Black Kills 5 Whites; Story Ignored by Media

First, here is a quick word about a Trump-related event. attended a Trump ‘standout’ in one of the most liberal towns in Massachusetts. We waved Trump flags, signs and banners at a major intersection and the response was amazing. We got so, so many honks, waves and thumbs-up. It was fantastic and a great sign for November. Go Trump!

Black Kills Whites, Case is Ignored by Media

The Fake News media quickly buried the story about the murders of five people at the MillerCoors brewery in Milwaukee.

Where was the gun-control hysteria? Where were the rhetorical attacks on the National Rifle Association? Where was the wall-to-wall media coverage of this so-called ‘gun crime’?

The reason that the story was ignored is quite simple – the killer was black and all of the victims were white. And this was obviously another racist murder of whites by a black. It has been reported that the killer had a dispute with one of his white co-workers (another aspect covered up by the media). And so he settled it with violence, like so many blacks do.

Crime statistics show that rates of murder and violence by blacks against whites are tens of times higher than vice versa. This is what the media and blacks don’t want you to know.

Coronavirus Scare is Being Debunked

We are seeing more and more information indicating that the coronavirus “pandemic” is not nearly as serious as we have been led to believe. First, president Trump’s late-January ban on air travel from China was a huge plus in stopping the disease from entering and spreading in the US.

Yet the Democrats and their media cronies immediately called Trump a racist and a xenophobe for the travel ban, as usual.

Second, 360,000 people have died of the flu in the US in the last 10 years, while one single person has died of coronavirus so far.

Meanwhile Breitbart News reported about the virus:

An editorial published Friday in the New England Journal of Medicine speculated that the coronavirus currently causing panic in world markets could turn out no worse than “a severe seasonal influenza” in terms of mortality.

Citing an analysis of the available data from the outbreak in China, the authors note that there have been zero cases among children younger than 15; and that the fatality rate is 2% at most, and could be “considerably less than 1%.”

Those who have died have been elderly or were already suffering from another illness — as with ordinary flu. The underlying data suggest that the symptoms varies, and fewer than one in six of the cases reported were “severe.”

The authors note that coronavirus looks to be much less severe than other recent outbreaks of respiratory illnesses.

This is good news. And it contradicts the media hysteria that coronavirus is the end of the world. The Fake News media are putting this apocalyptic story out to undermine the economy and harm president Trump. Virtually all coronavirus Fake News media reporting is pure Trump-bashing.

And you just watch – when this virus comes under control (some reports say that the virus already has peaked in China) then the economy and the stock market are going to rebound significantly. predicts that the stock market will hit a record high of 30,000 by June.

Meanwhile PJ Media reported about Obama’s horrible response to a 2009 health crisis over a virus called H1N1:

In April of 2009, the H1N1 became a pandemic.

But it wasn’t until six months later, October, that then-President Obama declared a public health emergency on what was already a pandemic. By that time, the disease had infected millions of Americans and more than 1,000 people had died in the U.S.

CNN reported at the time:

Since the H1N1 flu pandemic began in April, millions of people in the United States have been infected, at least 20,000 have been hospitalized and more than 1,000 have died, said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [emphasis added] Furthermore, the CDC’s Frieden fretted at the time that efforts to create a vaccine had stumbled:

“We are nowhere near where we thought we would be,” Frieden said, acknowledging that manufacturing delays have contributed to less vaccine being available than expected. “As public health professionals, vaccination is our strongest tool. Not having enough is frustrating to all of us.”

Frieden said that while the way vaccine is manufactured is “tried and true,” it’s not well-suited for ramping up production during a pandemic because it takes at least six months. The vaccine is produced by growing weakened virus in eggs.

But wait, there’s more.

According to Virology Journal, the 2009 H1N1 came into the U.S. from Mexico:

The swine-origin influenza A (H1N1) virus that appeared in 2009 and was first found in human beings in Mexico, is a reassortant with at least three parents. Six of the genes are closest in sequence to those of H1N2 ‘triple-reassortant’ influenza viruses isolated from pigs in North America around 1999-2000.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Slams Elitist Predecessor John Kerry

In a recent speech, secretary of state Mike Pompeo slammed former secretary John Kerry, who was appointed by Obama.

