Is Coronavirus Dangerous?/ Trump Wins Big on Immigration

The coronavirus mystery continues to spread, along with the disease itself. A recent case in Northern California cannot be linked to any previous sources. This is disturbing.

Update: That story appears to be bogus. The case has been linked to people returning from one of the infected cruise ships. But the story shows how the Fake News media are seeking to blame president Trump and upset the stock market with fake news.

At his February 26 press conference president Trump offered this striking figure – while nobody in the US has died yet of coronavirus, 360,000 Americans have died of the flu over the last 10 years.

Both Trump and vice president Mike Pence, who is in charge of a coronavirus task force in the White House, stressed that the threat to Americans from coronavirus remains “low” and that the US is the best-prepared nation in the world to deal with the virus.

Other organizations, however, like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have declared coronavirus to be a global health risk while Rush Limbaugh has compared it to the common cold. So what is the truth?

It is probably that the virus is serious, but can be controlled. We have only about 60 confirmed cases in the US, including people who have been flown back from an infected cruise ship in Asia. And considering that we have caught it early, that is a good sign.

But China has it vastly worse with more than 75,000 cases. And since the bubonic plague originated in China and wiped out one-third of the European population in the 14th century, China should be very concerned.

Is this virus some type of communist germ-warfare experiment gone bad?

It could be. The Chinese communists are evil people. We do not know what they are up to. And the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak is centered in China, is reported to be the home of some type of “super lab” for the communist government to do biological experiments.

The worst thing imaginable is that we over-react and shut down the global economy over coronavirus. And this could very well happen. China already is suffering significant economic harm and the crisis is upsetting the global economy since China is the source for many industrial products and components. One European auto plant already has shut down for lack of parts made in China. believes that the most significant impact of this virus on the world will be economic, not health. And this already is being manifested in the big stock market drops in the US and in the restrictions on people and their movements, like Chinese factories closing down and Japan shutting down its schools.

Many Chinese factories supply products and parts to other factories in the global economy. This is why we should start to withdraw our industrial production from China and bring it back to the US.

Meanwhile, to show how proactive president Trump has been, look at this from The New York Times on January 31, 2020:

Moving to counter the spreading coronavirus outbreak, the Trump administration said Friday that it would bar entry by most foreign nationals who had recently visited China and put some American travelers under a quarantine as it declared a rare public health emergency.

The temporary restrictions followed announcements by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines that they would suspend air service between the United States and China for several months.

The administration’s action will restrict all foreign nationals who have been to China in the past 14 days from entering the United States. The restriction does not include immediate family members of American citizens and permanent residents. Nearly three million Chinese residents traveled to the United States in 2018, according to federal data based on travel records.

Naturally liberals hated this and called Trump names. Yet he was acting one full month ago to slow the spread of the disease.

On the other hand, The Washington Examiner reported on October 6, 2014 at the height of the Ebola health crisis:

A freelance journalist who has contracted Ebola arrived in the U.S. for treatment Monday, prompting yet another round of questions about why the Obama administration hasn’t banned or curtailed flights from countries infected with the deadly disease.

That question has been asked so often and with such that regularity that Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has embarked on a media tour to address this very issue.

Update: Via The Middle East Monitor:

Iran’s former ambassador to the Vatican and prominent cleric Hadi Khosrowshahi died of coronavirus, local media reported on Thursday, Anadolu Agency reports.

According to the semiofficial Tasnim News Agency, the 81-year-old cleric died at a hospital in Iran.

Earlier in the day, Iran put the death toll in the country from the coronavirus to 26, with 245 confirmed cases.

The global death toll is nearly 2,800, and China, where the outbreak originated, is the worst hit, with more than 78,000 cases and over 2,700 fatalities.

This is interesting. Wonder if it’s true? Is this virus indeed a germ-warfare agent? Shared between China and Iran? Which are allies? Hmmmmmm…

Here’s more. Al Arabiya reported:

Iranian Vice President for Women and Family Affairs Masoumeh Ebtekar has tested positive for coronavirus, the state-run daily IRAN reported.

Ebtekar is the first member of President Hassan Rouahni’s cabinet to be infected with the novel coronavirus.

Earlier today, the chairman of the Iranian parliament’s national security and foreign affairs committee Mojtaba Zolnour announced in a video that he had also been infected with the disease.

Two other Iranian officials – Member of Parliament Mahmoud Sadeghi and Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi – have also previously confirmed that they have been infected with the disease.

That’s interesting too. Meanwhile the open-borders globalists continue to advocate their folly. Look at this from Breitbart News:

Globalist ideologues, bureaucrats, and elected Democrats have said the United States’ response to protecting American citizens from the coronavirus should be to keep America’s borders open to the world.

While the deadly coronavirus spreads across the globe, The Atlantic writer James Hamblin wrote this week that the U.S. should actually consider opening its borders:

Italy, Iran, and South Korea are now among the countries reporting quickly growing numbers of detected COVID-19 infections. Many countries have responded with containment attempts, despite the dubious efficacy and inherent harms of China’s historically unprecedented crackdown. Certain containment measures will be appropriate, but widely banning travel, closing down cities, and hoarding resources are not realistic solutions for an outbreak that lasts years. All of these measures come with risks of their own. Ultimately some pandemic responses will require opening borders, not closing them. At some point the expectation that any area will escape effects of COVID-19 must be abandoned: The disease must be seen as everyone’s problem. [Emphasis added]

To the contrary, President Trump’s administration has imposed a travel ban on China where not only are Chinese nationals barred from entering the U.S. at this time, but foreign nationals who have recently visited China as well.

