Bernie Hangs In/ ‘Green’ Solutions are Always Worse than the Problem

Bernie Sanders has suffered significant setbacks in the Democrat primaries and all of the pundits said that he was finished. Yet he announced on Wednesday that he is staying in the race. Why?

Answer: First of all because Bernie’s supporters are furious that the Democrat Establishment is rigging the race against Bernie like they did in 2016.

But there is another crucial factor at work – Sanders recognizes that Joe Biden is in a bad mental state and so Sanders therefore is going to try to take advantage of that to win the nomination if Biden really goes downhill.

And this is precisely why top Democrats are trying to shut down the rest of the primaries and get rid of Bernie – because they know that Biden is doing very badly. They want to keep Biden out of the public eye as much as possible, but Sanders is having none of it. He is trying to force their hands to get back at them for screwing him… twice.

Bernie’s decision to stay in the race is going to really upset the Democrats. They already are terrified of Biden’s candidacy. You can bet on that. They don’t even know how they are going to get through this election without Biden destroying himself. They are simply making it up as they go along.

Afghan Troop Withdrawals

Here is some good news about another promise being kept by president Trump. This is from the Associated Press:

American troops have begun leaving Afghanistan for the initial troop withdrawal required in the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement, the U.S. military confirmed Monday…

Army Col. Sonny Leggett, spokesman for U.S. forces in Afghanistan, said in a statement that the U.S. is moving ahead with plans to cut the number of forces in the country from about 13,000 to 8,600 over the next four and a half months.

Another U.S. official said hundreds of troops have headed out of the country as previously planned, but they will not be replaced.

Leggett said the U.S. military in Afghanistan will maintain “all the military means and authorities to accomplish our objectives, including conducting counterterrorism operations” against al-Qaida and the Islamic State’s affiliate in the country, and will maintain support for Afghan forces..

The long-term plan is for the U.S. to remove all troops within 14 months if security conditions are met.

This is great. We never should have been in Afghanistan in the first place. It was another globalist war entered into in 2001 by globalist president George W. Bush, whose disastrous Iraq war was another globalist failure. Together these wars have taken the lives of more than 6,000 great US soldiers, and injured tens of thousands more. Enough!

Bring our troops home!

Now here is a horrible story about illegal immigration. This is from The Gateway Pundit:

An illegal alien was cited with a ticket for “careless driving” after he rear-ended a van and nearly killed an entire family spanning three generations near Disney in Florida.

The driver of a truck that killed a mother, two of her children and the grandmother was in the US illegally, according to authorities.

Two other children, their father and grandfather who were also in the minivan survived.

But after killing 4 people, Lucas Dos Reis Laurindo was only cited with a ticket, the strongest charge that could be made under Florida law.

He is currently being held in custody on a visa violation.

WCVB reported:

The driver of a truck that rear-ended a minivan carrying a Whitman family near Walt Disney World in Florida, killing four people, has been cited, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

The Smith family was in a rental van on Feb. 18 when they were rear-ended by a pickup truck on State Road 429 near Celebration, Florida, according to police.

“Lucas Dos Reis Laurindo was driving a 2016 Ram 3500 truck. He failed to slow as he approached the rear of a 2020 Toyota Sienna van. The front of the truck struck the rear of the van. The van overturned onto its side after the impact,” Florida Highway Patrol said.

The van rolled over, killing 5-year-old Scarlett Smith; her mother, 41-year-old Julie Smith, of Whitman; and her grandmother, 76-year-old Josephine Fay, of Weymouth.

Jaxson Smith, 11, later died of his injuries at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, according to Florida Highway Patrol officials.

“The result of the crash investigation has determined that Mr. Dos Reis Laurindo was at fault for the collision. Under Florida law, the strongest charge that could be made against him is a ticket issued for careless driving. Mr. Dos Reis Laurindo was issued the ticket last week,” Florida Highway Patrol said.

Careless driving? If this were a conservative white American he would be charged with manslaughter and thrown in jail for 20 years. So once again we can see that illegal immigrants are not being held to account for their crimes and are actually getting preferential treatment that Americans would never get. In short Democrats’ open-borders policies are literally killing us.

PS: The family that was killed was white…

‘Green’ Solutions are Always Worse than the Problem

Have you had “plastic bag bans” in your town or state? Where grocery stores and other businesses are banned from giving out free plastic bags for your purchase? Or banned from using plastic containers for things like takeout food at the deli? And these businesses are being forced to switch to paper bags and paperboard deli containers?

This is the latest ‘green’ scam from the environmentalists. And like virtually all “green” ideas, plastic bag bans are a ‘solution’ that is worse for the environment than the original problem.

To understand this you have to understand how ‘greenies’ think. In short, ‘greenies’ believe that everything is a crisis if it has evolved naturally in our economy. For instance they say that the gasoline-powered automobile is a terrible thing, which is false. The automobile is very efficient and useful.

