Trump Would Easily Defeat Joe Biden

It looks like the Democrat party is rallying around Joe Biden as their nominee to run against president Trump in November.

If that continues, then we conservatives will be very happy. said for several years before the 2016 election that Hillary was a weak candidate but nobody believed it. I now declare the same about Biden and that Trump would defeat Biden easily in November. Here’s why:

*First and foremost, president Trump is a strong leader and everyone knows it. We should never believe the Fake News media narrative that America hates Trump. That is demonstrably false. Americans know a winner when they see him. They are not stupid (well, many of them are. They are called Democrats).

*Second, millions of traditional Democrat voters like blacks, union members, hispanics, gays and others are going to vote for Trump after they have seen him do great things and keep his promises.

At one Wisconsin Trump rally, 58% of the attendees were independents or Democrats, according to the surveys that are taken at every rally. At an Arizona rally 21% reported that they were Democrats. This is an astounding number. learned recently that two people whom I considered to be extremely liberal are supporting Trump.

*Third, millions of conservatives and Republicans who did not trust Trump and did not vote for him in 2016 are fully on board with him for 2020. believes that Trump is going to retain his voter “base” from 2016 and that all of these extra voters are going to help the president to win not only the Electoral College by a bigger margin than 2016 (when he won 57% of the electoral votes), but the popular vote too, perhaps by 3 million or more votes.

*Fourth, the economy is doing great. This is the major story of the Trump years and is a direct result of Trump policies. And since the economy is the #1 issue for most Americans, this is going to be a winner for Trump in its own right.

President Trump is simply going to equate Biden with Obama and to remind us of the terrible Obama economy. Trump also has fought hard for international trade deals that no other president would have negotiated.

*Trump’s foreign policy has been outstanding – he has rebuilt the military, re-established America’s image in the world and is dealing aggressively with our enemies as well as our allies.

He appears to be negotiating an end to the Afghan war. This is great news. He has not involved us in any new wars either. He used air strikes alone to wipe out 30,000 ISIS terrorists in Syria and to kill Iranian general Soleimani in Iraq. Wow. Fantastic.

He has insisted, and gotten, our NATO allies to pay more of their share of NATO spending. No other president would have done this.

*We could write a book about Trump’s successful immigration policies that are much more popular among Americans that the Fake News media will ever admit. The Wall is going up on the Mexican border and illegal immigration has been cut significantly. The president is now going to start de-funding ‘sanctuary cities’; this is huge news that the Fake News media are ignoring. The Swamp Dwellers and the Fake News media said that illegal immigration couldn’t be controlled, but it is being controlled. Great.

*President Trump is pro-life. He made a personal appearance and speech at the annual pro-life rally in January in Washington. This is going to garner him hundreds of thousands of votes, or more, among pro-lifers who did not trust him or vote for him in 2016.

*President Trump stands for the 2nd Amendment. Biden wants the radical gun-grabber Beto O’Rourke to take guns away from Americans. Trump has a massive edge on this issue in key electoral states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

*President Trump has a great personality. He has built a personal bond with tens of millions of Americans. He is funny, decisive, commanding, and opinionated. Americans love this. He is “just like us” in many ways; he has a true American character. He is the type of president that you “would like to have a beer with”.

Now look at Joe Biden in contrast. He has been in Washington since 1973. He is a classic Swamp Dweller. And when Biden says that we need to address certain problems like income inequality or the economy, Trump is simply going to say, “Biden has been in Washington for 47 years. Why hasn’t he fixed these problems already?” That question will reverberate across the US.

Biden is a weak old man who sometimes cannot even remember where he is. When he was campaigning in New Hampshire in February he said it was nice to be in Vermont. He mixed up his wife and his sister at one campaign event. He referred to the ‘Super Tuesday’ primaries as “Super Thursday”. And on and on.

President Trump is going to raise serious questions about Biden’s diminished mental capacity. This is going to be very effective. Americans don’t want such a president.

Already questions are being raised about how Biden is being handled. There are suspicions that his staff is keeping him out of the public eye as much as possible to avoid any more major gaffes and to shield him from public scrutiny.

