We Conservatives Have Warned for Decades about Communism

First, here is some good news. The drug chloroquine, which is common, cheap and has been around since the 1940s, reportedly is proving effective in treating people sick with the coronavirus. This drug’s production could easily be ramped up to provide the whole world. Let us hope that this is all true and this helps to end this crisis.

Meanwhile here is more good news from The Gateway Pundit:

Medical officials in Japan say a drug used to treat new strains of influenza has proven to be effective in treating the coronavirus COVID-19.

Zhang Xinmin, an official at China’s science and technology ministry, said the drug — called favipiravir and sold under the brand name Avigan — had produced “encouraging outcomes in clinical trials in Wuhan and Shenzhen involving 340 patients,” The Guardian reported.

“It has a high degree of safety and is clearly effective in treatment,” Zhang told reporters on Tuesday.

People who had tested positive for the virus were given the drug, and then four days later tested negative. That compares with a median of 11 days for those who were not treated with the drug.

Let us pray that this all true…

Conservatives Have Warned for Decades about Communism

Now that China has unleashed a plague on world, it is time for us conservatives to remind everyone that we have been warning relentlessly for many decades about the evil of communism.

At the same time we conservatives have been called every name in the book as we warned that communism is the most vile and destructive force in the world.

And what have anti-conservatives on the socialist left warned us about?

They told us that ‘global warming’ is going to swallow the planet, that solar panels will save us, that muslims do not commit terrorism, that black criminals are good people. But they never told us that a communist country like China was going to unleash a crisis that could end up being a devastating blow to the entire world.

Conservatism has been around for as long as mankind has been. During the Middle Ages in Europe, for instance, it was thousands of conservative Christian monasteries both large and small during the years 400 AD to 1300 AD that sustained the continent and laid the foundation for modern Europe and then America.

These monasteries acted as centers for the expanding Christian faith and its social order but they also became centers of scholarship; they became laboratories for crop production, animal husbandry, metallurgy and art; they acted as inns, hospitals, banks, orphanages and conference centers; they became de facto governments and courts of law for the undeveloped continent; while local monks acted as police and maintained the roads.

Yet liberals and communist atheists defame Christianity every single day. But it was not a Christian monastery that launched this covid-19 plague on the world. It was atheist, communist China, which also was the source of the bubonic plague that wiped out one-third of Europe’s population in the 14th century.

The communists in China did everything they could to cover up the coronavirus plague. They lied. People who talked about the virus suddenly disappeared. They refused to tell the world about the danger as they sent Chinese abroad by the thousands to infect us as if nothing was wrong.

The basic character of the Chinese has contributed mightily to this crisis. Chinese people are generally ignorant, underhanded and shallow. They invented ZERO modern technology – they are not anywhere near smart enough. The Chinese economy today runs 100% on American technology, much of it stolen.

Their culture is desolate and has little to offer except for a primitive wall. Their hygiene is poor. They eat dogs, cats, snakes and bats; they even eat a disgusting reptile called the pangolin. They spit all the time. China is a polluted country full of cookie-cutter people who have no individual personality whatsoever.

The famed theoretical physicist Albert Einstein called the Chinese “filthy people” and added, “It would be a pity if these Chinese supplant all other races. For the likes of us, the mere thought is unspeakably dreary.”

Update: The Chinese are ugly racists too. A banner at a restaurant in China, Yang Yu porridge shop, reads:

“Congratulations to the United #疫情 States, I wish the small Japanese disease smooth sailing, long and long!”

Iran had a big coronavirus outbreak because Chinese workers were doing major infrastructure projects in the city of Qom. Italy has a major outbreak since China is doing many projects in Italy and has the largest concentration in all of Europe of Chinese people.

Is this coronavirus a bio-weapon created by the communists in China? It could very well be. We need to know. These devils are capable of endless evil.

All nations of the world, including the US, should immediately expel all Chinese nationals from their shores. These Chinese should willingly go back to where they came from. After all, Chinese who go abroad for business are official members of the communist party. Nobody else is allowed to go. And so the party certainly will welcome their return and treat them well. And the US should bid them good riddance. After all, every one of them is a communist spy.

Communism spread its evil in Europe in the 20th century. Communists took over Russia in 1917 and led that nation into decades of poverty, starvation, forced labor and darkness. Up to 40 million Russians were murdered by their own government under dictators Stalin and Lenin.

Adolf Hitler was a communist. His Nazi party was officially known as the National Socialist party (note: ‘socialist’). His government killed 20 million people and started a war that killed 50 million Europeans and wrecked the continent.

Hitler wanted total government control of the German people, i.e., communism. The German people in the 1930s wanted a welfare state under Hitler and were environmentalists, nature lovers, animal lovers, vegetarians, health fanatics and they hated cigarettes. Even Hitler became a vegetarian. Sound familiar?

North Korea, with 24 million people, is such a miserable, starving and poor communist country that its annual wealth production (GDP) is smaller than that of the US state of Vermont, which has only 600,000 people. The average person in North Korea has about 7% of the standard of living of the citizens in next-door South Korea, which has a capitalist economy and is allied with the United States. Where would you rather live?

And who could forget China itself. Under communist dictator Mao Tse Tung, an estimated 60 million Chinese were murdered and to this day China has one billion poor citizens.

And of course in the last 20 years we have watched a communist government turn Venezuela, which has the world’s largest oil reserves and was the wealthiest country in Latin America, into a starving, miserable hell-hole.

On the other hand, America was built on conservative and capitalist principles. Our Founding Fathers were conservative white men who were well aware of what state power could do to oppress the people and their energies. Yet as the socialists and communists of the world malign America and its founding every day, every poor person in the world would eagerly come here to live.

Meanwhile Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said recently that the communist Chinese are “not bad folks”. Why would he say this?

Because the communists invested $1.5 billion in his son Hunter Biden’s sham hedge fund, enriching Joe Biden indirectly. This is why the entire Democrat party in America will now be seeking to defend China against charges that it spread this virus around the world through pure malice. Because millions of American Democrats are profiting directly or indirectly from communist China’s economy and are sympathetic to its iron grip on the people. Bernie Sanders even praised the Chinese government.

Many of America’s mega-billionaires are way over on the political left. They are, in effect, communists. This includes Jewish currency manipulator George Soros; Jeff Bezos of Amazon; Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook; former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg; and the two founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Indeed as the coronavirus epidemic sweeps the globe, the American Fake News media are joining in an international chorus to absolve China of responsibility and to blame president Trump for anything bad that happens. Trump has been roundly criticized for speaking the truth, that covid-19 is a “Chinese virus”.

This is much like the period after 9/11 when all Americans united for a few days and were patriotic, but then the Democrats started to ask: “What made the muslims so mad? It must be something bad that America did.” (Note: Islam and communism are tightly bound together internationally in something called ‘islamic socialism’.)

Yes, friends, it is the same old pattern all over again. It has gotten so bad that a one-time Republican strategist named Rick Wilson, who is really a rabid leftist, recently responded to a Melania Trump tweet by saying that she should #BeInfected.

We would think that people on the left would be wary of wishing this horrible disease on the first lady of the United States at a time like this. But then again, communists and others on the left are sick, twisted people. We conservatives have been saying it for many, many years.

Meanwhile the Fake News media and Democrats are taking China’s side by whipping up hysteria about the crisis and putting out the most dire numbers imaginable. This is having a depressing effect on Americans, making the situation worse. California’s governor Gavin Newsom projected that 56% of California’s population, or 25 million people, will be infected with the Chinese virus.

These Democrats are simply trying to deflect us from thinking about the fundamental truth of this disease – that it came from communist China.

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