Biden Surges/ It’s Great to Watch Political Hucksters Crash and Burn

Joe Biden scored another substantial victory in the primaries on Tuesday, March 10, winning in crucial Michigan, along with Missouri and Mississippi. This greatly damages Bernie Sanders’ chances of getting the Democrat nomination.

But there are two serious problems brewing for Biden and the Democrats. First, Biden is out of control. He is making so many crazy statements every day that he is ruining his own candidacy. During one campaign stop in Michigan Biden angrily said that a pro-gun autoworker was “full of sh**” and referred to an AR-15 rifle as an “AR-14”.

Huh?! Biden is wacky and Democrats know it. He is arrogant as well. And the only reason that they are sticking with him is that they have nobody else to support. The Democrat party is running on empty.

Biden’s handlers know that the situation is serious. They are limiting his public exposure already. He gave a 7-minute speech at one campaign stop, and a 12-minute speech at another. Meanwhile president Trump talks extemporaneously for 90 minutes or more at his rallies.

And things are looking bad for Biden in another way. Millions of Bernie Sanders supporters are going to stay home on election day in November after Biden and the Democrats have rigged the primaries against their candidate, just as they did in 2016. They detest Biden as much as we conservatives detest Mitt Romney. And that is a lot of detesting.

In short, Biden is not going to win the White House.

Philip Haney Death Must be Investigated Fully

A true American patriot was found dead in California in February. The Gateway Pundit reports about Philip Haney, who had damaging information about the Obama administration’s laxity on terrorism:

DHS whistleblower Philip Haney was found dead in late February in California.

The whistleblower against the Obama administration died of a gunshot wound. His body was found near his vehicle.

The Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan released a video following Haney’s death. While the death scene made it appear a suicide, Ryan wants it known that a determination was not made as to the cause of death.

The Epoch Times interviewed Pastor Greg Young this weekend. Young is the host of “Chosen Generation” and was the pastor of Philip Haney.

Pastor Young claims that Haney did not kill himself. The pastor described conversations he had with Haney just prior to his death, and details the findings that Haney was allegedly planning to release.

We must watch this story and demand the truth. believes that Haney was murdered. This would be typical of how leftists in places like the Obama administration deal with the truth.

It’s Great to See Political Fakers Crash and Burn

Elizabeth Warren… Hillary Clinton… Michael Bloomberg… Beto O’Rourke… John McCain… Mitt Romney… and many more.

What do all of these political con artists have in common?

Answer: They all suffered embarrassing losses in their presidential election campaigns and were exposed as charlatans. And it is a wonderful thing to see. Here are some of the ways that they crashed and burned:

*US senator Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren was touted in some quarters as the most likely Democrat nominee for president in 2020. She was planning to be The First Woman President. Yet she did so poorly that she did not even win the primary election in her own home state of Massachusetts. She didn’t even come in second. She came in third… Because even the people of Massachusetts found her to be disreputable beyond belief.

Imagine how embarrassing that was, to get so savagely beaten in front of the whole country, even in your own state. When you thought that you were going to be The First Woman President.

But nobody deserves more to get her butt kicked in public than ‘Pocahontas’. This woman’s arrogance was insufferable. She was a radical socialist and she even put out a video in which she was seen drinking a beer, to make her look like she was just “one of us”. Unfortunately she didn’t look like she was enjoying herself and it showed. In other words, the beer drinking was just as phony as the rest of her, including her Fake Indian heritage.

And nobody did more to to ruin this woman’s image than president Trump. He savaged her over and over by calling her ‘Pocahontas’. And The Trump Curse hit her like a ton of bricks.

*How about Hillary Clinton? Watching this corrupt Democrat lose the 2016 presidential election was one of the most gratifying moments ever of’s coverage of political events. And this came after she assumed that she was owed the presidency, which she also assumed in 2008 when Obama defeated her in the primaries.

Hillary and her husband are two of the most corrupt people in American political history. And they suffered a major body blow in 2016. Most of the money they were raising through their fake Clinton Foundation dried up after donors realized that she was not going to be president and that they could no longer buy her influence.

The arrogance of the Clintons is unparalleled. It is great to watch them ride off into the sunset, with Hillary cackling the whole way that she was robbed of the White House.

*Michael Bloomberg is the mega-billionaire (estimated net worth is $60 billion) who ran briefly … very briefly… for the Democrat nomination for president in February and March.

