Big Ecology is Most Powerful US Group

What is the most powerful special-interest group in America? Big Oil? Big Insurance? Big Tobacco? Big Pharmaceutical? The gun lobby?

It certainly must be one of them!

None of the above, actually. The group that easily has the most influence is Big Ecology. And it is made up of these elements:

*A small cadre of very wealthy national organizations like the Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council etc.

*Thousands of Democrat multi-billionaire and multi-millionaire donors, along with millions of smaller donors, many from the upper-middle class (professionals, businesspeople, doctors etc.) who contribute vast sums of cash.

*Thousands of local enviro groups, politicians and activists funded by wealthy individuals and universities, and also operating as dogged unpaid activists to implement a ‘green’ agenda.

*A virtual army of left-leaning law firms and lawyers, many working pro bono for enviro causes.

*A compliant media that endlessly promotes the enviro agenda and echoes positively every statement that the enviro movement utters.

*A compliant university culture and educational system that promotes the enviro agenda from kindergarten through graduate school.

*A legislative army of hundreds of thousands of Democrats working within and around local and state governments and in and around the federal government to get a radical enviro agenda passed into law.

With all these forces combined, this is easily the most powerful group in America today. And as it hides behind its happy ‘green’ face, it really is advocating an extremist form of socialism where the government makes all economic decisions after consulting with ‘green’ leaders (Robert F. Kennedy Jr. etc.)

And rest assured that for many ‘greens’ their concern is not about “the environment” at all. It is just the easiest way for the liberal Democrats to take control of the economy under the guise of saving the earth. Much easier than campaigning for higher taxes or more regulation which has to go through legislative processes. Because higher taxes and more regulation are automatically built into all enviro legislation.

And thousands of enviro bills are passed all over the nation every year with hardly anyone noticing because they are portrayed as “good” legislation to “help the environment”.

Baloney. Most of these bills actually harm both the natural and the economic environment (like windmills do). But all these bills have one common goal and outcome – to empower the government.

This eco-lobby has an easy job in thousands of cases every year: Stopping things from happening (oil drilling, timber harvesting etc.) through legal actions rather than helping things to happen (oil drilling, timber harvesting etc.) and contributing to the economy. Just the legal bills alone for private industry to fight the eco-lobby are hobbling economic development all over the country, contributing mightily to our current recession.

Here is a recent example: Shell Oil had to cancel its drilling program that was planned to start in Summer 2011 for a major discovery of up to 30 billion barrels under the Beaufort Sea off northern Alaska because enviro groups had nitpicked its data about the emissions from ice-breaking ships.

Imagine that. The mini-miniscule amount of emissions from a few ice-breaking ships are going to delay us from retrieving up to $3 trillion worth of oil. And don’t think that these enviro groups are going to let up easily. They will do anything they can to finally stop this drilling through endless obstruction and micro-managing. Shell already has spent $4 billon on the project. Enviros would love to see that money go down the drain to further de-fund the oil industry.

Shell, of course, is supposed to be part of the ultra-powerful worldwide Big Oil conspiracy that is seeking to control the petroleum supply, fix prices, run the world economy and cover the planet in black goo.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Shell is a private-sector oil company that efficiently produces energy using advanced technology developed by the industry itself. But Shell has virtually no power to set petroleum prices (which is done artificially by OPEC) or to explore for oil or drill for oil in the United States or in many other places without the blessings of the government, the Sierra Club and other extremist, anti-oil groups around the globe.

In fact, it is the US government, allied with these ultra-powerful enviro groups, that is driving up gasoline and heating oil prices by restricting the world petroleum supply. And in many places like Europe, governments then tax gasoline heavily pushing it up to $7 or $9 a gallon instead of $4 or $5 like here in the US (it was $2 when Obama was inaugurated).

These governments are working at the behest of environmentalists and other leftists, drawing tens of billions of dollars out of the pockets of European drivers and diverting that money to government, labor unions and, directly and indirectly, to enviro groups.

And while these taxes are purported to be about “saving the environment” by making gasoline expensive and forcing Europeans to use their passenger trains, they really represent nothing less than the transfer of wealth from the taxpayer to the government under the false guise of preserving nature.

Then much of that tax money goes to fund these very expensive European passenger trains which, it just so happens, are built, manned, maintained and managed by… guess who… left-wing government unions which get exorbitant salaries, benefits and pensions, all paid for by Euro motorists in the form of high gasoline taxes, along with taxes on everything else in sight.

Meanwhile you have never seen European enviro groups demanding that Europe build new freight railroads to solve that continent’s huge truck congestion problem on Euro highways while the same people want America to build new high-speed passenger railroads to solve much less severe highway crowding in the US.

The United States actually has a much more efficient three-part mass-transit system than Europe. It is called “the airlines” and “automobiles” and “intercity buses like Greyhound”, all of which transport Americans without government subsidies, inefficiencies and waste. Greyhound alone carries about 80% as many passengers annually as Amtrak (about 20 million) at much lower cost with zero government subsidy. Yet you never even hear about Greyhound while Amtrak is constantly in the news.

Indeed our planes, buses and cars are much better systems than Amtrak which squanders huge sums of taxpayer money and energy, particularly operating long cross-country routes that serve few people but consume large amounts of fuel and cash.

And who operates, maintains and manages Amtrak?

Answer: Left-wing government unions who all promote the Big Ecology agenda of the Democrat party.

Meanwhile America’s freight railroads, deregulated in 1980 under the Staggers Act, make up the best and most efficient rail system in the world (140,000 miles of track, 22,000 locomotives, 1.5 million freight cars) carrying 1.9 TRILLION ton-miles of cargo per year with zero government subsidy and making a good profit in a $40 billion-a-year industry that actually pays taxes to the government.

Now here is an excerpt from CNN about Big Ecology and one of its multi-billionaire backers, mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City.

‘Editor's note: Michael Brune is executive director of the Sierra Club. Michael R. Bloomberg is mayor of New York City. Bloomberg Philanthropies recently donated $50 million to the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign.

'Coal is also not the bargain for jobs that it's made out to be. The wind industry alone already provides more jobs than the coal mining industry does for miners. America's 2.7 million workers in the clean-tech sector earn 13% more than the median U.S. wage..' (said Brune)

What this excerpt shows is that yet another billionaire (Bloomberg’s estimated net worth is $10 billion+) is funding more enviro extremism.

Has Bloomberg ever given $50 million to the Tea Parties to help middle-class people survive? No.

It also fails to mention the tiny amount of actual energy that is produced by ‘green’ energy per dollar invested compared to coal.

Meanwhile environmentalists say the oil industry is so rich and powerful that all the little ‘greens’ cannot possibly compete.

No, friends, quite the opposite – every word uttered by the oil industry is maligned in the world media, while Big Ecology gets praise for its every thought. And that praise is utterly priceless in public relations terms.

And this nonsense about the high wages for 'clean energy' jobs casually ignores the fact that those high wages are paid directly by the taxpayers of America because inefficient ‘green energy’ exists only because the government subsidizes it. They are government jobs. Period.

And just in case you didn’t notice, our federal government is broke. But this does not stop Big Ecology from pushing its debt-based agenda.

Spain invested in ‘green energy’ more than any other nation and its ‘green bubble’ burst and the Spanish economy has collapsed and fallen into massive unemployment as a result, worse than any other advanced nation.

Ours will do the same unless we stop funding all this eco-nonsense right now and recognize that the most powerful people in America are leading us astray.

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