Afghan War May be Ending/ Robots Work for $3 an Hour

First, here is some good news about coronavirus: A top advisor to Iran’s supreme leader has died from the coronavirus while other government officials are confirmed to be infected, according to news reports.

This is great. These Iranian leaders are pure evil; their nation has been the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism for 40 years. Let us pray that they all die and that the suffering people of Iran rise up and take over.

Afghan War May be Ending

In his ongoing quest to avoid and end US military entanglements in foreign lands, president Trump’s administration has tentatively succeeded in negotiating an end to the Afghan war. Breitbart News reported:

After 18 years, the end of the Afghan War and bringing all American troops home from Afghanistan is finally in sight with the signing of a historic agreement between the United States and the Taliban on Saturday.

President Donald Trump hailed the agreement Saturday in the White House briefing room, congratulating all those who have worked to bring the war to a conclusion.

“We’ve had tremendous success in Afghanistan in the killing of terrorists, but it’s time, after all these years, to go and to bring our people back home. We want to bring our people back home,” he said.

He recognized Americans who have lost their lives in the war — nearly 2,500 — and their families, and the more than 20,000 Americans wounded.

“Most of all, I want to thank all of the people in the United States for having spent so much, in terms of blood, in terms of treasure and treasury — the money that has been spent, the lives that have been lost,” he said.

The agreement signed on Saturday commits the U.S. to drawing down its troop presence in Afghanistan from about 12,000 now to 8,600 within 135 days, or about four-and-a-half months beginning immediately.

In return, the Taliban commits to preventing terrorists from using Afghan soil to plan attacks against the United States, as was done by al-Qaeda with the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York City.

After the signing, the Taliban committed to beginning talks with Afghan national leaders on a “permanent and comprehensive ceasefire,” and conducting a prisoner exchange.

Depending on the success of those intra-Afghan talks, the U.S. and NATO will continue drawing down its forces, as well as non-diplomatic personnel such as private security contractors, trainers, advisers, and those supporting the military presence within 14 months, or nine-and-a-half months after the initial drawdown.

Also depending on the success of those intra-Afghan talks, the U.S. will review its sanctions list against Taliban members with a goal of removing them by August 27, 2020, and will begin an effort to remove them from the United Nations’ sanctions list by May 29, 2020.

Trump said he would personally meet with Taliban leaders in the “not-too-distant future.”

“It’s been a long journey in Afghanistan in particular. It’s been a very long journey. It’s been a hard journey for everybody,” he said.

He warned, however, that if “bad things happen,” the U.S. would “go back.”

“I really believe the Taliban wants to do something to show that we’re not all wasting time. If bad things happen, we’ll go back. I let the people know: We’ll go back and we’ll go back so fast, and we’ll go back with a force like nobody has ever seen. And I don’t think that will be necessary. I hope it’s not necessary,” he said.

Trump campaigned on ending the wars in Syria and Afghanistan and bringing U.S. troops home.

The U.S. has spent more than $750 billion on the war — more than $40 billion per year over 18 years — according to the Associated Press.

This is amazing. That Trump himself would meet with Taliban negotiators is remarkable. But it would not surprise if it happens. President Trump is a man of action, not words, and he knows that dramatic actions are sometimes needed to get things done.

And he knows that he is more likely to get things done if the Taliban leaders get personal treatment and acknowledgment in the US press. Imagine how they would feel if they actually got invited to the White House as if they are genuine players on the world stage rather than rag-tag terrorists in the mountains of Afghanistan. This is a great psychological ploy by Trump.

The Afghan war has been a massive travesty. We never should have been there in the first place. Bush sent troops there way back in October 2001 to kill 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, who was living in an al Qaeda military compound called Tarnak Farms near the airport in Kandahar, Afghanistan. But bin Laden quickly fled and they never got him while US forces have remained in the country, with horrible results.

bin Laden finally was killed by a Special Forces assassination squad in Pakistan in May 2011… yet our troops are still in Afghanistan.

Let us hope and pray that this war ends. Whatever happens, we need to get our troops out of there. We cannot sacrifice any more than we already have, which is far too much. And that sacrifice has been for no good reason except to please the globalist agenda of Bush and Obama.