But their solution is to put everyone in electric cars or on passenger trains or on public transportation, which are much more expensive and much less efficient and less energy-efficient than gasoline-powered passenger cars. has written many times on this subject.

In another example, ‘greenies’ are seeking to shut down our coal-fired power plants while their solution is to replace these plants with windmills. But this is the opposite of what we should be doing. We should be building nuclear power plants. Studies show that windmills require up to 1,000 times as much land per unit of energy produced than is needed for a nuclear power plant. And windmills require 500 times as much in resources (steel, concrete, copper, composite material, etc.) than is needed to build a nuclear plant of the same output.

So what is ‘green’ about using up all of that land? And all of those resources? Nothing. Do you want to see a 400-foot-tall windmill everywhere you look? has calculated that we would need one giant windmill on every single square mile of American land – cities, suburbs, rural meadows, small towns, deserts, mountains, coastlines – across the entire US to replace our current electricity supply with wind power. estimates that we would need up to three thousand giant windmills just to replace one single nuclear reactor. This already is a disaster for the environment since tens of thousands of windmills already have been put up.

The bad news about windmills is being covered up by the ‘greenies’ and their media friends who never tell you exactly how much power is being generated. They always put out false numbers. For instance a windmill was put up 13 years ago on a mountain near where lives. The ‘greenies’ said that it would generate enough electricity for 2,000 homes (an impressive-sounding number) but the actual output numbers for the windmill reported on the internet show that it would generate enough power for only 400 homes.

On the subject of plastic bags, ‘greenies’ tell us that plastic bags are bad for the environment and that we should use paper bags instead because paper is more “organic” and ‘natural’. Yet plastic bags are extremely efficient and much better for the environment. reports:

Plastic bags are pretty impressive products. They only weigh about 4 to 5 grams but can hold up to 17 pounds – nearly 2,000 times their own weight. Although they are usually stashed away in a drawer or closet initially, most people reuse them later.

According to the American Chemistry Council (ACC), about 90 percent of Americans reuse their plastic bags for garbage disposal, lunch bags (and other second uses).

Plastic grocery bags require 40-70 percent less energy to manufacture than paper bags.

For every seven trucks needed to deliver paper bags, only one truck is needed to deliver the same number of plastic bags.

The production of plastic bags consumes less than 4 percent of the water used to make paper bags.

Each year, Americans use about 10 billion paper bags, which results in the cutting down of 14 million trees.

Recycling is another ‘green’ practice that is alleged to reduce waste. Yet more and more cities and towns are abandoning recycling because of its sky-high costs. Why?

Answer: Because recycling is a grossly inefficient and expensive process. It requires that paper, cardboard, newspaper, all plastic (bottles, bags, styrofoam, packaging materials, etc.), and cans and bottles be collected separately and then sorted by hand in a massively inefficient system.

These materials then have to be moved over and over in order to be recycled. For several decades, recycled plastic and paper from the US and Europe have been shipped to China for recycling. What for? This wastes huge amounts of energy to ship this stuff thousands of miles.

The best solution is to eliminate recycling and throw all combustible garbage – paper packaging, cardboard, newspaper, plastic bottles, plastic bags, etc. – into the trash can. This garbage then could make the short trip to incinerators in every town and burned as fuel to generate electricity. If you don’t know how it works, look it up. The practice is widespread in Europe. There is a such a plant in’s hometown in Massachusetts.

Such plants solve two problems at once. They get rid of the garbage, which saves land and money being used for landfills, and produce the most valuable energy resource of all, which is electricity.

Yet ‘greenies’ oppose this since they don’t control it in the way that they control recycling and take credit for saving the world with recycling – while they are actually doing great harm to the world through recycling.

NY State Produces Hand Sanitizer… with Prison Labor

Since hand sanitizer is in the news these days with the coronavirus outbreak, New York state’s publicity-obsessed Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo has jumped on the bandwagon. Cuomo recently posed with the first shipment of government-made hand sanitizer.

He boasted that the sanitizer is stronger than commercial sanitizer. But then we learned that the Cuomo sanitizer is being made by prison labor earning 54 cents per hour.

If this isn’t the craziest thing ever, you have to remember that this is socialism at work. Just imagine how much corruption is involved (we can imagine that a government bureaucrat is paid some huge salary to oversee the production of the sanitizer). Or perhaps the prisoners will be able to spend their newfound wealth on marijuana, which will soon become legal in New York state.

You get the idea… It is interesting that New York state has the largest number of coronavirus cases as this commentary is being written. Yet Cuomo is a rabid critic of president Trump. So perhaps Cuomo should take care of his own state rather than criticizing Trump or making hand sanitizer.

Update: The Legal Aid Society, a left-wing, pro-criminal group has slammed Cuomo for using the prison labor. In other words, Legal Aid is angry that prisoners are actually being asked to do something in exchange for their “room and board”.

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