Trump, Pence Shine in Crisis/ Chinese Play the Victim Card

First, here is some good news about the Chinese virus:

Laura Ingraham reported on her TV show that a new study showed that an anti-viral medication called chloroquine is successful in fighting coronavirus in patients who are already infected.

Dr. Gregory Rigano, co-author of the study, said that it found that those covid-19 patients who took hydroxy-chloroquine were free of the disease in 6 days(!) He also said taking chloroquine could act as a preventative.

Hydroxy-chloroquine and chloroquine are generic drugs that have been around since World War II. They are reported to be just 5 cents per tablet. Ingraham said that she has taken the drug before trips to Africa.

This is great news. Let us hope that it is true over the long term…

Update: President Trump talked about chloroquine and hydroxy-chloroquine in his March 19 press conference. He wants to expedite approval of these drugs, which already are approved for other diseases. But it is Democrats who have built up years of delays in approval for such medicines. Trump wants to eliminate those delays as he has sought to roll back regulations everywhere in the government.

Second update: A caller to the Sean Hannity radio show said that her 21-year-old son had asthma as a child and had been taking chloroquine since age 5, and that it worked amazingly well to clear his lungs (lung congestion is one of the main problems with coronavirus).

Trump, Pence Shine in Crisis

There is an old saying that Americans would unite to fight off the common enemy if martians attacked us.

And right now it appears to that that is happening with the Chinese virus. Three very prominent Trump-hating liberals – the governor of California, the governor of New York and CNN’s Dana Bash – all have praised president Trump and vice president Pence for their measured, commanding and calm response to the coronavirus.

Why did the governors act this way? It is quite simple. Trump controls the federal handouts that states might get and thus their praise is only about one thing – money.

Even the radical Democrat muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota praised president Trump’s actions as “incredible and the right response in this critical time.” Obviously Omar is feeling enormous pressure over allegations of her faked marriage to her brother and has decided to try to buy some goodwill from her political adversaries.

At a time when many Democrats and Fake News media sources still are seeking in any way possible to blame this virus on the president and bring him down, believes that a clear majority of Americans, including many Democrats, are seeing a thoughtful and caring president taking control of the situation, alongside a vice president who exudes the same positive traits.

With the stock market sliding you would think that the media and the Democrats could be taking every advantage of the situation to smear the president. But believes that Americans are in no way blaming the president for that either and that he is coming off as truly a “wartime leader” as he himself described it.

Good for the president. And what is Joe Biden doing? He suggested that we need to take four steps to combat the virus… even though those four steps have already been taken by the president. This shows how irrelevant Biden has become.

Once we get through this crisis, America is going to have a big party. The end could come as soon as May when the number of infected people starts falling from its peak and we can all breathe easier. After all, South Korea already appears to be on a downslope of infections.

The solemn nature of the crisis is denying Democrats their usual platform from which to smear the president. Americans are scared. To hear the president saying assuredly and calmly that we will get through this crisis and that we will come out stronger at the other end is just another reason that Trump is gaining the respect and admiration of the American people, and will be re-elected in November.

Meanwhile we have seen frantic actions across the country to close bars, restaurants and schools yet we did not hear a single peep about stopping the primary elections in Florida, Illinois and Arizona on March 17 even though many of the voters are elderly and vulnerable to the virus.

This happened since those primaries needed to be held so that Democrats can finalize their elimination of Bernie Sanders from the presidential race, and the public health consequences be damned. This proves how crass these Democrats are.

Chinese Play the Victim Card

Well, that didn’t take long. Chinese-Americans, the communist Chinese government and Asian people all over the globe are playing the victim in the case of the virus that came from, well, China.

Rather than accepting that China is obviously the source of the virus and that the communist government lied about it for weeks, allowing the virus to spread, devious Chinese actors around the globe are playing the world for a sucker. The government of China even went so far as to blame the American military for covid-19.

But then again, finger-pointing is the classic tactic used by all people on the left who do evil things. For instance, muslims have sought for decades to convince us that they do not commit terrorism. Blacks act like they do not commit crimes and that their high crime rate is all the fault of white people.

At the White House press conference on March 18 a female Chinese-American reporter claimed that someone in the White House had called the Chinese virus ‘Kung Flu’ and suggested that that comment was racist and wondered what the president was going to do about it.

Naturally the reporter could not identify the person who said it and thus it sounds like another Fake News media/Chinese sham designed to smear the Trump White House.

It gets worse. Asians already are angling to make the Chinese virus into a political plus for their own interests. The Gateway Pundit reported:

A leading House Democrat is suggesting that we end tariffs on Chinese imports amid the spread of Wuhan Virus , essentially rewarding the Chinese for their secretive and problematic handling of the virus that is quickly spreading to all corners of the globe.

Florida Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, whose husband manufactures sportswear in Chinese factories according to an article by The Hill, could potentially benefit from such a move. The proposed legislation is co-sponsored by Democrat Joe Cunningham of South Carolina. Murphy also owns a patent on one of the products manufactured by her husband.

So there you go. Stephanie Murphy (born Đặng Thị Ngọc Dung) is of Vietnamese ancestry. And she is actually trying to use the virus as an excuse to reward her husband and herself. This is so shameful that it needs no further comment.

This is why so many Asians have been under suspicion in America for as long as they have come here – because they are outsiders who don’t seem to have any interest but their own.

Meanwhile here is another case of an Asian female who appears to be Chinese:

According to the Los Angeles Times, a Massachusetts woman flew from Los Angeles to China before testing positive for coronavirus. The woman, whose last name is Li, told Air China flight attendants that she didn’t feel well but then lied about taking fever-reducing medicine.

This female could have infected hundreds of people, but she did not care. After all, she is Chinese.

Others with Asian ancestry are piling on. Chrissy Teigen, a celebrity model whose mother is from Thailand and who has a line of products at Target stores, went on a rant against first lady Melania Trump calling her a “wifebot” and culminating in a filthy “f*** you”.

How does Teigen get away with this?

She should not. We need Republicans in Washington to pressure Target over these comments. Teigen is known to be a foul-mouth, and so her Asian ancestry comes as no surprise.

As a break from the Chinese virus news, here is an amazing video about construction of the Mexican border wall. It is wonderful. Here’s another video about The Wall.

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