Communist China is a Dirty, Thieving Nation

For thousands of years we in the European/American West have had a very low opinion of Chinese people. Chinese have been seen as outsiders, foreigners, “devils”, liars and thieves. Even the bubonic plague came from China, and now we have coronavirus.

Today we are facing a double-whammy – the devious Chinese character is being manipulated against the West by China’s communist leaders.

By exploiting the capitalist system, the communist Chinese are seeking to dominate the world economically. Yet their economy is based 100% on American technology. Not one single technology that powers the modern world was invented in China. Zero. Nothing. The Chinese have nowhere near the innate intelligence to create these technologies; they steal them from the US whenever they can.

Today China has the world’s second-largest economy. The US is $22 trillion annually, and China is reported to be $12 trillion. All of Europe combined is $18 trillion.

And every penny of China’s economy is based on Western technology that they have either taken for free like electricity, automobiles and computers – as the whole world has done – or actively stolen, like high-tech secrets.

For decades Chinese agents have been infiltrating our nation to steal as much technology as possible. These agents are being arrested all over America by the hundreds. And theft is simply part of their Chinese character. One tech industry worker said:

I’ve worked with Chinese (and Taiwanese) nationals in the semiconductor industry. They’ll steal anything that isn’t nailed down. Several times I caught them in my office loading boxes of my manuals and tools to ship back home. After being busted, they just laugh, unpack the box, try again tomorrow. Stealing is a cultural norm and totally expected.

The Campus Reform website recently posted an article about Chinese accomplices in American universities. Kyle Hooten at CR reported:

More and more professors and university faculty are being revealed to be linked to Chinese government information efforts.

American researchers from schools like Harvard and Boston University have been charged with lying about their ties to Chinese information efforts.

In recent months, U.S. authorities have discovered Chinese operatives scheming to compromise American interests through the university system, including plots to steal missile technology and cancer research.

Ye Yanqing used to be a student at Boston University until she chose to flee the country last month. The reason for her departure: an FBI investigation regarding her position as a Lieutenant in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), according to the Washington Times.

According to investigators, Ye was taking orders to gather intelligence from “senior leaders of the PLA while conducting research at Boston University,” according to the Washington Times. In addition to committing espionage, she also failed to disclose her position as an active-duty PLA officer, earning her charges of visa fraud in addition to charges of acting as a foreign government agent, making false statements to investigators, and conspiracy.

This sort of collusion isn’t limited to Chinese-born student-spies. Charles Lieber, the chair of Harvard’s chemistry department was taken into custody and charged Jan. 28 for making false statements to investigators about his financial ties to China.

Lieber, who has been described as “one of the most distinguished scientists of our time,” received undisclosed 7-digits payments after he agreed to work as a “Strategic Scientist” at the Wuhan Institute of Technology between 2012 and 2017, according to his federal indictment.

OK, we could go on and on. We know this deal well; stories like this are all over the internet. China is out to steal everything that they can steal.

Meanwhile we don’t even really know what this coronavirus is. Could it be some type of germ warfare or bio-warfare concocted by the Chinese government? That got out of hand? Or is it just a result of a dirty nation that is far below the standards of our Western civilization? Where people eat cooked bats?

We will never know. But president Trump is the first American leader to actively warn us about China. God bless the president. recently heard about an interview done on National Public Radio with a top PR spokesman for Huawei, the Chinese tel-com firm that is seeking to provide 5G systems to the world (with technology stolen from the US, that is). The interviewee was an American speaking perfect English who was giving 100% pro-China propaganda through a friendly US outlet (NPR).

Friends, we must stop China from stealing our technology and continuing to pollute the world with its Chinese and communist ideology. Naturally the entire Democrat party is colluding with China in every way. It has been reported that Joe Biden’s son got $1.5 billion in Chinese investment in his financial firm in order to buy favor with a potential future president.

Since China has an economy half the size of America’s it has boatloads of cash to pay off people like Hunter Biden, American college professors and other leftists in America to take their side, including Fake News media people, possibly including NPR. Here is just one more story from Campus Reform:

The Department of Justice also uncovered a similar plot in July, when it was revealed that UCLA professor Yi-Chi was involved in a scheme to illegally send American semiconductor computer chips to China. The chips Yi-Chi sought to export are most commonly used in missile and fighter jet design. He is now facing more than 200 years in prison.

Prosecutors say the University of Texas professor Bo Mao also attempted to steal U.S. technology, using his position as a professor to obtain access to protected circuitry then handing it over to the Chinese telecommunications giant, Huawei, reported NBC.

A researcher at the University of Kansas, a student at the Illinois Institute of Technology and a young prodigy working directly under the acclaimed scientist Dr. David Smith of Duke University have also all been at the center of investigations into Chinese academic espionage in recent months.

