Trump’s Bond is Solid with his Supporters/ China ‘Journalists’ Expelled

President Trump’s bond with his supporters is rock solid and unshakable. This is why he is going to be easily re-elected in November since more and more voters are falling under “the Trump spell” of likability, toughness, humor and good cheer.

President Trump has decades of experience both as a subject of the media and as a member of the media on his Apprentice TV show. He knows how to build a bond with his supporters and audiences.

He has a natural appeal because he is just “one of us”. Despite his $4 billion fortune, he comes across as a good guy. People who have met him say that he is the real deal, not just a phony politician out for votes.

Radio host Sean Hannity has known Trump for decades and says that Trump is the kind of guy you would go to a baseball game with and have a great time just like your best friend. It is called “the common touch”.

Contrast Trump with the colorless and condescending mega-billionaire Michael Bloomberg (estimated net worth is $60 billion) who has insulted everyone including farmers in his past remarks. This is truly the sign of a detached elitist, which Trump is not.

Imagine the Facebook goony-bird Mark Zuckerberg (net worth is $82 billion) trying to build a rapport with voters nationwide, which he sought to do in a 2017 US tour. Zuckerberg has the personality of an eggplant like most of the computer idiots in Silicon Valley. met Mitt Romney one time back in 2008. This guy literally looked like he was made of plastic. And we know that that is what he really is – a fraudster hiding behind a mask who cares only about himself. If he were more genuine, he would have been elected president in 2012.

President Trump is genuine. He is like your friend down the street who has an opinion about everything. He has a great sense of humor, with all of his nicknames and put-downs of people like ‘Pocahontas’ and Rosie O’Donnell and dozens of others.

He can be downright comical. He knows precisely how to rip the Democrats to shreds using funny remarks and sharp jabs. And his audiences and supporters just nod their heads in agreement, with a big smile on their faces.

This persona comes from Trump’s background, from the rough-and-tumble world of business and not the phony world of politics. And they are two completely different entities.

Trump is an old-fashioned business tycoon who earned his wealth the old-fashioned way – by building things. He is not one of these no-personality computer zillionaires who made a fortune by starting a website.

Trump knows what it means to make common-sense decisions on how to construct a building, how to make deals, how to work with cranky and demanding labor unions.

Trump is a tough street-wise guy from New York. And that makes him a completely different person from the detached, fabricated politicians who typically become president like Obama, Clinton and George W. Bush.

That is why Trump is beloved by ‘regular folks’ and by the employees at his 31 properties worldwide from New York to Istanbul, Turkey to Seoul, South Korea to Panama. He is loved by cops, firefighters and military people because he genuinely respects them as crucial to our national security and our everyday safety.

Many politicians like Obama couldn’t care less about cops and the military or about ordinary working people. Elite Democrats like Bill Clinton and Obama and John Kerry think of these people as being peripheral to what is important in this world, which is Democrat power.

President Trump is ‘America’s best friend’. Even under vicious rhetorical assault from the media, he has remained cheerful and confident. He has not allowed his enemies to tear him down because he is comfortable with who he is.

This is a trait of all conservatives. We are comfortable with who we are. We like ourselves, as flawed as we are. We do not let our critics define us. And president Trump indeed is “one of us”.

Good News about Coronavirus

An Iranian lawmaker reportedly told his colleagues to end their contact with the public since there are 23 cases of coronavirus among parliament members.

This is great news. The leaders of Iran are evil. They have oppressed the Iranian people for 40 years and spread terror all around the world. Let us pray that they die.

Good Riddance to Chris Matthews at MSNBC

Left-wing MSNBC host Chris Matthews has retired after 23 years doing the Hardball TV show. He apparently was forced out.

Good. Matthews, who is 74 years old and who has been a Democrat activist since the 1960s, allegedly got fired for being a sexist toward women who worked at the network.

Matthews is a nasty, duplicitous, arrogant, smug, deranged Trump-hater and Obama-lover. is happy to see him go. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The Trump Curse strikes again!

We all have noticed that every character caught up in sexual abuse and harassment cases of the MeToo movement has been a liberal male who strongly supports feminism and the Democrat party, from Harvey Weinstein to Matt Lauer to Garrison Keillor to Matthews. Bill Clinton is in this bunch too. We know the truth about him.

This is to be expected. We know that these liberal males are the ultimate misogynists while calling conservatives the same thing. On the other hand, we conservatives genuinely respect women and can have them as friends, not just as sex objects.

But there was something else that got Matthews fired. He mocked the primary surge of radical Democrat Bernie Sanders by saying that his election was like the nazis overwhelming France.

This is a big no-no in the Fake News media. NBC in particular is supporting the rise of radical socialism in America.

Trump Orders Chinese News Outlets to Cut US Staff

President Trump is getting tough with communist China. He has ordered four Chinese state-owned news outlets to cut their US staffs. Bloomberg News reported:

The Trump administration ordered four Chinese state-owned news outlets to cut their Chinese staff in the U.S. by about 40%, part of a broader response to Beijing’s restrictions on American journalists including its expulsion of three Wall Street Journal reporters last month.

Starting March 13, the four outlets will be allowed to employ a combined 100 Chinese citizens in the U.S., down from about 160 now, two State Department officials told reporters Monday on condition of anonymity. The officials insisted that the reductions weren’t expulsions, though the 60 or so employees will almost certainly have to leave the country.

