Nancy Pelosi is The Devil/ Virus Came from Globalism

Let us think back to the Christmas season of 2019 when the US economy was roaring, the stock market was surging and optimism reigned all over America. President Trump had ordered the pinpoint assassination of two top Iranian terrorist/generals and he was working hard every day to close the Mexican border to illegal immigration.

And what was Nancy Pelosi doing at Christmas amidst all this good news?

Answer: She was preparing to send impeachment articles against president Trump from the House to the Senate in order to try to end the peace, security and prosperity that the president has brought to our nation.

And what did Pelosi’s home city of San Francisco look like at Christmas 2019, during that time of unprecedented peace and prosperity? Was it a shining city on a hill, with happy residents and clean streets? As we might expect with all of the good news?

No, San Francisco was tumbling straight into the abyss as it has been doing for decades. Its streets were chock full of homeless bums, drug addicts and used hypodermic needles while the sidewalks were covered in human waste.

So perhaps Pelosi should look in her own back yard before criticizing the president. But no, Pelosi recently said this about Trump and the Chinese virus:

I don’t know what the scientists are saying to him. I don’t know what the scientists said to him. When did this president know about this and what did he know? What did he know and when did he know it? That’s for an after-action review. But as the President fiddles, people are dying…

When Pelosi said “When did this president know about this and what did he know?”, that was a reference to a question asked during the Watergate farce that forced president Nixon from office. Because we know that Pelosi is still dreaming about removing president Trump from office. She is obsessed with impeachment since her recent impeachment attempt failed miserably and Democrats have nobody who can beat Trump in the November election.

Pelosi said, “As the president fiddles, people are dying…” She makes no mention of the fact that the virus crisis was spreading across the globe at the same time that she and her Democrat cronies were seeking to remove the president from office and her own city was falling off a cliff.

Here is a quick timeline of the virus:

Jan 31 — President Trump banned flights from China a mere ten days after the virus was first identified.
Feb. 5 — Democrats blasted President Trump for his China travel ban.
Feb 24 — Pelosi promoted tourism to Chinatown in San Francisco.
March 13 — NY Mayor DeBlasio encouraged New Yorkers to go about their daily lives as usual as other New York officials urged that citizens attends New Year festivities in Chinatown in New York.

Do you see what is wrong? It is quite simple – Nancy Pelosi is the devil. Period. End of story. She is a classic leftist. While her own city has fallen apart at the seams she is lashing out at president Trump.

Yet it was Trump’s prompt order to halt travel to and from China – which Democrats called ‘racist’ – that certainly saved American lives. This virus probably would have taken tens of thousands of lives by now, not 3,000, if Trump had not banned the flights.

Pelosi is a radical Democrat who has not spoken a bad word about communist China as the source of the plague, while ruthlessly attacking president Trump every day for the excellent job that he is doing combating the virus. Pelosi is a despicable human being. She is the devil incarnate. She even held up the stimulus bill for several days and then filled it with liberal pork like subsidies for windmills and solar panels.

Pelosi represents the Democrat party very well. They all have a similar behavior pattern. For instance black political leaders relentlessly attack president Trump while their own communities are hotbeds of filth, crime, poverty, ignorance, sloth, drugs, alcohol, stupidity, illegitimacy and dissolution.

Fortunately president Trump has Pelosi’s number. He recently said, using common vernacular:

Well, you know, it’s a sad thing. She’s a sick puppy in my opinion. She really is. She’s got a lot of problems and that’s a horrible thing to say…

Good for the president. He is a man of bold character. Yet he is being attacked every day, even by Republicans, for being so blunt, but that’s too bad. This is precisely what he needs to say to strike back at the insanity that festers among Democrats.

Another sick puppy is failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. When it was reported that the US had the highest number of Chinese virus infections in the whole world, she tweeted about Trump: “He did promise ‘America First’…”

This just goes to show how sick Hillary Clinton really is and why she is not president. She is a thoroughly unlikable person. And it is not just a physical sickness, which the Fake News media sought to hide in 2016, but a mental illness, just as all modern-day Democrats are afflicted with a mental disorder. There is nothing else to explain their irrational hatred of president Trump and the horrible things that they say and do.

Unfortunately for Hillary her tweet was roundly condemned for its crassness even by Democrats, and it only added to the perception that Hillary and Bill Clinton are washed-up politicians who peaked 25 years ago. Very few people care what they say anymore.

This type of commentary is everywhere on the left. We have always assumed that Americans would put partisan politics aside in a time of crisis, but Democrats never will. Never.

Update: While Trump advisors are suggesting that the US could see 100,000 to 200,000 coronavirus deaths, predicts fewer that 25,000 deaths.

Chinese Virus Plague is a Result of Globalization

The Chinese plague that has spread all over the world is a direct result of globalization. In other words, when we rely on foreign suppliers and evil nations like China to make so many of our goods, we are at their mercy. Because along with the globalization of trade comes lax border controls and the too-free movement of goods, money and people. And corruption too.

Here are excerpts from a story by John Binder on Breitbart News on this subject. After each Breitbart excerpt is a comment:

Breitbart reports: The Chinese coronavirus “is emphatically a disease of globalization,” a pandemic historian at Yale University says.