We know this story all too well. Meanwhile here is more about what appears to be another attempt to import something into the US which could potentially spread a biological hazard from China. Breitbart News reported:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seized a package of dead birds from a passenger arriving from China at Dulles International Airport in Virginia, preventing what could have led to the spread of disease in people and domestic livestock.

“These dead birds are prohibited from importation to the United States as unprocessed birds pose a potentially significant disease threat to our nation’s poultry industries and more alarmingly to our citizens as potential vectors of avian influenza,” Casey Durst, director of field operations for CBP’s Baltimore Field Office, said in a press release.

“Customs and Border Protection agriculture specialists continue to exercise extraordinary vigilance every day in their fight to protect our nation’s agricultural and economic prosperity from invasive pests and animal diseases,” Durst said.

According to the press release:

The traveler arrived on a flight from Beijing, China January 27 and was destined to an address in Prince George’s County, Maryland. During a baggage examination, CBP agriculture specialists discovered a package with pictures of a cat and dog that the passenger said was cat food. The package contained a bunch of unknown small birds, about 2.5 to 3.5 inches in length.

The birds from China are prohibited for import due to the potential threat of highly pathogenic avian influenza.

This looks like yet another attempt to undermine our stable Western civilization with a hazard from China. recommends that we immediately expel all Chinese nationals from the US. Every one of them.

Anti-Trump Movie to be Released Anew

Of course, who needs China when we have Hollywood. Fox News reported:

Universal Pictures has decided to move forward with the release of their controversial film “The Hunt,” after it was pulled from theaters last year following the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

A studio source confirmed the project’s revival to Fox News and granted access to a private screening to prep audiences for what’s to come when it’s released on March 13.

The movie drew criticism in part because of its level of violence and its politically charged theme. The dark comedy revolves around average Americans who are kidnapped from conservative America, and hunted for sport by pompous, politically correct elitists — often while being called “deplorables.”

The film’s co-writer and producer, Damon Lindelof (“Lost,” “The Leftovers”), spoke with Fox News about the film and said it was never their intention to create division but to poke fun at both sides of the aisle.

This is more lies out of Hollywood. This is obviously a depiction of leftist elites hunting Trump supporters. Yet we would never, ever see a film “poking fun” in which gays were being hunted. Or blacks. Or Jews.

This is another blatant anti-Trump product. And predicts that it will fail at the box office, with a hefty Trump Curse put on it.

Woman Sexually Assaulted at Airport Screening

Who needs outsiders assaulting our culture when the Transportation Security Administration employees at our airports are doing the same thing right at home.

We have seen many videos of TSA agents intentionally groping and sexually assaulting decent people at airport screenings. CNN reported:

A woman is suing the federal government, saying she was sexually assaulted when a security screening at a North Carolina airport led to a groin search under her clothing.

The lawsuit was filed last week in US District Court for the Western District of North Carolina alleging civil battery by the United States and unreasonable search by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer. The suit seeks “actual damages for battery, loss of liberty, unconstitutional search and any emotional damages” stemming from claims that the female officer groped the woman’s vulva for self-gratification as well as to “humiliate, dominate, and control” her.

The woman arrived at the Asheville Regional Airport on the afternoon of June 27, traveling to Los Angeles. She went through security and the body scanner, which the TSA officer said alerted that she would have to undergo a groin search, the lawsuit said.

When she asked the officer if the search would involve touching her genitals, the officer said it would not, according to the lawsuit.

The passenger “clearly and unambiguously advised (the officer) that she would not consent to the touching of her genitals,” the lawsuit said.

But the search deviated from normal search protocol in several ways, according to the lawsuit.

First, the officer “insisted” the woman spread her legs wider than the footprints on the mat below her indicated, the lawsuit said, providing surveillance images showing the traveler’s feet wider than the mat’s footprints.

The lawsuit claims the woman was told to spread her legs further apart than the mat on the floor indicated.

The officer then slid her hands up the woman’s legs but moved her hands inside her shorts to make direct contact with her genitals, according to the lawsuit. As (the officer) began to slide her hands up her legs, the officer commented that the shorts the woman was wearing were particularly short, the lawsuit said.

Many of these TSA agents are grotesque, arrogant government workers, i.e., leftists. We have seen them doing invasive searches of white people like the war hero Brian Kolfage, and little old white ladies, as if to intentionally target the least likely people to commit an airplane hijacking.

This is part of the US government War on Decent People from the left.

Anti-Gun Nuts go to the Extreme

Administrators at Valley Forge Elementary School in Pennsylvania called police on one of their students for a threat assessment.

The student in question was Margot Gaines, a 6 year-old-girl with Down syndrome who made her hand into the shape of a finger gun.

The girl was questioned and police concluded that there was no threat.

Imagine that… they called the police on a little girl with Down Syndrome. These anti-gun people are lunatics. At the same time, illegal immigrants commit millions of crimes icluding rape and murder and are freed by the police so that they will not be deported.

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