We have all seen the photos of the Afghan capital of Kabul as a bombed-out ruin, but you should see videos of the city back in the 1950s. It was a thriving, beautiful and clean city. It is devastating what war and hatred have done to it, as they do everywhere.

$15 Minimum Wage Crusade Hurts the Workers that it is Supposed to Help

The labor union crusade for a $15 an hour minimum wage is backfiring on the very people it is supposed to help. In a growing number of cases restaurants cannot afford to pay the ever-increasing wages and are not hiring, are cutting back or firing staff, or even closing. And it usually is the lowest-paid workers who are suffering most.

Another way for restaurants to address high wage demands is to automate and eliminate human workers altogether. McDonald’s has been installing touch-screen ordering systems nationwide to avoid the increasing cost of human order-takers under higher and higher minimum wages.

High minimum wages also account for higher costs for McDonald’s products since the company needs more income to pay the higher wages. For years bought double-cheeseburgers at McDonald’s for $1.49 but they suddenly spiked to $2.49. Much of this increase is attributable to the push for the $15 minimum wage, i.e., the higher wage is simply a transfer of wealth (socialism) from McDonald’s customers to McDonald’s employees.

Breitbart News recently reported about another form of automation that is sweeping the fast-food industry:

Burger-flipping robots are changing the food service industry by offering their services to restaurants for about $3 an hour.

Miso Robotics’ machine named Flippy is “the world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant that can learn from its surroundings and acquire new skills over time,” according to the company’s website.

This is good news for restaurant owners because it would cost them less to employ Flippy than a minimum-wage worker, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

So $3 an hour is significantly cheaper than $15 an hour. And the robot can work around the clock without breaks. It never shows up late or takes sick days. And it is the $15 minimum wage crusade that has led to the innovations in robotics, and the cheaper costs. So the crusade is backfiring on workers and leading to more unemployment. Breitbart continued:

Off-the-shelf robot arms have plunged in price in recent years, from more than $100,000 in 2016, when Miso Robotics first launched, to less than $10,000 today, with cheaper models coming in the near future.

As a result, Miso can offer Flippys to fast-food restaurant owners for an estimated $2,000 per month on a subscription basis, breaking down to about $3 per hour. (The actual cost will depend on customers’ specific needs). A human doing the same job costs $4,000 to $10,000 or more a month, depending on a restaurant’s hours and the local minimum wage.

Look at the steep drop in price for robots from $100,000 to $10,000; that is capitalism at work. But that has not stopped presidential candidate Bernie Sanders from calling for a $15 federal minimum wage.

These socialists just never learn…

Twitter Smackdown Coming?

A billionaire Republican has purchased a “sizable” stake in Twitter and plans to seek to oust Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, according to news reports.

This would be great. Dorsey is rabidly anti-conservative and has rigged Twitter in that way.

Paul Singer’s Elliott Management Corp. reportedly has nominated four directors to Twitter’s board. Singer was anti-Trump in 2016 but he is pro-Trump this year.

Wonderful. We need to start taking down these leftist skunks in Silicon Valley one by one.

Democrats Target Private Property

There was recently a disturbing video posted on Twitter. It showed a homeowner in Los Angeles indicating that homeless people had camped in his yard that the local government is preventing him from ejecting the trespassers(!)

If this video is genuine, this is indicative of a disturbing trend in these West Coast cities where homeless people are given more and more rights as property owners are denied theirs.

In December Ohio’s First District Court of Appeals said that governments cannot ban homeless encampments from private property as Hamilton County did at the New Prospect Baptist Church in 2018. Meanwhile Portland, Oregon officials have considered a law forcing private property owners to provide “resting spots” for the city’s homeless.

These are dangerous actions as these cities slide into chaos. But then again, these cities are very liberal places and we know that liberals always end up destroying themselves after they destroy everyone else.

Trump Opportunity Zones are Working

The leading gay Republican organization call the Log Cabin Republicans has endorsed president Trump for re-election in 2020 after remaining neutral in 2016. This is yet another group in the conservative-Republican spectrum that did not vote for Trump in 2016 but will do so in 2020. believes that these conservatives and Republicans are going to account for millions of votes and will help the president to win an easy re-election, possibly in a landslide.

Meanwhile a gay Republican activist named Jill Homan, president of Javelin 19 Investments, a DC-based development and investment company, recently wrote about president Trump’s Opportunity Zones programs that are helping poor urban blacks to better themselves. Here are excerpts from Homan’s article with a comment after each excerpt.