OK, we could go into all sorts of detail but that is not necessary. What is important is that Trump is cracking down.

China has been infiltrating America for decades. There are probably hundreds of thousands of communist Chinese spies in the US as students, journalists, tech workers and businesspeople. Their main goal is to steal our technology. Hundreds of Chinese engineers and other employees in US high-tech industries and universities have been arrested and convicted of industrial espionage, or expelled from the US. has a personal story about this. A friend of mine owned a plastics mold-making company that used advanced technology. Back in the 1990s he met a Chinese “waiter” in a local restaurant and befriended the “waiter”. The “waiter” was a shill from China who sought to get my friend to move his company to China where they would have stolen his technology. My friend even went to China twice. He ultimately declined to move his factory there, but this is how the Chinese work. These communists are thieves and liars.

Here’s more from Bloomberg News:

More restrictions are likely to come soon. …the U.S. plans to limit how long Chinese citizens are allowed to stay in the country on journalist visas. That would match a Chinese requirement restricting foreign reporters to as little as 30 days before they must seek an extension.

Monday’s move is a direct outgrowth of a State Department decision last month to designate Xinhua and the other four outlets as “foreign missions.” That means their employees in the U.S. are treated as foreign government employees, not journalists. The five are “effectively controlled” by China’s government, Pompeo said in the statement.

Good. Trump is protecting America in every way.

Conservative Israeli PM Scores Trump-like Victory

Breitbart News reported:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a victory speech to supporters of his Likud Party in the wee hours of Tuesday morning after his stunning, come-from-behind victory in Israel’s third successive elections.

Netanyahu had trailed in polls until the final days, and still faces criminal indictment on corruption charges (which his supporters claim are baseless and politically motivated).

But voters rallied to his side for a variety of factors.

One may have been the indirect influence of American politics. Israeli voters watching Democrats choose Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as their frontrunner may have been convinced to stick with their tough-minded leader. Netanyahu came to power in 2009 promising to oppose pressure from then-newly-elected President Barack Obama.

Netanyahu cited his record. “Do you know why [voters] put faith in us?” he asked. “Because they know that we brought the greatest decade in the history of the State of Israel.”

Notice that “the polls” said that Netanyahu was behind, like the polls in the US always say that Republicans are trailing and that Trump is doomed. And notice how the haters in Israel are bringing fake corruption charges against Netanyahu like Democrats are doing to Trump.

Congratulations to prime minister Netanyahu!

Obama Holdover Ordered Coronavirus Victims Flown to US

The Gateway Pundit reports:

President Trump was reportedly furious after a State Department doctor ignored the President’s orders and allowed Americans, sick with the coronavirus, to return to the US from Japan.

Dr. William Walters, Executive Director and Managing Director for Operational Medicine for the Bureau of Medical Services at the U.S. Department of State, made the decision to bring the patients back to the US.

Dr. William Walters is a holdover from the Obama administration.

This is how these permanent government bureaucrats run the country. They don’t even care what the president himself says or thinks. This is why Trump was elected – to get rid of these swamp dwellers.

Now Coffee is Killing the Planet

Liberals, Democrats, environmentalists and socialists never miss an opportunity to promote ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ or whatever else they call it. The reason is simple: Environmentalism = socialism.

And to the ‘greenies’ ALL alleged environmental problems are ALL allegedly solved by government action. Yet the government action is always worse for the environment that the capitalist, free-market solution.

For instance, if you believe the ‘warming’ bogeyman, the best solution would be nuclear power. But the ‘greenies’ go the other way and promote grossly inefficient windmills and solar panels which take up 1,000 times as much land as nuclear power for the same electricity output.

What is so ‘green’ about that? Nothing, friends, nothing.

‘Greenies’ and their media friends constantly do news stories about ‘climate change’ every day. If you listen to any Fake News media source, you will hear the words “climate change” or “global warming” multiple times a day. These words are often inserted into news stories very casually like “the coronavirus will be made worse by climate change”.

Or a recent tornado in Nashville, Tennessee will certainly be blamed on “climate change”. These media skunks conveniently ignore the fact that the climate has been changing naturally for as long as we know.

ABC News recently did a whole segment on how the growth of coffee beans is being affected by ‘climate change’. reported:

A few weeks ago, (the ABC morning program Good Morning America) sent meteorologist Ginger Zee to Africa to scold the U.S. for having the highest “historic record” of carbon emissions and praise certain African countries for banning plastic bags. On another show, they shamed people who wash their cars at home, saying you should be using water-efficient, expensive professional car washes instead. Well, on today’s show, Good Morning America correspondent Will Reeve traveled to Nicaragua to blame man-made climate change for the dwindling sea turtle population, before making it more personal to the American consumer: Your morning cup of coffee may be the next victim.

Anchor George Stephanopoulos teased the upcoming coffee scare segment several times throughout the show, finally handing it off to correspondent T.J. Holmes with, “Now we’re going to see how the changing climate can affect your morning cup of coffee.”

As each GMA host sipped a cup of Nicaraguan coffee, Holmes gushed, “This could become more rare. Yes, this cup of joe could become more rare as the planet heats up and prices rise.”

It was then Reeve’s turn to fearmonger about coffee becoming a scarce commodity.

OK, we know the deal. This stuff is everywhere. And while they might have filled a segment ten years ago with fluff about a Hollywood actor, they now fill it with ‘warming’ hysteria.

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