And you can be sure that top Democrats are terrified of what is happening to Biden, just like they desperately sought to cover up Hillary’s bad condition in 2016, as evidenced in the photo of her needing help to climb stairs. They did everything in their power to cover up the fact that Hillary suffered a severe concussion in a fall in 2012 and needed months of serious therapy to recover.

Biden had two brain aneurysms early in his Senate career. This should be of major concern for voters. Meanwhile president Trump is totally vigorous. He is constantly on the go. He takes direct questions from the press every day and is not hiding anything.

Biden does not ignite any passion. He is not a Ronald Reagan or a Donald Trump who is stirring enthusiasm among voters. There was one photo of a Biden rally in New Hampshire with just 11 people in the room. Meanwhile president Trump gets tens of thousands at every single rally. participated recently in a “stand out” in ultra-liberal Massachusetts where we waved Trump banners, flags and signs. I was astounded by how much support we got from drivers passing and honking their horns and giving the thumbs-up.

Does Biden incite this kind of enthusiasm? No. And these state primary races showed that young people are not turning out to vote for Democrats, including Bernie Sanders, as they were expected to do. This is happening because young people are not all running to the polls to throw Trump out of office. believes that millions of young people are thankful to president Trump for the good economy, while they had lost hope under Obama.

Biden wants open borders. Biden even said that “we’re all dead” if we continue to use oil, coal and natural gas. These positions are going to kill his campaign.

Biden faces another serious challenge. While Republicans and conservatives are uniting behind president Trump, millions of Bernie Sanders supporters are going to stay home on election day if they perceive that the system was rigged against their candidate and in favor of Biden in 2020 as it was for Hillary in 2016. And they will stay home even if Bernie tells them to vote for Biden in order to defeat Trump.

There also are videos on YouTube called ‘Creepy Joe Biden’ in which he is seen touching and kissing little girls in sick ways. This is another issue that is going to hurt Biden.

Then there is the 800 lb. elephant in the room, and that is the coming Senate investigation into Biden’s corrupt ties to Ukraine and his son’s corrupt ties. This alone could eliminate Biden. This probe is going to unfold just as the presidential campaign heats up.

Meanwhile some pundits now are saying that the coronavirus is going to harm Trump. Nonsense. This virus originated in China and Trump’s response has been rapid and smart. He has surely blunted the spread of the virus with his strong and decisive actions like the ban on travel to and from China.

President Trump has been warning about China for decades. He can add this virus to the list of things that we should have been concerned about. After all we have had three other major outbreaks from China in recent years – swine flu, bird flu and SARS.

All in all, president Trump is in a very strong position to beat Joe Biden. And there is nobody else in the Democrat party who can take over from Biden. The entire party is very weak.

Top Obama Officials Indicted

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Obama’s Acting Homeland Security Inspector General and his subordinate were indicted on 16 counts of theft and fraud, the Justice Department announced on Friday.

“The indictment charges Charles K. Edwards, 59, of Sandy Spring, Maryland, and Murali Yamazula Venkata, 54, of Aldie, Virginia, with conspiracy to commit theft of government property and to defraud the United States, theft of government property, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft. The indictment also charges Venkata with destruction of records.”

The charges allege that in addition to stealing government software and databases, Venkata helped Edwards by reconfiguring his laptop so that he could upload the stolen software.

“The indictment further alleges that, in addition to stealing DHS-OIG’s software and the sensitive government databases, Venkata and others also assisted Edwards by reconfiguring his laptop so that he could properly upload the stolen software and databases, provided troubleshooting support whenever Edwards required it, and helped him build a testing server at his residence with the stolen software and databases,” the Department of Justice said in a press release announcing the indictments. “As further part of the alleged scheme, Edwards retained software developers in India for the purpose of developing his commercial alternative of DHS-OIG’s software.”

Although Edwards left the DHS in 2013, according to the indictment he leveraged his relationship with Venkata to carry out the scheme which began in October of 2014 and continued to April of 2017.

Meanwhile if you want to read about the Obama administration’s gross failures in stopping terrorism, look at this from Breitbart News.

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