Homan wrote: The Opportunity Zone tax incentive was part of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, signed into law by Trump in December 2017. Opportunity Zones give economically distressed communities a second chance by offering investors tax benefits for providing qualifying capital to these areas. There are over 8,700 low or moderate-income census tracts designated as Opportunity Zones throughout all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and five U.S. territories with 35 million people residing in them.

Since its inception, this program has received bipartisan support due to its creative approach to assisting communities that need it most.

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser, a Democrat, embraced Opportunity Zones by nominating 25 designated spots as possible growth areas for investors. K Street tech firm, Enlightened, recently teamed up with a development firm to invest in an Opportunity Zone in Anacostia. comment: These are not government handout programs that always devolve into corruption and theft. These are privately-funded programs that are encouraged through tax breaks. There is going to be much more accountability.

Homan wrote: Across the country, mayors from both parties have sung the policy’s praises. For instance, Braddock, Pennsylvania, Mayor Chardae Jones’s designation of 23 Opportunity Zones attracted a vertical farming company called Fifth Season, which opened a headquarters in Braddock with the promise of employing at least 60 people.

According to the Boston University Menino Survey of Mayors, “Mayors generally believe the new federal Opportunity Zones tax incentive has targeted the right areas, nationally and in their own communities.” Seventy-nine percent of Democratic mayors and 65% of Republican mayors said these zones were driven by a desire of the governors to spread them across the state and benefit them as a whole.

The goal here is to bring positive transformative change and renewal to over 8,700 targeted areas throughout the country, and the status quo was not getting the job done. comment: There is general consensus among rational people that conservative, capitalist policies work and that liberal policies don’t. These Opportunity Zones prove it once again.

‘Global Warming’ Hoax is Debunked Again

We all have noticed ‘warming’ alarmists pointing to places that have unduly warm weather to show that the earth is in a crisis.

Yet when there is record cold and snow, they ignore it. For instance the Northern Tier of the United States from Montana to Maine had its coldest Winter in 100 years in 2018. Did the ‘greenies’ report this?

Never. In New England, where is headquartered, we have had viciously cold weather all of this Winter of 2019 and 2020. There has been hardly any letup. Even early November was frigid and we had two feet of snow on December 2.

Recently the part of Upstate New York east of Lakes Erie and Ontario had wicked weather with brutal cold and 4 feet of snow, i.e., not “global warming”. The moisture in the air from the crashing waves on Lake Erie itself produced beach houses that were literally encased in gray ice. If you want to see some some of the most bizarre photos ever of a weather event, check out these pictures.

So much for ‘global warming’…

It is important to know how these “warming” measurements are taken. They are not taken from millions of thermometers all over the globe. They are taken from infrared satellite readings hundreds of miles above the earth. These readings are then fed into computers and analyzed.

But who says the satellite readings are accurate? Who says the computer programs are accurate? Who says that the people interpreting the data are competent? Who says that the whole process is scientifically sound?

The answer to all four questions is “nobody”. Thus these ‘greenie’ reports of the earth burning up should be taken with a grain of salt. And even if earth is getting warmer, it has happened naturally before for a combined total of 1,500 years when the earth was much hotter than today in three separate periods.

TV Comedian Jokes about Killing Trump

A Saturday Night Live comedian named John Mulaney compared president Trump to Julius Caesar. Mulaney said that Caesar was assassinated and it would be interesting if we brought that back today. He said:

Leap Year began in 45 B.C. under Julius Caesar. This is true, he started the Leap Year in order to correct the calendar and we still do it to this day.

Another thing that happened under Julius Caesar, he was such a powerful maniac that all the senators grabbed knives and they stabbed him to death. That would be an interesting thing if we brought that back now.

This is sick. This guy Mulaney should be prosecuted for seeking to incite violence against the president using his national TV platform. suggests that leftists cool their rhetoric. believes that this obsession with violence from the left over many decades has boomeranged and is the reason that so many Democrats, socialists and liberals have been assassinated like John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi.

Meanwhile conservatives like Pope John Paul II, US president Ronald Reagan, British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, congressman Steve Scalise, and Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro all survived assassination attempts.

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