Is the Chinese Virus Crisis Being Overblown?

Is the Chinese virus crisis being overblown? believes that it is and that there is one way to tell that that is true: Just look at who is giving out the most dire news – the Fake News media, Democrats and other Trump haters. They are doing to this to bring down the stock market and ruin the economy in order to hurt the president.

President Trump acted quickly to stop the evil infected Chinese from coming to the US. This saved our country from massive harm.

Meanwhile president Trump is saying that we must reconsider this national quarantine and shutdown that is doing tremendous damage to the US economy. And he is correct. Thus we must consider two things:

*Is the shutdown of the economy worse than any negative impact that the virus may have?

*Is the virus as dangerous as it is being said to be in the first place?

Regarding the negative impact on the economy, the answer is a definite Yes. This is doing major damage to the economy and to millions of Americans. Up until the writing of this commentary, the shutdown has been going on in phases for about one week. But the previously announced postponing of public events like baseball and hockey are going to have major impacts too. The National Basketball Association says it may lose $1 billion if it stays shut down for several months. is not concerned about the spoiled athletes. They need to be brought down a few pegs anyway. I am concerned about people associated with professional sports like concession owners and their workers and other suppliers and employees who are going to be hurt.

The final impact on the economy of the shutdown of non-essential businesses in many states is going to be significant. If it is short-term, then it can be overcome. Long-term, however, it will become much more serious.

This issue needs to be addressed and we know that president Trump is starting to ask the same question. He knows that our economy could be hobbled for a long time if this drags on and talked about that very issue in his daily March 23 press conference.

After all the virus has killed just 579 Americans as of the writing of this commentary, including many elderly who already were sick. Almost all of the people who died in Italy are over the age of 80 and most had other medical issues.

Yet the ordinary flu is expected to possibly kill 50,000 Americans this year. The flu killed 22,000 Americans in 2019 and the swine flu of 2009 and 2010 killed 13,000 Americans without a peep from the media since Obama was president.

Naturally Italy got screwed because the left-wingers in Italy refused to single out the Chinese and stop their flights into Italy. So Italy’s crisis is a crisis of political correctness.

The same is happening in Britain. Flights from highly-infected China, Iran and Italy continue to land in London. believes that we must get Americans back to work with a simple caveat – if you don’t feel well, don’t go to work. And people who do go to work can wear masks and/or practice ‘social distancing’. This can apply particularly in rural and small-town areas that have few or no infections to begin with (i.e., Trump Country).

Meanwhile Breitbart News reported:

President Donald Trump signaled on Sunday night that he will start loosening the restrictions put into place after the coronavirus “stop the spread” period of 15 days.


The 15-day “stop the spread” announcement from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) began a week ago and will conclude at the end of March.

Trump shared a message on Twitter of one woman who wrote, “The fear of the virus cannot collapse our economy that President Trump has built up” and another woman who wrote, “15 days. Then we isolate the high-risk groups and the rest of us get back to work before it’s all over for everyone!! Flatten the curve, NOT the economy”:

This is so true. It is time to stop this panic and be realistic. And we will find out in the coming days what the president is going to do.

Meanwhile Democrats are seeking to harm us all by putting tons of pork into a stimulus bill that is intended to help people displaced in the economic slowdown. Pelosi and Schumer put demands in the bill for unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions; increased fuel emissions standards for airlines, and; expansion of wind and solar tax credits. This shows how crass and hateful the Democrat party has become.

Mitch McConnell said, rightly, “I’d like to see Senate Democrats tell New York City doctors and nurses who are literally overrun as we speak that they are filibustering hospital funding and more masks because they want to argue with the airlines over their carbon footprint.”

Democrats are an evil political force. They and their media cronies are even helping to deflect blame from China for the virus outbreak.

Here is another example of media malice: After president Trump announced that the anti-malarial drug chloroquine may be effective in fighting the virus, an NBC news whore named Heidi Przybyla tweeted that chloroquine had killed a man who ingested it. She said this to harm president Trump.

Yet the man ingested chloroquine as a tiny element in a sanitizing compound that he swallowed when he tried to commit suicide. But that did not stop the NBC whore from making the drug look like it was killing people. Przybyla finally admitted her malice but long after her tweet had been re-tweeted more than 20,000 times.

It gets worse. Emma Colton at The Washington Examiner reported:

The national shortage of N95 respirator masks can be traced back to 2009 after the H1N1 swine flu pandemic, when the Obama administration was advised to replenish a national stockpile but did not, according to reports from Bloomberg News and the Los Angeles Times.

The Trump administration is scrambling to replenish a stockpile of protective medical gear for healthcare workers and patients, as the coronavirus sweeps across the nation. N95 respirator masks are one of the most needed medical supplies amid the outbreak.

The George W. Bush administration published the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza plan in 2005, which called on the federal government to distribute medical supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile governed by the Health and Human Services Department in the event of an outbreak.

In 2009, the H1N1 outbreak hit the United States, leading to 274,304 hospitalizations, 12,469 deaths, and a depletion of N95 respirator masks.

A federally backed task force and a safety equipment organization both recommended to the Obama administration that the stockpile be replenished of the 100 million masks used after the H1N1 outbreak, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Charles Johnson, president of the International Safety Equipment Association, said that advice was never heeded.

“Our association is unaware of any major effort to restore the stockpile to cover that drawdown,” he said.

Again, this is negligence by the Obama administration. But that is nothing new. After all, Obama did not even declare a national emergency over swine flu until October 25, 2009 after it had been spreading for 6 months and had killed 1,000 people.

And he never closed the Mexican border even though the swine flu virus is said to have originated in Mexico. In fact Obama never sought to shut down illegal immigration from Mexico for his full 8 years in office, while president Trump acted quickly to stop air travel from China shortly after the virus was detected in the US and before it had killed anyone.

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