Biden Sinks into Madness/ Hollywood goes Full Communist

In a recent exchange with a female student in New Hampshire, Joe Biden caller her “a lying dog-faced pony soldier”. This is apparently a famous line from a movie.

Imagine that… calling a woman “dog-faced”. How insulting. Naturally the Fake News media are acting like Biden is just being Biden and we should not pay any attention to what he says, that he would somehow make a wonderful president. But if president Trump said such a thing we would never hear the end of it. has said for months that Biden is a weak candidate who will not be the Democrat nominee, and this appears to be coming true. Biden is fading fast. As a sign of Biden’s falling fortunes, his campaign bus stalled out on a highway in New Hampshire and the staff had to be moved in vans.

Meanwhile an ABC News correspondent named Jon Karl was worried that a Democrat fundraiser in New Hampshire was not well attended. He said, “There were empty seats there… this does not look like an energized party.

This is typical, that a liberal media hack like Karl would be worrying about the Democrat turnout. And yes, indeed, Democrats are not energized. After the relentless War on Trump, you would think that they would be out in droves, but the Democrat turnout for the Iowa caucuses was way down from 2008 when Obama was first running.

And Republican turnout in 2020 was way up in Iowa. Good. Trump is headed for re-election.

Hollywood Goes Full Communist does not watch Hollywood movies, hardly knows the names of the big stars and does not watch the Oscars. But from what I heard, the Academy Awards show went hard to the political left, as expected.

Actor Brad Pitt made a reference to the failed impeachment trial of president Trump and actor Joaquin Phoenix talked about the horror of drinking milk in a weird animal-rights rant.

But the big story of the night was the Best Picture award that went to a South Korean film called Parasite. The term “parasite” is a communist term used to describe anyone who is not a communist, i.e., someone who is feeding off the system. Rich people are often called ‘parasites’ by communists.

From what has seen about this movie online, it is a didactic, formulaic screenplay about class warfare. The hard-working “poor people” apparently have taken jobs in the home of a wealthy family and all of the caricatures come into play (hard-working people are humble and oppressed, rich people are lazy, arrogant snobs, etc.)

And yes many rich people are arrogant snobs like the rich people in America in New York and Hollywood and Silicon Valley and San Francisco. They are overwhelmingly far-left liberals like Jeff Bezos whose Amazon shipping centers are dangerous and brutal places to work. But you will never see this discussed in the media or in any films about class warfare.

The film Parasite is just another shallow product that sounds like it was written in a graduate-school screenwriting course with all the usual bromides. This is perfect fodder for an Oscar. Meanwhile Breitbart News reported about a documentary film that won an Oscar:

The filmmaker for a President Barack Obama-produced documentary quoted the famous rallying cries of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and the Soviet Union during her acceptance speech.

During her acceptance speech for winning Best Documentary, Julia Reichert quoted Marx’s famous “Workers of the world unite” chant.

“Working people have it harder and harder these days—and we believe that things will get better when workers of the world unite,” Reichert said.

The quote was also famously one of the official mottos of the Soviet Union before its fall. Communist regimes in the last century were responsible for the murder of more than 100 million people — including tens of millions murdered by the Soviet Union.

This is scary stuff. These people are dangerous and becoming more brazen and dangerous every day. Meanwhile the documentary film, called American Factory, tells the story about a Chinese company’s purchase of a factory in Ohio.

And despite Obama’s fingerprints all over this movie, American workers suffer most in the terrible Obama economy. They are doing much better under president Trump.

The factory in question was a General Motors plant and one of the reasons that the plant closed was that GM wasted billions on the failed Volt electric car that was made at the demand of the ‘greenies’ and the Obama administration.

At the same time actor Joaquin Phoenix won the Oscar for Best Actor in the film Joker. And from what has read, Joker is a hyper-violent film while Hollywood screams for gun control and calls itself pacifist. But one reviewer for Time magazine slipped this little gem into the very first paragraph of his review of Joker:

But art, of any sort, can’t and doesn’t cause violence.

