‘Sting’ Video Exposes Voter Fraud

For decades now we have seen undercover ‘sting’ operations mounted by liberals. They show on video, for instance, a white real-estate agent steering a black couple away from a white neighborhood when looking for a home to purchase.

Yet now we have conservatives mounting ‘sting operations’ on liberals and the liberals are having a fit. Because we are seeing actual government-supported fraud being exposed every day.

US attorney general Eric Holder repeatedly has said that there is no significant voter fraud in America and that laws requiring voters to show ID to vote are unconstitutional and harm minorities. The Justice Department recently brought suit against the state of Texas for implementing such a law.

But then imagine that the white real-estate agent defended herself saying that blacks should be steered away from white neighborhoods in order not to harm white property values. That would be quite controversial, would it not?

Yet conservative ‘sting artist’ James O’Keefe has repeatedly caught poll workers giving out ballots to people who are not even who they say they are because the actor in the video does not have to show an ID to get a ballot.

In one recent ‘sting’ in Washington, DC a young white male was able to give attorney general Eric Holder’s name and street address and then was offered Holder’s ballot. Holder is black.

When the white male ‘voter’ asked the poll worker if he, the male ‘voter’, should present an ID to get the ballot, the poll worker insisted that that is not necessary. Because according to liberal orthodoxy no poll worker is allowed to ask for identification from a voter.

Here is the DC polling place exchange as reported by John Fund on nationalreview.com in an article called ‘Why We Need Voter-ID Laws Now’ The ‘man’ represents the actor asking for Holder’s ballot.

‘Man: Do you have an Eric Holder, 50th Street?

Poll worker: Let me see here.

Man: Xxxx 50th Street.

Poll Worker: Let’s see, Holder, Hol-t-e-r, or Hold-d-e-r?

Man: H-o-l-d-e-r.

Poll Worker: D-e-r. Okay.

Man: That’s the name.

Poll Worker: I do. Xxxx 50th Street NW. Okay. [Puts check next to name, indicating someone has shown up to vote.] Will you sign there . . .

Man: I actually forgot my ID.

Poll Worker: You don’t need it; it’s all right.

Man: I left it in the car.

Poll Worker: As long as you’re in here, and you’re on our list and that’s who you say you are, we’re okay.

Man: I would feel more comfortable if I go get my ID, is it all right if I go get it?

Poll Worker: Sure, go ahead.

Man: I’ll be back faster than you can say furious!

Poll Worker: We’re not going anywhere.

Note that O’Keefe’s assistant never identified himself as Eric Holder, so he was not illegally impersonating him.

Nor did he attempt to vote using the ballot that was offered him, or even to accept it. O’Keefe has been accused by liberals of committing voter fraud in his effort to expose just how slipshod the election systems of various no-ID-required states are, but lawyers say his methods avoid that issue. Moreover, he has only taped his encounters with election officials in jurisdictions that allow videotaping someone in public with only one party’s knowledge.’

In short, by refusing to require ID Democrats are allowing massive voter fraud all across the nation. Yet you have to show an ID to get money from your bank account or to cash a check or buy cigarettes. Why not require ID for the most important privilege in our democracy – voting?

O’Keefe’s stings have worked in places like New Hampshire, Vermont and Minnesota and led to implementation of voter ID laws in several states.

And of course the poll workers can never be held to account because they are following the law according to Democrat orthodoxy which says that voter ID laws will harm minorities who are less likely to have ID and that no-ID-required laws “protect” minorities.

So why not a law that allows real-estate agents to steer blacks away from white neighborhoods in order to “protect” the value of whites’ homes since statistically blacks have worse neighborhoods than whites? It would be the same thing, would it not?

Try getting that through your state legislature…

In a video about Vermont, an O’Keefe agent enters voting places around the state giving a different name each time and each time he is offered a ballot without showing an ID.

In the video, the O’Keefe agent repeatedly requests but does not take a Republican primary ballot because, "We wanted to remind viewers this is not a partisan issue. This is a situation wherein anyone — Republican or Democrat — can exploit the system."

But it is crucial to remember that it is Republicans and conservatives who are strongly advocating voter ID laws and Democrats who block them every time they can.

So look at this from breitbart.com, which summarizes the debate:

‘As the Project Veritas video shows, the current system in Vermont discriminates against actual legal voters, who must face the prospect of disenfranchisement by those who would vote in their stead illegally, or have their votes cancelled out by those voting illegally in place of deceased voters who have yet to be removed from the rolls.’

In other word, no-ID-required voter laws, which are alleged to prevent the disenfranchisement of minorities, actually do certainly disenfranchise legal voters. It’s just that those disenfranchised by no-ID-required laws are likely to be white and legitimately registered, people who are of no concern to the Democrats.

Breitbart.com continued:

‘If it is not discriminatory for Vermont citizens to be required to show ID to get married or buy alcohol, it is certainly not discriminatory to make them show ID to vote. “It is a national disgrace that ballots can be given out in the names of dead people,” O’Keefe told Breitbart.com. “Threats of government intimidation will not stop us from protecting the integrity of the ballot box. If any state has a system which encourages ballots to be given out to the wrong person, dead or alive, we will come to your state, we will film your poll workers, and Project Veritas will put the videos on YouTube. States like Vermont and New Hampshire have to take dead people off voter registration forms and clean up their act, once and for all.”’

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