China Screws the World/ Has Biden Ruined Himself on Guns?

A reporter who was turned away from the White House for having a high temperature, and thus possibly a coronavirus fever, worked for the Chinese-owned English language media outlet CGTN, which is a propaganda arm of the government of communist China.

Why was this reporter being allowed into the White House in the first place? Was he trying to spread the virus inside the White House?

He sure could have been. This is typical of how the dirty rats from China are infiltrating our nation, never mind undermining the entire world with disease. Remember the truth: Coronavirus came from China

We need to know if the government of China made this coronavirus as a bio-weapon to harm the whole world. We need answers about where this virus really came from. Was it made in a lab? Why did the Chinese government cover up the real dimensions of the outbreak?

Did the Chinese government send infected people all over the world to spread the virus?

Don’t think for a second that they would not do such a thing. These communists are pure evil.

Do not believe a single word in the media about how this virus started, where it started or anything else. Because nobody knows. It started in communist China and we have no idea what is really going on over there.

Italy has the highest concentration of coronavirus cases because Italy has the largest concentration of Chinese in all of Europe, following large Chinese investments in Italy.

Italy should expel every one of these Chinese. They are all agents of the government of China. After all, only communist sympathizers and party activists are allowed to officially leave China to do business elsewhere.

And all Chinese nationals in the US should be expelled as well. Virtually all of them are spies for the communist government of China.

Note: The bubonic plague came from China and killed one-third of the population of Europe in the 14th century. Nothing good comes from China. President Trump has rightly been warning about China for decades. remembers a Chinese restaurant across from my grandmother’s apartment back in the 1960s. It always had a horrible smell coming out from it. I can remember that stench today. What was that? Were they cooking cats? It could be. My grandmother used to joke that they were cooking cats. Now I think that she was right.

Update: President Trump is giving vice president Mike Pence a leading role in the coronavirus crisis. This is good news and is setting up Pence to look presidential and be elected president in 2024 to carry on the Trump legacy. Pence truly is a presidential figure in both demeanor and appearance.

Biden Badly Harmed Himself in Second Amendment Confrontation

In a recent confrontation over the 2nd Amendment with a Michigan auto worker named Jerry Wayne, Joe Biden may have ruined his presidential candidacy. By telling Wayne that he was “full of sh**”, Biden not only showed himself to be profane and out of control but he surely alienated millions of American gun owners who might have voted for him.

After all, Wayne is a union member who has always voted Democrat in the past. believes that Biden badly harmed his chances to win Michigan in November in the Electoral College, and thus the White House. After all, Wayne could become the national spokesman for resistance to Biden among union members and gun owners, particularly in Michigan, which is a crucial electoral state.

To make matters worse, Biden just appointed as his campaign manager the former manager of Beto O’Rourke’s campaign. And O’Rourke is one of the most radical anti-gun figures in America.

Meanwhile there is more bad news for Biden. A Never Biden movement is emerging that could be just as potent as the Never Trump movement. Except that Biden is in a much weaker position than Trump was in 2016. reported:

A ‘Never Biden’ movement vows not to vote for Joe

On Tuesday night, Joe Biden’s campaign was celebrating his latest primary night triumph (in Michigan, etc.).

By Wednesday morning, #NeverBiden, #WriteinBernie and #DemExit2020 hashtags began trending on Twitter.

There’s no question it’s been a banner two weeks for Biden. But lurking in the background of his sudden ascension to all-but-presumptive nominee is evidence that at least some Bernie Sanders supporters might not migrate to him in November, weakening him in the general election.

The significance of the problem became apparent in the same string of primaries that put Biden on the cusp of the nomination.

In Michigan — a state critical to Democrats’ efforts to reclaim their general election footing in the Rust Belt — just 2 of 5 Sanders backers said they would vote Democratic in November, regardless of who became the nominee, according to exit polls. Four in five said they’d be dissatisfied with Biden as the Democratic standard-bearer.

Though it’s unclear how widespread or adamant the #NeverBiden contingent is — will they really stay home when the alternative is another four years of President Donald Trump? — the misgivings at least put the Biden campaign on notice that it has significant work to do to bring along Sanders’ base.

It is important to remember that a whole state’s electoral votes can be won by a very small margin. So if Biden offends thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of gun owners and union people in crucial states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Mexico and others then he may have ceded those states to president Trump just on the issue of guns.

At the same time Biden said during a recent debate that he would not deport illegal aliens with coronavirus. This would be in addition to the millions of illegal alien criminals that Democrats have been protecting for decades.

In short, Democrats always want to help illegal aliens, sick illegals and illegal alien criminals rather than help Americans.

Another Second Amendment Success

Breitbart News reported:

An El Cerrito, California, husband shot and killed an alleged intruder Saturday as his wife and daughter hid together in the bedroom for safety.

The husband said the suspect “appeared to be trying to enter the home,” El Cerrito Police Capt. Robert De La Campa told the East Bay Times.

“The male resident shouted at the intruder, who did not leave. The resident felt threatened that the intruder was going to enter the home and he felt he was acting in defense of himself and his family, so he shot at the intruder,” De La Campa added.

The suspect, who was in his late 20s, fled the scene after the husband shot at him. He soon collapsed and police found his body in the street.

OK, this is yet another success story about gun ownership that has been ignored by the national Fake News media and only will appear in regional news reports. The Richmond (Calif.) Standard newspaper then reported:

The identity of the deceased male is not being released at this time, as his family still needs to be notified, police said. No arrests have been made and the investigation remains ongoing.

Awww… gee… we have to protect the burglar’s family from being hurt. That is nonsense. Notice that “no arrests have been made”. This suggests that the homeowner could possibly be arrested for killing the intruder. After all, there were just two people involved and one of them is dead.

This is why we need big changes in our current legal system. We should have laws nationwide that allow people to kill burglars, murderers, rapists, intruders, etc. without consequence. Such laws would cut crime significantly, which is why Democrats don’t want them. Because Democrats love criminals.

Millions of crimes, including murder, have been prevented by the use of or even just the brandishing of a gun. The Fake News media ignore this reality in order to smear legal gun owners and the whole idea of 2nd Amendment gun ownership.

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