Trump Goes Global/ Conservatives Use Internet to Displace Fake News Media

On February 24 president Trump spoke to a rally in the nation of India. It is reported that 110,000 people(!) attended, and they were wildly enthusiastic. It was his largest rally ever. This just goes to show that Trump is a global political phenomenon.

And when he is re-elected in November, the president’s international stature will grow and grow. Watch this story. It is truly unique in all of history.

Conservatives Use Internet to Displace Dems, Fake News Media

The rise of Donald Trump and the conservative movement has been greatly aided by the internet. Conservatives are using this electronic informational tool to expose the truth and to go around the Fake News media which previously held a monopoly on what Americans see and hear.

In 2016 the overwhelming majority of old-school liberal media sources (TV, cable TV, newspapers) endorsed Hillary Clinton. Yet Donald Trump won the election. This was another watershed moment in the history of the decline in influence of the Fake News media and the rise of the internet.

Conservatism is rising up all over the world. Some of it comes from a natural reaction to the natural decay of socialism but it also is being abetted by the increasing power that conservatives are wielding using the internet.

Here is a recent example: A whistleblower named Phil Haney, who exposed the Obama administration’s bias in favor of muslims, was found dead by the side of the road in California on February 21.

Before the internet few people even would have known about Haney’s death. Meanwhile no mainstream media outlets have reported the story that could find, but it spread like wildfire on the conservative internet sites. It included quotes from friends of Haney who said that he warned that there were people who wanted to kill him.

Update from conservative Gateway Pundit site about Haney:

On Sunday The Gateway Pundit spoke with national security specialist Ilana Freedman who had worked with Philip Haney. Ilana said she was very surprised to hear the news about Philip. Phil wrote a promotion for her book. Ilana told The Gateway Pundit, “I believe he was murdered. I don’t believe it was suicide. I am an intelligence analyst. What I see here is something very nasty. He thought several weeks ago he might be assassinated. Philip said if he were killed it would absolutely would not be suicide.”

Ilana added that people who knew him (did not) believe he would commit suicide. “He was a very religious man who believed suicide was a sin. A fellow associate I know said Philip stated several times that if he was accused of suicide not to believe it. He said that to a lot of people.” And Ilana spoke about a project Philip Haney was working on that was going to be published this year. He had very serious allegations. Phil claimed the terror attacks in California and Florida could have been prevented. believes unequivocally that Haney was murdered. I will follow up on this story as details emerge.

In short, the Fake News media have lost their monopoly on the news and on their power to shape the news. And despite the rabid censorship of conservatives by left-wing tech giants like Google, Facebook and other internet companies, this censorship cannot undo the enormous power that the internet has given to us conservatives.

There are repeated cases where conservatives on college campuses have been attacked by leftists. Often these attacks are caught on smartphones (another invention from the lefties in Silicon Valley) and then disseminated on the internet. So there is no stopping us now.

In the case of muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, an internet sleuth named David Steinberg has uncovered and disseminated documents, photos and tweets that indicate that Omar married her own brother in an immigration fraud scheme.

These facts never would have seen the light of day if it were not for the internet. And it is the nature of the internet that allows this story and hundreds of others like it to update as new information comes to light; the internet is not limited like a half-hour TV news broadcast or a newspaper by its column-inches of space on the page.

Even better, conservatives are using the internet much more effectively than are the activists on the left whose liberal friends created the it in the first place. Because conservatives are by nature smarter people, and when we are put on an equal playing field (the internet) we win.

How about the rise of and internet mavericks like Mark Dice, Jack Posobiec, Joey Saladino, Laura Loomer and many others to energize the conservative impulses of America. These people, sites and sources can update their information regularly like David Steinberg is doing with Ilhan Omar

Friends, the decline in the power of the Fake News media is one of the great stories of our time. And with citizen-journalists and citizen-commentators like rising in influence, we can see a rise in liberty and “power of the people”.

In 2004 we saw the fall of Dan Rather at CBS whose false reporting about president George W. Bush’s National Guard service record was debunked by a single observant internet investigator. Other media fraudsters include Brian Williams at NBC, Brian Stelter at CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the rest of them as conservatives aggressively fact-check and investigate these arrogant skunks who got away with saying whatever they wished for many decades.

Consider the Watergate scandal. It was a miniscule scandal that involved a break-in at Democrat party headquarters. It was nothing compared to the FISA-gate travesty of federal spooks using their enormous government power to seek to cancel the results of president Trump’s election. And FISA-gate has been largely covered and exposed on the internet.

Conservative internet news sites like Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit are racking up astronomical numbers of visitors while CNN ratings fall into the basement and the New York Times shreds its own credibility with its sloppy reporting and biased point of view.

Another example: has written for many years about the serious deficiencies of ‘green’ energy from windmills to solar panels to ethanol fuel, while the Fake News media continue to act as if these sources are saviors of the world with no drawbacks whatsoever.

And nobody has done more to undo the media monopoly than president Trump. This man alone has seriously undermined the reputations of major media outlets and public figures like Rosie O’Donnell with his ongoing Twitter commentary. Have you noticed how little we have heard from O’Donnell in the last year?

This has happened because O’Donnell and dozens like her know that they have met their match with Twittering Trump. The Trump Curse has struck its target again and again and again.

These Fake News media sources have been covering up the truth for decades. In 1932 a New York Times correspondent named Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize for his glowing reports about the communist Soviet Union precisely as Stalin was killing millions of his own people and starving millions more.

Today the truth would have been exposed on the internet and Duranty would have disappeared from history.

Here is a story from The Gateway Pundit to show how it works:

In a shocking segment, MSNBC’s Katy Tur suggested that the FBI should be tracking young white men online to radicalize them, provide resources for creating explosives, and then arrest them.

Tur was comparing young white men to ISIS terrorists in an interview with Frank Figliuzzi, the former Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI.

This story would see no discussion in the public square if it were not for the internet.

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