Biden Surges/ Conservatives are Always Correct about Everything

Joe Biden won another resounding victory in the primaries on Tuesday, March 17. Biden is well on his way to the nomination.

It will be interesting to see what Bernie Sanders does. As has said in the past, Sanders may stay in the campaign just to show his rabid supporters that he is not a quitter. He also may be hoping that Biden falters, or even possibly drops out of the race for health reasons, leaving Sanders as the only choice.

Sanders can stay on the ballot in the remaining states without spending any money. And he may do that, while making campaign appearances to keep his name in the race. This is a low-cost strategy to keep him in contention if Biden falters.

Democrats are anxious to end the primary contests ASAP since Biden would have to show up at debates and campaign appearances and say things in public, which often end up making Biden look like he has dementia, which believes that he does.

Democrats want to hide Biden and run his campaign through statements and tweets attacking president Trump. This will prevent Biden from making any more public gaffes, like when he didn’t remember Obama’s name.

But all of this maneuvering is simply putting off the Democrat day of reckoning. When Biden is under pressure in the Fall election campaign and is forced to make daily campaign appearances, he is going to screw up big time and there is nothing that the Democrats can do about it. expects that Biden will make major gaffes during the debates with president Trump, which will doom his White House bid.

This was the same deal we had with Hillary, who has health problems that were covered up by the media in 2016. When she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial service, that ruined her chances to win the White House. The same type of ‘black swan’ event could doom Biden.

Now look at this awful story about the coronavirus from Breitbart:

The Prime Minister of France warned that if the United Kingdom doesn’t enact stricter measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Britons will be banned from travelling to France.

On Tuesday, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe accused the UK of falling behind its European counterparts in containing the coronavirus pandemic, warning that France may be forced to restrict travel from Britain if Boris Johnson fails to enact similar lockdown measures.

This is insane. All of a sudden, after years of European open-borders policies that we conservatives have been criticizing from the start, France is angry at Britain! Are you kidding! This must be a joke. These Europeans are deranged.

It is important to remember why France is doing this. It is intended to embarrass Britain for having the audacity to leave the European Union. It is all political. And it is abhorrent beyond words.

We Conservatives Have been Correct about Everything

The Chinese virus pandemic proves to us once again that we conservatives have been correct about everything. Let us count the ways:

*We conservatives have fought for secure borders while socialists and communists worldwide have sought to flood the Western countries (the US, Europe, etc.) with foreigners about whom we know absolutely nothing.

These aliens have often come by the tens of thousands carrying diseases that we knew nothing about when they arrived here. And then our health care systems is required to take care of them… for free.

Imagine today that we decided to throw our border open to anyone from China; there would be outrage among the public. In the last few months, however, more than 1,500 Chinese have been seized at the Mexican border. Yet Democrats are saying that they still want open borders, even as the covid-19 pandemic spreads.

The 2009 swine flu epidemic was reported to have originated in Mexico. Yet during his 8 years in office Obama never once sought to close the Mexican border or to slow the flow of illegal aliens over that border.

Imagine how many Americans, including Democrats, are happy that president Trump is controlling the border today.

*We conservatives have said that we should not coddle the homeless. But the leftists in our cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle have ignored us and have allowed the homeless to camp permanently anywhere that they want to and even to use the streets as bathrooms.

On the other hand, the law-abiding, tax-paying residents of these cities are disgusted and terrified that these exploding homeless encampments are going to become breeding grounds for covid-19 and will accelerate the spread of coronavirus. is acquainted with an ultra-liberal woman from Seattle who is furious about the homeless problem. Yet it was created by the very policies that she embraces.

*President Trump halted all flights to and from China on January 31. We conservatives totally supported him. Yet no Democrat would have done this, and Democrats called Trump a racist and xenophobe for doing so. Yet that action alone certainly curbed the spread of coronavirus in the US in a major way and probably saved thousands of lives already.

*President Trump has confronted China on its unfair trade practices and gotten great results. Democrats attacked him for doing so, but conservatives have given him our full support.

*We conservatives have opposed the relentless War on Trump from the Democrats, including impeachment and the Russia Hoax. But Democrat continued to attack the president. At the same time, everything was going great until the Chinese poisoned us. But that does not stop the Democrats from ruthlessly attacking the president.

*Conservatives have opposed the excesses of the labor unions, the taxers and regulators and the ‘green’ fanatics who have driven millions of jobs from our shores to low-wage nations. Today with the virus crisis from China, it should be a wake-up call for us to bring our jobs back from that corrupt and evil nation.

We still don’t know what the final impact of this covid-19 crisis is going to be, but already it has been very costly. We should hold China to account.

*Our terrible public schools, which conservatives have been criticizing for decades, have failed to educate tens of millions of Americans in the most fundamental ways. This is a leading cause of poverty.

*Single motherhood, which Democrats have supported for decades, is perhaps THE leading cause of poverty among women and their children. We conservatives have opposed single motherhood from the start.

*Private-sector, free-market American pharmaceutical/medical technology will eventually end the Chinese virus epidemic, not government programs. When liberals talk about the great socialistic health-care systems in Europe, they fail to mention that these systems use advanced technology that came from the United States and its capitalist economy.

*Conservatives believe in moderation. We do not take everything we can get in panic buying at the grocery store like toilet paper and bottled water.

*We conservatives believe in speaking the truth, and not using politically-correct language. President Trump is now referring to the coronavirus as the ‘Chinese virus’, which is exactly what it is. Democrats, meanwhile, are seeking to shift the blame for the spread of the virus to president Trump, rather than acknowledging the real culprit.

*We conservatives opposed the drug culture of the 1960s. Yet now that heroin is killing tens of thousands of Americans per year, our opposition looks pretty smart. And most of that heroin is coming over our border with Mexico, which Democrats want to remain porous.

*We conservatives have opposed the loose sexual culture that has been proven to spread disease for thousands of years. Just imagine what kinds of things these sexually-active people have been giving to each other including immune-weakening AIDS. Imagine having sex with a total stranger whom you don’t know anything about, including what sicknesses he or she may have. calculates that if AIDS had spread among the general population at the same rate that it spread among gay males that 65 million Americans would have died of AIDS by now.

In the case of coronavirus, we may see more disease spread by these promiscuous people.

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