This is a brazen lie. The Columbine High School killers were acting out a film called Natural Born Killers. The Virginia Tech mass murderer was obsessed with a violent Korean film called OldBoy. The famous North Hollywood shootout of 1997, the most violent non-military confrontation in US history, was directly inspired by the film Heat (starring Robert De Niro). The film allegedly was found in the video player of the perps when their apartment was searched after the shootout.

The fact is that Hollywood is one of the most toxic and dangerous places in America whose endless obsession with guns and violence leads to real-world violence every day.

Joaquin Phoenix said in accepting his Oscar:

“When we use love and compassion as our guiding principals, we can create systems of change. Not when we cancel each other out for past mistakes, but when we guide each other to grow, for redemption, that is the best of humanity.”

Ahhh, yes, humanity and compassion. But then look at the relentless attacks on president Trump and his supporters coming out of Hollywood and you see the vile truth. Hollywood is the most hypocritical place in America. Breitbart News reported about the Oscars ceremony:

Former President Barack Obama played a direct role in the hardships of the workers featured in American Factory, the Oscar-winning documentary his new production company produced.

… The film follows the travails of a shuttered General Motors factory in Ohio that is re-opened by Chinese investors, who save American jobs but encounter cultural and economic clashes with American workers.

But as Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH), the former mayor of nearby Dayton, Ohio, wrote last year, the movie leaves out President Obama’s own role in making life worse for the GM workers who lost their jobs.

Obama’s auto bailout, he recalled, helped force the plant’s closure and made it harder for the workers to find new jobs because his administration was dealing political favors to its favored union allies — and they were in the “wrong” union.

Turner wrote in the Wall Street Journal last September, after the film’s release:

It’s a fascinating and at times moving film. What’s interesting about it, though, is that it never once alludes to the part Mr. Obama played in diminishing the ability of Moraine’s laid off workers to transfer to other GM plants. The president’s role wasn’t indirect and isn’t a matter of dispute: His administration’s bailout deal for GM included a backroom exclusive agreement with the United Auto Workers.

… A quick refresher. The Obama administration’s auto bailout highly favored the UAW and its members. The GM plant in Moraine was unionized by the IUE-CWA. So—despite being one of the top GM facilities for quality, efficiency and production in the country—it was shuttered, and its employees were put at the back of the line when requesting transfers to other GM plants. Any non-UAW employees looking to transfer were forced to start as new hires, wiping clean any wages, tenure, and benefits built up during careers at other GM plants.

“American Factory” documents the UAW’s efforts to unionize the reopened auto glass factory without any mention of the same union’s direct role in the GM plant’s closure. The Dayton community was left out in the cold—thousands of jobs lost, families devastated, longtime GM workers out on the street looking for work.

Update: The Academy Awards show drew 23.6 million viewers. That is about 7% of the American population for one of the most hyped shows of the year. That is a pretty poor showing considering how important Hollywood thinks it is. In comparison the show got 43.7 million viewers in 2014. So 2020 got about HALF of that. This shows that the increasing politicization of the Oscars is taking a huge toll, particularly in the Age of Trump.

NY City Spiraling Down into Chaos

The Washington Examiner reported:

An armed man walked into a New York Police Department precinct and shot an officer, just hours after two other officers from the same precinct were attacked.

A suspect was detained near NYPD’s 41st precinct building on Sunday morning after he opened fire, shooting a lieutenant officer in the arm. Authorities believe the suspect might have been responsible for or connected to another attack that occurred on Saturday night, in which two officers were ambushed in their patrol van.

Friends, this is what is happening all over America as Democrats move farther and farther to the left. Remember when FIVE Dallas police officers were murdered in 2016 during an anti-cop rally?

Probably not. The media have buried that story. After all, the killer was black.

The New York cop-shooting story came shortly after an illegal immigrant murdered a 92-year old woman. No wonder people are fleeing New York.

Trump Curse Strikes Again

Police arrested 27-year-old Gregory Timm for driving through the tent of GOP volunteers registering voters. Timm then stopped his van and gave the finger to the Trump supporters before driving off.

This is another crazed anti-Trump wacko who thinks that it is his duty to harm Trump supporters and Republicans.

Meanwhile in Florida a pro-Trump construction boss was murdered recently by one of his employees. Yet it is Trump supporters who are called violent, racist and every other name in the book.

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