

When Nancy Pelosi ripped up her copy of the president’s State of the Union speech it was a sure sign that Pelosi had been driven mad. The Trump Curse had gotten hold of her after Pelosi’s elaborate impeachment gambit failed. Trump has even driven one of his most savage media critics crazy. Joy Behar of The View TV show said of Trump, “I’m crazy today, he’s made me crazy this week. He’s winning because I’m getting nuttier and nuttier.”

Indeed. Friends, we are seeing the collapse of the left in its square-off with a strong and principled president. They were so accustomed to getting their way that they just cannot tolerate the president getting his. And as the Fake News media crumble, the pro-Trump media like are thriving.

Just imagine the mass frustration of the Democrats. They considered themselves to have total power over America through the media. They considered Trump to be a joke who could never even win the Republican nomination. Then they said he could never be elected. Then they expected to run him out of office within six months. Yet here he is with sky-high approval numbers, unscathed and ready to roll after more than three years in office.

They were catatonic when the Russia hoax collapsed. And when president Trump held high the Washington Post headline saying ‘Trump Acquitted’ in the impeachment fraud, they spiraled down into pure insanity.

Meanwhile the Democrat presidential field for 2020 looks totally weak. Their “favorite son” Joe Biden is a corrupt, doddering old man who came in an abysmal fourth in the Iowa caucuses. Despite his 47 years in Washington, Biden was beaten by a ragged old shouting marxist, a pipsqueak homosexual mayor of a failed Indiana city, and a white woman who claimed for decades that she was a native American. Ouch!

As Biden sinks he even has hired as a top campaign adviser a former Obama administration official who cited mass-genocide Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung as one of her favorite philosophers…

At the same time president Trump has a thriving economy, a masterful foreign policy that destroyed the ISIS caliphate, trade deals that put America First, a Mexican border that finally is coming under control and 191 federal judges approved, including two Supreme Court justices.

And when he is re-elected in November, as is predicting, he will get another 150 or more judges confirmed by 2025, including possibly two more Supreme Court justices. Imagine a 7-2 conservative Supreme Court. It could happen.

Wow. And wow again. And where is Obama in all of this? Shouldn’t he be leading his party against Trump?

Well, he should but he isn’t. Obama is hiding. He simply cannot attach himself to the train wreck in which Democrats appear to be headed into an electoral apocalypse with Bernie Sanders as their nominee and Trump standing taller than ever.

This lunatic Sanders is a communist pure and simple. He spent his 1988 honeymoon in the communist Soviet Union. He wants to nationalize the entire energy industry. He wants free college, free health care, free this, free that. He will lose to Trump in a landslide. A clear majority of Americans don’t believe this stuff.

Indeed Sanders is energizing people on the far-left, and he is being compared to president Trump energizing his own supporters. The difference is that Trump’s supporters want a sustainable path going forward in governing; Sanders’ supporters want an unsustainable and radical path that will collapse our economy.

All in all it looks like president Trump is headed for re-election and four more years of Democrat insanity. Even liberal commentators like James Carville and Chris Matthews are saying that Democrats are losing their minds and cannot win. This is great news for president Trump and for our conservative agenda.

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