In an interview published in the Wall Street Journal, Yale University’s Frank Snowden — a historian who most recently in 2006 published a book about Italy’s eradication of malaria — details how the coronavirus pandemic is threatening the globalist worldview of free movement of people and free trade.

… the Journal‘s Jason Willick seemingly admits the coronavirus is tainting globalism and pushing Americans and the peoples of Europe toward nationhood:

Yet while the [bubonic] plague saw power move up from villages and city-states to national capitals, the coronavirus is encouraging a devolution of authority from supranational units to the nation-state. This is most obvious in the European Union, where member states are setting their own responses. Open borders within the EU have been closed, and some countries have restricted export of medical supplies. The virus has heightened tensions between the U.S. and China, as Beijing tries to protect its image and Americans worry about access to medical supply chains. comment: So there you go. Even the wacky Europeans are closing their borders since they now are seeing the crisis that open borders produce. It is unfortunate that it took a crisis this large to show them the truth, but then again, socialists are ignorant people who ignore reality up until the point where they may die. But since socialists are above all cowards, they finally are seeing the truth and acting like frightened children in the face of the virus.

Breitbart reports: Snowden told the Journal the coronavirus is a direct result of the globalization of the American economy after nearly four decades of free trade policy initiatives:

The coronavirus is threatening “the economic and political sinews of globalization, and causing them to unravel to a certain degree,” Mr. Snowden says. He notes that “coronavirus is emphatically a disease of globalization.” The virus is striking hardest in cities that are “densely populated and linked by rapid air travel, by movements of tourists, of refugees, all kinds of business people, all kinds of interlocking networks.” comment: If you wonder why the virus has hit New York City hardest, look no further than globalization and open borders, which are actively promoted among the wealthy left-wing New York elite. New York state’s far left Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo even bragged that the virus has hit New York City hard because New York is a welcoming city for people from all over the world, including illegal immigrants.

Yet by March 31, Cuomo was pleading like a frightened little girl for nurses and doctors to come to New York City from more rural and small-town ‘red’ areas of America (Trump Country) – where there is little or no infection – to save the city from the evil virus.

On the other hand, suggests that doctors and nurses from Trump Country stay put to take care of infections that may arise in their own communities and to tell Cuomo, “No thanks…”

Cuomo even said that hospitals in conservative Upstate New York should take any overflow from the city, which also opposes. Because Cuomo and all of the Democrats in New York have disparaged Upstate New York for years – until the crisis turned them into crying little weasels. Upstate should keep its hospitals open for its own patients.

Update: Cuomo’s brother Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, a CNN anchor, has coronavirus

Breitbart News reports: Globalization, Snowden notes, has driven the coronavirus to majorly impact the wealthiest of Americans.

“Respiratory viruses, Mr. Snowden says, tend to be socially indiscriminate in whom they infect. Yet because of its origins in the vectors of globalization, the coronavirus appears to have affected the elite in a high-profile way,” the Journal piece states. “From Tom Hanks to Boris Johnson, people who travel frequently or are in touch with travelers have been among the first to get infected.”

The infection of thousands of the nation’s rich and upper-middle-class has driven class warfare in regions like the Hamptons in New York where some of the wealthiest, most liberal celebrities own property.

A report by Maureen Callahan for the New York Post chronicles how the working class staff of the Hamptons’ elite are turning on them as those infected disregard rules and Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines:

“There’s not a vegetable to be found in this town right now,” says one resident of Springs, a working-class pocket of East Hampton. “It’s these elitist people who think they don’t have to follow the rules.”

It’s not just the drastic food shortage out here. Every aspect of life, most crucially medical care, is under strain from the sudden influx of rich Manhattanites panic-fleeing … — and in some cases, knowingly bringing coronavirus.” comment: Yessiree, the arrogant leftist elite have acted for decades like they are superior to us ‘regular folks’ but then they go running to their rural vacation homes in Trump Country when their own lives are at stake. Meanwhile the people in Trump Country are saying ‘No thanks… go back to where you came from’. is based in Western Massachusetts where wealthy New Yorkers have been vacationing for more than a century. Today we can be sure that infected New Yorkers are bringing their virus to our area without giving it a second thought.

Breitbart News reports: While globalization has delivered soaring profits for corporate executives, working- and middle-class American communities have been left behind to grapple with fewer jobs, less industry, stagnant wages, and increase competition in the labor market due to decades-long mass legal immigration.

Since 2001, free trade with China has cost millions of Americans their jobs. For example, the Economic Policy Institute has found that from 2001 to 2015, about 3.4 million U.S. jobs were lost due to the nation’s trade deficit with China.

Of the 3.4 million U.S. jobs lost in that time period, about 2.6 million were lost in the manufacturing industry, making up about three-fourths of the loss of jobs from the U.S.-Chinese trade deficit. comment: Yes, and China not only stole our jobs, with the acquiescence of America’s globalist politicians, but it has sent us a virus in return. China is an evil nation. No wonder it has so many friends among Democrats like Pelosi and her media cronies.

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