The Common Thread of 9/11, 2008 Collapse & Chinese Virus

The common thread of the 9/11 attacks, the 2008 economic collapse and the Chinese virus infestation is that each one of these events was bred in a mindset that ran contrary to the founding principles of America.

We white, conservative and Christian Americans of European ancestry have been warning for decades about “outsiders” who are seeking to undermine our nation. We are called names for doing so but we have said that our great nation and its liberties should not be taken lightly and should be preserved for people who are capable of appreciating them and upholding them.

And lo and behold it was extremist muslims from the Middle East who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks and it was evil, atheist Chinese communists who spread the coronavirus around the globe and sought to cover it up.

Question: When will communist China pay $10 trillion in reparations to the world for its role in originating and spreading the virus?

Answer: Never. Meanwhile the Chinese devils are selling medical equipment, some of it faulty, to the countries that China infected in the first place. China has sold $467 million in medical supplies to Spain.

The 2008 economic collapse happened after banks were forced for decades to lend trillions of dollars to poor and irresponsible black Americans to buy homes. When most of those loans went into default the whole economy was harmed since it involved such vast sums of money.

Meanwhile we white, conservative and responsible Americans have warned for decades that you cannot just loan money randomly on the basis of ‘compassion’ or race, that you must handle money carefully and avoid debt.

Yet it is Democrats who forced the banks to loan that money starting with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. It is Democrats who have been insisting for decades that banks must loosen their lending rules and lower their lending standards so that anyone can buy anything, including a house.

For instance, the socialists have insisted that no downpayment should be required so that poor blacks could get loans without working hard to accumulate a downpayment and thus risking their own money and sweat. There even were NINJA loans that contributed mightily to the collapse – No Income, No Job or Assets. That meant that a poor person could walk into a bank and get a loan for a house with no questions asked.

And so it must be assumed that we conservatives must not want poor people to own homes, right?

In general, that is correct. Because we conservatives have observed rightly that most poor people are not capable of keeping up a home through ownership, and that they should rent their housing instead. And after the 2008 collapse, even Obama said the same thing. Duh…

Owning a home can sink a person financially. Owning a home is a major responsibility. It is not for everyone. But we conservatives also believe that if poor people can play by the rules like everyone else, then they are welcome to and even encouraged to buy homes, but with their own interests ad money put at risk, like everyone else.

And here is a final question: When will blacks pay reparations to America for all the damage that they have done, like destroying tens of trillions of dollars in property values when they move into decent neighborhoods and destroy them; like the vast amounts of crime that blacks commit; like failing to achieve economically; like their endless welfare dependency; and like their central culpability in the 2008 economic collapse?

Republicans Cave In (Again) on Virus Bill

Well, the Republicans caved in again to the Democrats. One of the items tucked into the coronavirus relief bill approved by the Senate restricts certain businesses that accept government relief loans in their dealings with labor unions.

Meanwhile the Senate bill left out billions that had been planned for the Department of Energy to replenish the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Yet the bill has $25 million for the Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington, DC and $150 million for public radio and TV.

Why are these cowardly Republicans still acting like losers when president Trump is trying to show them how to stand up and be strong?

The Republican party itself is one of the greatest impediments to making our nation strong!

Plastic Bag Backfire has a Golden Rule about environmentalism that says that “almost everything that ‘greenies’ say and do is wrong and harms the environment”.

I recently posted a commentary on this subject and particularly singled out bans on plastic grocery bags. I gave proof that plastic bags are vastly more efficient than paper bags. I did not even mention that plastic bags are 100% sanitary since a new bag is issued each time you buy groceries.

My Golden Rule is being proven yet again after ‘greenies’ have launched a concerted campaign all over the country to ban plastic bags at grocery stores. But now Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts has banned re-usable shopping bags during the Chinese virus emergency since re-usable bags can trap and incubate germs after they are filled more than once. WCVB reported:

Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday announced a new public health order related to grocery stores and pharmacies in Massachusetts, which includes a temporary ban on reusable bags.

“From now on, reusable bags are prohibited and all regulations (bans) on plastic bag bans are lifted,” he said.

The order also prohibits stores from charging for paper and plastic bags while the order is in place.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh had previously announced the same measures in the city. wins again!

Here is Why New York is Suffering So Much Chinese Virus

New York state, and particularly New York City, are suffering the largest number of Chinese virus cases so far. And this is no surprise. Far-left Democrat New York governor Andrew Cuomo said recently that his state was getting hit hardest because of its welcoming spirit.

Cuomo noted that New York has 15 times the coronavirus cases of California and other states “because we welcome people from across the globe. We have people coming here, we have people who came here from China, who came here from Italy, who came here from all across the globe.”

Yes, and much of that “welcome” is natural because everyone wants to come to America. But much of it represents Democrats’ embrace of unlimited immigration and unlimited illegal immigration. That is why Cuomo and the Democrats recently passed a law to allow illegals to get driver’s licenses in New York state. This attracts more and more illegal to New York state, including possibly infected Chinese.

If president Trump were not cracking down on illegal immigration, the Chinese virus would be vastly more widespread and deadly than it is in the US. Thousands of Chinese are apprehended at the Mexican border every year after they fly to Mexico and seek to enter the US by walking in over the border. is calling for an immediate end to all illegal immigration and for restrictions on legal visitors to the US for the foreseeable future. After all, 45% of illegal immigration into America is reported to be the result of people flying in from all over the world on legal tourist and visitor visas and never going home. This must end.

Meanwhile Cuomo bragged that he was going to have prisoners in New York state make hand sanitizer that would be superior to the commercial brands for the virus outbreak. But now a scandal has emerged, i.e., Democrats cannot even make a cheap, simple product like hand sanitizer in a time of crisis without scandal.

The Vice website is reporting that a New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision spokesperson said that inmates are simply re-bottling sanitizer from a commercial source with the ‘NYS Clean’ branding for distribution.

Meanwhile an unnamed inmate within the Great Meadow Correctional Facility in Comstock, New York, also claimed that ‘NYS Clean’ is just another brand being re-bottled.

Friends, if this is true, it would be no surprise whatsoever to Cuomo is corrupt and everyone around him is too. Most Democrats in America are corrupt. They will use any crisis to aggrandize themselves… and probably make money too. You can be sure that someone close to Cuomo is benefiting from this scam in one way or another.

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