Border Wall Will Pay for Itself/ 28 Ways that ‘Greenies’ Harm the Environment

The Trump Wall on the Mexican border is paying for itself quickly and will save taxpayer dollars immediately after installation. Here are the ways that that will happen:

*The Trump Wall is reducing and eliminating illegal immigrant crossings into the US. Most illegals end up on some type of welfare, food stamps, etc. If they are blocked from coming, then we save on the handouts that they would get. Those handouts amount to billions of dollars every year while the total amount spent on The Wall over 10 years is expected to be $20 billion or less.

*The Trump Wall will stop thousands of illegal immigrant criminals from coming into the US every year. These criminals cost our economy dearly when they commit crimes. If they can’t come in, then we save that money.

*The cost of catching, prosecuting, jailing and expelling illegal immigrant criminals is being significantly reduced as the Trump Wall prevents them from coming here in the first place.

*The Trump Wall is disrupting the flow of illegal drugs from Mexico and other countries. This disruption could save tens of thousands of American lives every year from drug overdoses. The value of that disruption is incalculable.

*The Trump Wall is reducing the need for Border Patrol agents who get salaries, benefits and pensions that are costly to American taxpayers.

*The Trump Wall has made American cities along the border much safer. One neighborhood in El Paso, Texas has seen significant economic development after The Wall was upgraded there. This is a big plus for America and for the economy.

*The Trump Wall is greatly reducing the general level of violence along the Mexican border. This is a big advantage for our country. The Wall is also reducing environmental degradation along the border from millions of illegal trespassers trampling the ecology and leaving huge amounts of trash, human waste and even dead bodies on the border.

*The smooth roads being built along the new Trump Wall are much better for Border Patrol vehicles which are lasting much longer than they did on the bumpy dirt roads along the old wall. This saves American taxpayers money on the cost of the vehicles.

*The Trump Wall is made of steel pipes rising from a concrete foundation, like jail bars, up to 18 feet high. It is being built with millions of tons of American-made steel. This is great for our American steel plants and for American jobs. Thus the money being spent on The Wall is not only protecting our nation but is going directly back into the American economy.

*And finally, the Trump Wall is part of a Trump crackdown on illegal immigrants who bring disease into the United States. Doesn’t Trump’s policy look great today!

28 Ways that ‘Greenies’ Harm the Environment

Here is a commentary from 2014 about the many ways that environmentalists harm the environment.

Democrats Terrified of Trump’s Strong Image in Handling China Virus

Left-wing reporters like Rachel Maddow at MSNBC and Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan are calling for the TV networks to stop airing president Trump’s daily press conference on the Chinese virus.

The reason is clear: President Trump is looking like a commanding, calm and reassuring leader in the face of the virus, and poll numbers show strong public support for his handling of the crisis. And believes that this crisis is going to largely pass within a few weeks and that relieved Americans are going to appreciate Trump’s leadership as appropriate and measured.

This is the Democrats’ worst nightmare. They can’t stand to see these daily press briefings which are free publicity for Trump. Vice president Pence is also looking strong, setting himself up for a future in the White House as commander-in-chief. Democrats also are angry that the press conferences allow Trump to speak directly to the public without the media throwing in their insults at every turn.

In fact these press conferences are great substitutes for the rallies that president Trump cannot do. They present him in a favorable light to tens of millions more people than his rallies ever could on a subject that is crucial to Americans eager for answers.

And for the November election, Trump is going to emphasize that his policy to stop China-US travel on January 31 probably saved thousands of lives already in halting the potential inflow of thousands of infected Chinese to the US that could have ended up infecting millions of Americans.

Naturally Democrats are looking to use the crisis to massively expand government. They are calling for a huge expansion to the unemployment insurance program and for large taxpayer “investments” in the health-care system. This is typical of how Democrats always seek to use any situation, even a crisis, to promote their agenda with little regard for the common good.

Democrats also are trying to incite as much fear as possible in order to harm the economy, the stock market and Trump. The Democrat governors of New York and California both have put out sky-high numbers for potential infections to frighten Americans. Cuomo in New York is predicting that the quarantine could last for months, which is not going to happen.

