US, World Must Retaliate Against China Over Virus

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the United States must completely undo its current relationship with China.

First, we must consider significant economic retaliation for the damage done by the virus. Breitbart News reported:

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) said on Monday that the United States should begin forcing China to “pay the burden and the cost incurred” by the U.S. due to the Wuhan coronavirus.

The Indiana lawmaker said during an appearance on Monday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight that the U.S. should place the financial burden caused by the Chinese coronavirus on China and floated several ways to do that, including China relieving a “great amount” of U.S. debt (owed to China, more than $1.1 trillion).

“We need to start by forcing China to pay the burden and the cost incurred on the United States of America due to the coronavirus. I think there are many ways that we can do that,” Banks said.

He continued:

The president could force China to relieve a great amount of American debt. He could institute tariffs on China and designate the funds from that into a coronavirus victim relief fund to pay the cost incurred on Americans and American taxpayers due to the negligence on China’s behalf that’s led to the crisis in America today.

“So by releasing the debt, the U.S. debt held by the Chinese, we could fund that,” Carlson said, asking Banks if he believes the Trump administration will go in that direction.

“I hope so,” Banks said, applauding the “enormous” strength Trump demonstrated on trade deals.

“I have no doubt that President Trump will do everything that he can to hold China accountable for what they’ve caused on Americans today,” he said.

This is a great idea. It is time for America to wake up to the evil nature of the Chinese under their evil communist government.

At the same time the whole world should retaliate against China. Dozens of nations around the world are in debt to China for infrastructure projects that China has built for them like railroads and communications systems. These countries should simply halt their repayments to China and expel all Chinese nationals from their shores.

The Wall Street Journal reported about the heavy coronavirus toll in Iran:

Iranian officials trace the origins of the country’s coronavirus epidemic to the holy city of Qom, home to … a number of Chinese-backed infrastructure projects built by scores of workers and technicians from China … ‘(China has) turned into a very toxic bomb,’ said Sanam Vakil, deputy Middle East director at Chatham House, a think tank in London.

In other words, the whole world is waking up to the evil of China. And China must now be isolated. We must never go back the old way of doing business with a totally corrupt nation.

One of the reasons that Italy has been so hard hit by coronavirus is that China has invested heavily in Italy and Italy has a big Chinese population. Italy should expel all Chinese nationals immediately and halt all payments to China.

In addition, the United States should expel all Chinese nationals from our shores since they are all communist spies in our industries, in our universities, etc. After all, only members of the Chinese communist party can travel and work abroad.

We should also undertake an immediate program to build factories in the US to produce the things that China is making and selling to the US like steel, consumer products, electronics and even pharmaceuticals.

This is a no-brainer. For decades American politicians from both political parties have allowed our manufacturing jobs to flee to low-cost countries like China. This must end immediately. And we know that president Trump is on the side of America and on the side of us conservatives who have been warning about China and wicked communism for decades.

Yet the coronavirus epidemic is proving that the Deep State in Washington is taking China’s side, just as we might expect. There was media/Deep State/Democrat outrage over president Trump identifying the coronavirus as coming from China.

This is just like the Deep State, media and Democrats refusing to say out loud that muslims commit terrorism or that blacks commit a huge amount of crime.

It has gotten so bad that an MSNBC legal analyst and former Deep State federal prosecutor suggested that president Trump may have “criminal exposure” for ‘negligent homicide’ over his coronavirus response. The analyst made no mention of China’s culpability in spreading and covering up the virus.

Tucker Carlson picked up the argument against China on his Fox News TV show. He said: “Nobody forced us to outsource the production of essential medical supplies to China. Our leaders did that and they did it on purpose. They don’t want to talk about it now at all. But they did it and it was a crime.”

Carlson added, “We need to move essential manufacturing back to the United States. It’s crazy not to. More broadly, we need to start treating China like the dangerous Cold War-level adversary it has clearly become.”

“China’s Third World health practices played a central role in this disaster. The virus grew to a pandemic because Chinese officials silenced health authorities in that country who tried to warn the public about it. Even now, the Chinese government is determined to crush any unsanctioned reporting from the country.”

Carlson also called China an “imminent threat to the United States” and added, “Amazingly, our ruling class is taking China’s side. And that, again, … clarifies things. You can see exactly what side people are on. Now, some of our leaders do this on purpose because they’re getting rich from China.”

Carlson is referring to Joe Biden and his son’s corrupt deal with the Bank of China in which the bank invested $1.5 billion in a sham hedge fund run by Hunter Biden. China did this in order to buy favor with Joe Biden, who is effectively on China’s payroll through his son.

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