Pompeo criticized Kerry for his behavior in European countries during the Obama administration. Said Pompeo: “You should know that different secretaries (act differently). I’m not in it for the fancy dinners in Paris or Vienna … one of my predecessors (Kerry) went 62 times.” He added: “That, my friends, is a lot of cocktails.”

Pompeo also joked, “He (Kerry) also went to Antarctica. I don’t know who he was meeting there.”

This is great stuff. And Pompeo is correct. Kerry conducted foreign policy via cocktail parties and swanky dinners while ignoring the behavior of nations like Iran and China that are undermining US policy all over the globe.

And in case you don’t know anything about Pompeo, there is a reason that president Trump chose him. Pompeo is a tough guy who is very smart and very highly accomplished. Here is part of his biography from Wikipedia. Note that he was first in his class at West Point. This compares to John McCain who was glorified by the Fake News media but who finished almost at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy. Wikipedia reports:

Pompeo was born in Orange, California… In 1986, Pompeo finished first in his class from the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he majored in engineering management.

From 1986 to 1991, Pompeo served in the U.S. Army as an armor officer with the West Germany-based 2nd Squadron, 7th Cavalry in the 4th Infantry Division. He served as a tank platoon leader before becoming a cavalry troop executive officer and then the squadron maintenance officer. Pompeo left the U.S. Army at the rank of captain.

In 1994, Pompeo received a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School, where he served as one of 78 editors of the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, and on the 81-member board of editors of the Harvard Law Review. After graduating, he worked as a lawyer for the law firm Williams & Connolly in Washington.

Wow. Awesome. Meanwhile John Kerry is an elitist snob who graduated from Yale and who has claimed that the biggest threat to America is not terrorism, open borders or communist China, but, get this, “climate change”. Yet the climate has been changing naturally for thousands of years.

And that is what Kerry was doing in Antarctica – crying about so-called “climate change” rather than using his time to confront our mortal enemies like China, Iran, North Korea, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Venezuela, Cuba and Russia.

Said Pompeo: “I’d rather be with my team in tough places,” noting that he’s traveled around the globe and “spent significant and necessary time (confronting) evil individuals who have American blood on their hands.”

This is what we need in our diplomatic corps – someone who will represent all of the good that America means to the world rather than colluding with our enemies. On the other hand, Kerry met as secretary and then as a private citizen with evil Iranian leaders to seek to undermine president Trump. This is a violation of the Logan Act and should be prosecuted.

Marxist Pope Francis is Sick

Associated Press reports:

Pope Francis cancelled official engagements for the third day in a row Saturday as he battled an apparent cold.

The 83-year-old pope, who lost part of a lung to a respiratory illness as a young man, has never cancelled so many official audiences or events in his seven-year papacy.

Pope Francis is a hard-core, left-wing marxist/communist. He studied communism as a young man in Argentina. He is seeking to destroy the Catholic church with a radical agenda. Let us hope that he is replaced soon by someone with genuine Christian views.

Illegal Immigrant Attacks St. Louis Woman

The Gateway Pundit reported:

A St. Louis woman was robbed, beaten and stabbed by her 15-year-old neighbor last week. The teen stole her phone – twice – beat her once and then came back and beat her again with a a metal rob while she was on the phone with police.

But the six foot teen is still free. The court let him off because he has an IQ of 49.

The teen behind the attack is a Somali immigrant teenager.

Hassan is a 15 year old refugee from Somalia who lives with his family. He is 6’ and approx 175lbs, much larger than my sister. He has broken into Alicia’s car 3 different times and broken into another neighbors house. The police were involved every single time and reported that nothing could be done since he was a minor.

This is obviously another racist attack against a white woman by a black immigrant. This teenager should be sent back to Somalia. He is and will be nothing but a burden to America for the rest of his life with his basement IQ. Send him back!

By the way, the radical congresswoman Ilhan Omar is also from Somalia. She is another sleazy character. The story about her marrying her own brother in a case of immigration fraud is getting much more traction in the media these days and Omar is increasingly disturbed about the increased scrutiny. She is lashing out at those who bring it up and is running away from interviews.

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