Bloomberg teased running for president for years and he thought that he would simply “buy” the White House in 2020 with more than $500 million in campaign ads purchased with his own money. But after a horrible campaign, a horrendous debate performance in Las Vegas and old videotapes and accusations of Bloomberg making disparaging remarks about women, blacks and even farmers(!), he was embarrassed in front of the whole nation.

This jerk finally dropped out of the 2020 race after nobody cared how much money he had spent. It was great to watch his little tail-lights go.

*Radical leftist US senator Bernie Sanders ran for president in 2016 and again this year. But he is being marginalized and run out of the race – again – by a vigorous campaign against him by the Democrat Establishment. This is good news and a fitting end for a very dangerous person. Sanders is a militant communist. His ideas are pure poison for America and he is personally known to be an SOB. There is nobody more deserving of losing the nomination than Sanders. And its great to see his lunatic followers falling on their sad faces too.

*John Kerry ran for president in 2004 and lost. He became secretary of state under Obama. Kerry hates America. He has been meeting secretly as a private citizen with evil Iranian leaders during the Trump years, colluding with them to undermine the Trump agenda.

*Jay Inslee is the Democrat governor of Washington state who ran briefly for the Democrat nomination for president. He was one of the first to drop out of the race.

Inslee is a radical ‘global warming’ alarmist. The ‘climate crisis’ was was going to be the focus of his campaign, to force us out of our cars and airplanes and end the use of gasoline, heating oil and natural gas.

Yet Washington state to date has been the hardest-hit state by coronavirus. In other words, Inslee is running around like a lunatic warning us about a global ‘climate’ crisis that allegedly is going to happen 100 years down the road, but he can’t even stop a virus today from killing people in his own state.

This exposes these radical ‘greenies’ for who they really are. These people are koo-koo.

*Beto O’Rourke is the former Democrat congressman from Texas who ran for US Senate in 2018 and did much better than expected, but still lost. So he arrogantly decided that he was cut out to be president of the United States. Beto is a far-left, gun-grabbing socialist and he was one of the first to drop out of the presidential nomination race of 2020.

Vanity Fair magazine gushed in a headline in 2018: “If Beto wants to be president, he should run now.”

Ugh… It is good to see this jerk get his come-uppance. But what else could you expect from a guy who live-streamed himself getting his teeth cleaned (he really did!).

*John McCain is the now-dead Republican US senator from Arizona who tried to get elected president twice. He lost to George W. Bush in the primaries in 2000 and lost the general election to Obama in 2008.

McCain is a loser. And if you look at his history, you know why. Both his father and grandfather were Navy admirals and so he was supremely arrogant in his young years. Many people hated his superior attitude at the US Naval Academy where he ended up graduating near the bottom of his class.

His arrogance continued until the day he died. For instance he cast the deciding vote to keep the disastrous Obamacare program in place in order to harm president Trump. He criticized president Trump repeatedly in order to curry favor with the Fake News media. But this arrogance caught up with him over his lifetime. He never made it to the White House.

*Mitt Romney is one of the worst people ever to seek the presidency. He is allegedly a Republican US senator from Utah but has emerged as the leading Republican Trump-hater of our time.

He ran for president twice, once in 2008 when he lost the nomination to John McCain and then in 2012 when he ran in the general election against Obama and lost. Yet he was surging in the polls as that 2012 election approached and could have won if he had had a spine and take on Obama in brash Trump-like terms. But he didn’t. He played like a sucker nice-guy Republican and lost.

Romney is one of the most reviled figures in the Republican party today.

*Cory Booker is the black Democrat US senator from New Jersey who ran for president in the 2020 cycle. He dropped out of the race in January.

Booker is a classic Democrat. His claim to political fame is that he was once mayor of Newark, New Jersey, which is one of the most corrupt, crime-ridden cities in the country. It is called The Carjacking Capital of America. And Booker wanted to bring his ideas to the White House. Lucky for all of us he failed.

*Howard Dean is the former Democrat governor of Vermont who ran for president in 2004 but was run out of the race when he made his famous “YEEE-AHHHHHHHH!!” scream. This guy is nuts. When Republican New York state congresswoman Elise Stefanik recently found a threatening note on her car windshield, Dean said that Stefanik is “a shame to your district” rather than expressing any sympathy. This is why Dean will never be anything but an asterisk in history. He is a despicable creature.

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