Virus Panic Tells Us to Count Our Blessings Every Day

First, here is some great news about the War on Terror: After an Iran-backed militia killed two US soldiers and a female UK soldier at the Taji military base in Iraq, US airstrikes responded by killing at least 18 militia members including Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander General Siamand Mashhadani.

This guy was a top figure in the Iran military, just like Soleimani was. And his death is more good news for the freedom-loving people of the world. God bless president Trump – again- for his bold action against the scourge of terrorism. You will see very little reference to this story in the Fake News media since it is another win for Trump.

Now here is today’s main commentary: was in the grocery store yesterday and some shelves were empty due to panic buying over the Chinese virus. One patron said to another with a laugh, “It’s the end of the world!”

And I thought to myself: We in America in 2020 have the highest standard of living in all of human history. We have nice homes, long lifespans, clean air and water, ample food, great medical technology, efficient cars, and endless amusements.

Yet after just a few days of coronavirus panic and some empty shelves, people were thinking that it is the end of the world. And while it was said in jest, there are millions of people who are very seriously worried.

And I thought to myself that just three months ago in mid-December we had everything imaginable like nice homes, long lifespans, clean air and water, ample food, efficient cars, great medical technology and endless amusements and we did not even appreciate what we had. We did not count our blessings.

Well, some of us did count our blessings. We conservatives are always thankful and grateful for the good things that we have in this world. But liberals and Democrats, on the other hand, are always angry and ungrateful.

Three months ago, we were in the midst of the impeachment frenzy. Despite Americans having so much good in our lives, Democrats insisted on trying to destroy the president who had made things better for millions of people. Democrats never considered that we might someday have empty store shelves or canceled hockey games by the time that March rolled around. They simply did not care. They only wanted to ruin president Trump.

What evil lurks in these Democrats’ hearts? It is simply inexplicable.

This is what people on the socialist left always do. Even when times are good, they pick out things that they are angry about and repeat them over and over and over and over in order to make society angry and fearful like they are every minute of every day.

And the reason is simple – people gravitate to the Democrats when they are angry and insecure and ungrateful. And they are constantly triggered by anything and everything positive like president Trump cracking down on illegal immigration or killing terrorist generals like Soleimani.

Today the socialists are attacking our president every day about his response to the virus despite the fact that he acted expeditiously to stop it with travel bans. So Democrats called him a racist in order to make a positive into a negative. The China ban probably saved thousands of lives already.

This all could be compared to the hysteria over ‘global warming’. There is no proof that “warming” is happening. In fact where lives in New England, we have had a decade of mostly frigid winters and deep snows. But that does not stop the ‘warming’ lunatics from trying to destroy our happiness when we have so many great things in our lives.

Now we have the Covid-19 hysteria. Out of 327 million Americans, 42 have died. Yet somehow we are supposed to believe that the world is ending, even though 27 of those who died were elderly people in a nursing home. And that nursing home is in Washington state where the governor is the most rabid ‘climate change’ fanatic than you can imagine.

So while this governor panics about the global temperature in the year 2120 – which he can never predict – he cannot even prevent 27 deaths in a nursing home in his own state in 2020.

These crass ‘greenies’ are even reacting with glee to the widespread economic slowdown that is coming as the Chinese virus sets in. Rather than feel bad about people losing their jobs and their incomes, these fanatics are cheering that there will be reductions in ‘greenhouse gas emissions’.

Friends, we really need to step back and take a deep breath. First we need to understand that this crisis will pass.

Second, we must realize that there are people in the Democrat party who are praying that the virus harms the whole country in the name of harming president Trump. But it will not. Their candidate Joe Biden is utterly horrible. They know that he is going to lose in November.

Third, as president Trump has asked us all to pray on Sunday for our nation, he does not need to ask his supporters to do so. We already are praying and are thankful for all of the good that God has given to the United States of America. And we know that God will guide us through this crisis as he has done so many times before.

Update from Breitbart News:

While the U.S. tries to contain the spread of the coronavirus — with leading medical experts blaming international travel and migration for much of the outbreak — nearly 151,000 border crossers and illegal aliens have been apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border since October 2019 from 72 affected countries, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data reveals.

Since October, for example, 1,657 Chinese nationals have been apprehended at the southern border. About 341 of these Chinese nationals sought to enter the U.S. illegally just within the last few months.

DHS data finds that Chinese nationals are continuing to arrive at the southern border, with about six being apprehended within the last couple of days. There are now close to 81,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in China and 3,180 deaths.

“We have a unique public health threat posed by individuals arriving unlawfully at the border, where migrants, law enforcement officials, frontline personnel, and the American public are put at risk,” a senior DHS official told Breitbart News.

“All it would take is a single infected individual to impact the detained migrant community within DHS facilities,” the official said. “Without proper precautions, which can only happen through orderly, lawful migration, the virus threatens to spread rapidly. Any halting of [Remain in Mexico] would exacerbate this threat.”

Brazil, where 151 cases of the coronavirus are confirmed, has had about 6,400 of their nationals arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border since October. Similarly, eight Iranian nationals, 12 Italian nationals, 346 Russian nationals, 160 Romanian nationals, 204 Vietnamese, 827 Indian nationals, and 1,045 nationals from Cameroon — countries that have a combined coronavirus-infected population of nearly 30,000 and 1,781 deaths.

In light of this, just remember Obama’s response to the 2009 swine flu, which originated in Mexico. He did not stop illegal immigration or close the Mexican border during his entire presidency.

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