Illinois’ far-left Democrat governor said amazingly, “Let us remember that this virus is not tied to any specific ethnic group or race,” in reference to Trump calling it the ‘Chinese virus’. This is unbelievable. Let us all remember: The virus came from dirty China

Meanwhile the same Fake News media completely ignore Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s corrupt ties to communist China and all of the Democrat ties to China over many decades. Look at this about Democrat US senator Dianne Feinstein of California from The Federalist website:

For the last 40 years, no politician in America has arguably maintained a deeper, more longstanding and friendlier relationship with China, at the highest levels of its ruling Communist Party, than Feinstein. It dates back to the opening of U.S.-Chinese diplomatic relations in 1979.

Shortly thereafter, Feinstein, then mayor of San Francisco, established a “sister city” relationship with Shanghai, one of the earliest and most robust such relationships in U.S.-China history. Soon after, Feinstein led a mayoral delegation to China joined by her husband, investor Richard Blum, a trip they took together many times over the ensuing years as the relationship between both Feinsteins and China grew.

In January 1995, Feinstein was appointed to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Subsequently, she made several visits to China, accompanied by her husband, where she met with senior government officials.

During these trips it the couple was wined and dined. On one such visit in January 1996, Feinstein and Blum enjoyed a meal with President Jiang in Zhongnanhai, the exclusive leadership compound for China’s Communist Party, where according to Feinstein they ate in Mao Zedong’s residence in the room where he died.

Feinstein kept up her dogged support for increased trade with China. In May 1996, she penned an editorial in the Los Angeles Times calling for the United States to grant most-favored-nation trading status to China “on a permanent basis and get past the annual dance that is proving to be extraordinarily divisive and not at all helpful toward reaching the oft-stated goal: improvement in human rights.”

While Feinstein maintained her pro-China positions, in March 1997, the senator revealed that the FBI had warned her the Chinese government might seek to funnel illegal contributions to her campaign fund. She was one of only six members of Congress to receive such a warning. As the New York Times noted at the time, Feinstein had returned $12,000 in 1994 contributions from people with connections to Lippo Bank, an arm of a multi-billion dollar conglomerate owned by the Riady family, with investments and operations throughout Asia. It employed a senior American executive named John Huang.

There are volumes of evidence about Feinstein’s shady dealings with China involving her financier husband Richard Blum. This type of corruption is widespread and goes on to the present day in the Democrat party. So we can expect all Democrats to defend China. And then look at this gem from The New York Post about Feinstein:

Turns out that Communist China had a spy in (Feinstein’s) office. A 20-year employee of Feinstein’s, the agent had been reporting back to China’s Ministry of State Security for well over a decade before he was caught in 2013, according to the FBI.

A Chinese-American who doubled as both an office staffer and Feinstein’s personal driver, the agent reportedly was handled by officials based out of the People’s Republic of China’s consulate in San Francisco, which Feinstein helped set up when she was mayor of that city. He even attended consulate functions for the senator.

This story was widely reported all over the media yet Feinstein was never held to account after playing dumb, and the Chinaman was never arrested. And this all happened as she served as a ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Gee, what could communist China possibly want with access to Feinstein’s computer through this aide/driver? could go on for hours about Feinstein and other Democrats. Meanwhile a good corruption story must mention Hillary Clinton. She tweeted recently:

“The president is turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on, make tests widely available, and adequately prepare the country for a period of crisis. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let your friends and family fall for it.”

And lo and behold a communist Chinese diplomatic official tweeted:

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday critiqued President Donald Trump’s recent usage of “Chinese Virus” to refer to the #COVID19 as “racist rhetoric,” which is an attempt to eclipse his poor response in curbing the virus outbreak.

Democrats are in cahoots with China every single day and have been for decades. At the same time, president Trump is seeking to lead us out of the darkness with his calm demeanor and aggressive posture toward the nation that has infected the entire world.

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