Amazing… These globalists and socialists are truly a threat to our Western civilization. At the same time, look at this from The Gateway Pundit which seems to indicate that the virus is not so bad:

There are now numerous videos going viral online on Lysol products and coronavirus.

Lysol products are known to kill the human coronavirus.

Lysol has been labeling their products for treatment of coronavirus.

The company updated their website to reflect its effectiveness in killing coronavirus.

Whatever happens, this crisis should have one long-term positive effect. It should be the warning that we need that China is not a good place to do business and that we should bring our production and jobs back to the US. President Trump has warned about this many times, even before the coronavirus.

We should remain cautious about this outbreak. We should not allow public hysteria to overwhelm us, but we should not be too casual either. Right now, the numbers are on our side. But that could change as time passes. Nobody really knows what is going to happen but remains optimistic that we can deal with this virus. And that American medical technology, like a vaccine, will help to end the crisis globally.

Trump Wins Big on Immigration

President Trump continues to win politically on the issue of illegal immigration. And with coronavirus on the horizon, Americans suddenly are discovering that perhaps it is a good idea to control our borders.

Trump recently won a major victory in the case of so-called sanctuary cities. This was a big legal win that is not being widely reported in the Fake News media since it hits cities hard for their left-wing, open-borders policies. Fox News reported:

A federal appeals court on Wednesday handed a major win to the Trump administration in its fight against “sanctuary” jurisdictions, ruling that it can deny grant money to states that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York overturned a lower court ruling that stopped the administration’s 2017 move to withhold grant money from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program, which dispenses over $250 million a year to state and local criminal justice efforts.

“Today’s decision rightfully recognizes the lawful authority of the Attorney General to ensure that Department of Justice grant recipients are not at the same time thwarting federal law enforcement priorities,” a DOJ spokesman said in a statement. “The grant conditions here require states and cities that receive DOJ grants to share information about criminals in custody. The federal government uses this information to enforce national immigration laws–policies supported by successive Democrat and Republican administrations.”

“All Americans will benefit from increased public safety as this Administration is able to implement its lawful immigration and public safety policies,” the statement said.

The latest decision conflicts with rulings from other appeals courts across the country concerning sanctuary policies, indicating a Supreme Court review is ultimately likely.

New York City and liberal states including New York, Washington, Massachusetts and Connecticut sued the government, and the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York backed them — ordering the money be released and stopping the government from putting immigration-related conditions on grants.

But the appeals court ruled that it “cannot agree that the federal government must be enjoined from imposing the challenged conditions on the federal grants here at issue.”

This is good news. This never would be happening if president Trump were not acting forcefully on immigration. That is why we need to continue to fight for The Wall on the border, for tough immigration policies and for the re-election of president Trump.

It gets better. Sinclair Broadcasting reported in late January:

In a historically rare but increasingly common motion, the Supreme Court ruled Monday to allow the Trump administration to enact a policy that would permit the government to deny legal residency to many immigrants who have used public welfare benefits.

Typically, the Supreme Court has avoided weighing in on cases that have not worked their way through the appeals process, let alone cases where they have not heard arguments. But earlier this month, the Trump administration issued a request for extraordinary relief, claiming the government would suffer “effectively irreparable harm” if it could not enact its controversial immigration rule.

In a split decision, the five Republican-appointed justices ruled in favor of allowing the government to pursue its immigration policy in every state but Illinois, while the four justices appointed by Democrats opposed the motion. There was no discussion on the merits of the controversial immigration rule and only Justice Neil Gorsuch issued a statement explaining his decision.

Meanwhile here is more good news about immigration from Fox News:

The Trump administration is establishing a new section within the Justice Department to deal with the process of removing citizenship from foreign-born individuals who fraudulently obtained citizenship by failing to disclose past convictions for serious crimes — including terrorism and war crimes.

The section, which will be within the DOJ’s Office of Immigration Litigation, will be dedicated to denaturalizing those who had failed to disclose they had been involved in criminal activity on their N-400 form for naturalization. It requires the government to show that citizenship was obtained illegally or “procured by concealment of a material fact or by willful misrepresentation.”

That form includes questions asking whether an applicant has been involved in genocide and torture among other serious crimes, if they have ever been part of a terrorist or totalitarian organization, if they had been associated with the Nazi government in Germany, and if they have been charged or convicted with a crime or served prison time. Targets for denaturalization are those who have made material breaches of those questions.

“When a terrorist or sex offender becomes a U.S. citizen under false pretenses, it is an affront to our system — and it is especially offensive to those who fall victim to these criminals,” Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt said. “The new Denaturalization Section will further the Department’s efforts to pursue those who unlawfully obtained citizenship status and ensure that they are held accountable for their fraudulent conduct.”

For far too long, we have accepted lax controls over immigration, as if there is nothing that we could do. Democrats and the media acted like illegal immigration is a natural thing. Fortunately those days are over under a secure-borders president.

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