Left-Wing Extremists Attack Canadian Railroads

The radical environmental movement and its allies are truly a threat to our freedoms and our way of life. They engage in violence and destruction. They are leftists and so engage in these practices casually, thinking that they are defending us all from evil forces. Breitbart News reported:

Canadian transport minister Marc Garneau, a member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, has admitted far-left protesters aligned with a counter-pipeline group have been actively sabotaging railway infrastructure.

Minister Garneau appeared on public broadcaster CBC on Monday to discuss the ongoing crisis which has crippled the Canadian rail system in large parts of the country and confirmed that aspects of the rail system were being tampered with.

“There have also been instances of tampering on the railways… One that concerns me is disabling the signalling that occurs at a road crossing… We accept peaceful protests and demonstrations in this country that are peaceful and lawful, but it is concerning if people aren’t respecting the fact that they injure themselves and other people,” he said.

Garneau also put out a press release warning those who would look to sabotage the rail lines saying: “Finally, I also want to remind Canadians that tampering with rail lines, rail cars or signalling systems is illegal and extremely dangerous. In addition to putting yourself at risk, you are endangering railway workers and train passengers, as well [the] communities around them.”

Notice that the destruction is being done as part of a movement to stop a natural gas pipeline. This is how the radicals join onto other causes like environmentalism in order to do their dirty deeds.

The ‘green’ movement is sparking these types of dangerous reactions all over the globe by telling us that the world is going to end if we don’t stop “global warming”. This gives a rational to the crazies to do what they do best, which is to destroy things.

Update from Breitbart News:

The incident is one of three train derailments that have taken place in February across Canada staring with the derailment of 32 cars near Guernsey, Saskatchewan, on February 6th. A fire engulfed 19 of the cars and 1.2 million litres of crude oil was spilt as a result of the derailment.

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board (TSB) stated: “A review of the locomotive event recorder download determined that the train was handled in accordance with regulatory and company requirements.”

The Saskatchewan incident came just two months after another derailment just 10 kilometres away that resulted in 1.5 million litres of oil spillage.

The third derailment in February took place in the province of Ontario near the northwestern town of Emo and saw 30 railcars, some leaking crude oil, derailed.

Emo Mayor Harold McQuaker stated that the spillage had been contained while a few locals living near the site had been evacuated, and local Fire Chief Joshua Calling noted the winter weather had hardened the oil and reducing the area of its spread.

Notice how much oil is spilled. Yet these terrorists are allied with environmentalists…. What hypocrites…

How about the coal train derailment in Sesser, Illinois on February 8? Was that eco-terrorism? Let’s investigate.

There was a famous oil-train derailment in 2016 in the scenic Columbia River Gorge in Oregon that looked very suspicious. The train was running on a warm sunny day in June at just 26 miles per hour when it went off the tracks. Several cars exploded and the event got national attention. Nikitas3.com has said since the accident that it looked like ‘green’ sabotage intended to make the oil trains, and the oil industry, look bad.

Here is a Nikitas3.com commentary from 2017 about multiple incidents which Nikitas3.com considers to be suspicious ‘green’ terrorism.

Trump is a Genius over Blagojevich Pardon

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Democrats and Never-Trumpers are shaking with rage as Trump’s move to commute (Democrat) Governor Rod Blagojevich’s 14-year sentence was met with jubilation from Chicago’s black community.

The former governor, who held a press conference Wednesday morning, unleashed a torrent of gratitude to the president — and truth-bombs aimed at the Democrats’ failure to address an issue of key concern to the black community: criminal justice reform.

“No one has done more to fix this broken and racist criminal justice system than President Trump and Jared Kushner,” said Blagojevich as the crowd shouted support for both President Trump and the former governor, now calling himself a Trumpocrat:

“Everyday people who find themselves caught up in this system…recognize the futility in fighting for their rights, they just give in, and under duress…unfair and cruel over-sentencing is the rule. It is a broken criminal justice system and it has been for a long time.

And it’s a racist criminal justice system. No one is doing more to fix this broken criminal justice system than president trump and Jared Kushner.”

This is another huge win and a stroke of political genius for president Trump. As Democrats massacre each other, Trump continues to win. Imagine a top Democrat figure proclaiming himself a Trump-o-crat. Amazing.

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