Trump’s Role of a Lifetime/ Coronavirus Crisis Exaggerated?; Drs. Fauci, Birx are Suspicious

As of the writing of this commentary on Tuesday, March 31, it has been roughly two weeks that the United States has been under an increasing national quarantine.

It is amazing to see the Fifth Avenue webcam in New York City. This normally bustling thoroughfare is largely empty. It is bizarre.

But the whole country is not shut down by any stretch of the imagination. Some states and cities are operating somewhat normally. Vice president Mike Pence said that there are 19 states without significant coronavirus outbreaks. So why should these states be locked down? conjectures that the economy is running at about half-speed with millions of people working from home and tens of millions more going to work anyway in trucking and on the railroads; at the airlines, but at reduced capacity; on construction sites; on farms; at manufacturing plants and in the coal mines; at oil refineries and power plants; at millions of small businesses; at places like Amazon, Home Depot and WalMart; at grocery stores, gas stations and drug stores, etc.

Even the Mexican border wall is continuing to go up. And don’t forget that 22 million government workers on the federal, state, county and local level aren’t missing any paychecks…

There are 160 million people in the national workforce, including both public and private sectors. There are 30 million small businesses, including businesses with one single owner/employer like a carpenter working for himself. A lady with whom I am acquainted has a handyman remodeling her kitchen without any type of quarantine fears. Millions of small contractors from chimney sweeps to painters to lawn mowers to fix-it men are still working and getting paid.

Thus all is not lost. There is still economic activity going on, but this level of quarantine is unsustainable. Today I noticed anecdotally that there are more cars than in the past two weeks on the streets in my town in Massachusetts, i.e., people are getting restless about the quarantine.

President Trump is playing the role of a lifetime and he will guide us through this crisis brought to us by the communists in China. After all, the president has done many things that the Fake News media and Democrats claimed could never be done like revitalizing the economy, killing international terrorists, making great trade deals, rebuilding the military and constructing a wall on the Mexican border.

Is this virus real? Yes. Is it necessary to lock down major parts of our economy over the virus? thinks not. believes that this crisis is being overblown. As of this writing there were 3,606 US deaths due to the Chinese virus. In comparison, the US had 22,000 flu deaths in 2019 and there was not one word of national hysteria, while 12,469 American died of the swine flu epidemic under Obama in 2009 and 2010 without hardly a word of coverage in the Fake News media.

For instance only one single person in the state of West Virginia has been reported to have died of the coronavirus and so obviously the whole state does not need to be locked down.

Just think of all of the rural areas and small towns in West Virginia and across America where there are zero or almost no infections. Why do they have to be quarantined?

It is being reported that half of the American population is under some type of quarantine orders. But believes that tens of millions of people can go back to work tomorrow simply by adhering to simple guidelines that are being applied at places that are operating – if you are sick, don’t go to work. If you go to work, keep your distance from your co-workers, wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.

At the same time, The Gateway Pundit reported:

As we reported earlier Sweden is taking a different approach in battling the coronavirus pandemic.

The country remains open for business and life goes on as usual with few restrictions.

The political leaders are placing responsibility on the individual. The government is largely leaving decisions over self-isolation and social distancing up to the citizens. BBC notes that almost half of Stockholm residents are working remotely, and that traffic is quieter than usual.

And after several weeks of their experiment it appears Sweden is doing no worse than any other advanced country.

And what is most interesting is Sweden has 239 cases per million people.

The United States has 550 cases per million people.

Meanwhile previously offered praise for Drs. Fauci and Birx as they have appeared alongside president Trump for several weeks now. But I am no longer confident in Fauci and Birx. The Gateway Pundit reported:

Is Dr. Deborah Birx, the doctor with the scarf, a voice of reason or another Deep State doctor pushing economic disaster and suffering?

Her past unfortunately provides the answer.

Dr. Deborah Birx comes across as the calming voice of reason while encouraging Americans to default on their life savings. She encourages Americans to stay at home and away from the coronavirus that is killing 80 year olds with pre-existing medical conditions.

In spite of the fact that the death rates from the coronavirus to date are a fraction of the numbers from this year’s flu season, Dr. Birx suggests we all stay home and shut down the economy together.

Dr. Birx previously said all of the flu models predicted somewhere between 1.6 and 2.2 million deaths if the government did not mitigate. But we all know that these are large and excessive numbers difficult to validate. Dr Birx said some models predicted half of the United States would be infected.

Of course these predictions are based on wild exaggerations. In the next two months as the coronavirus numbers are tallied at a much lesser mortality rate Americans will not be so happy about losing their jobs and their life savings due to the dire predictions of the lady with the scarf, Dr. Birx.

Dr. Birx is still promoting between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths in the US from the coronavirus:

The White House coronavirus response coordinator (Dr. Birx) said Monday that she is “very worried about every city in the United States” and projects 100,000 to 200,000 American deaths as a best case scenario.

Of course the doctor knows that these predictions cause panic throughout the US and the world. Unfortunately the data comes nowhere to supporting these predictions. With the elderly and sick being the primary targets for the disease, this is difficult to believe. Individuals under the age of 70 without other medical conditions are at a very low rate of dying from the disease.

What the media is not telling us is that Dr. Birx has a storied past closely aligned to the Clintons and Obama.

Dr. Birx’s husband is former Bill Clinton advance man Paige Reffe. This relationship with Democrats and the Clinton’s is something that the good doctor is unable to separate from.

In an article in the Washington Post magazine, Dr. Birx is noted as being the perfect fit for Obama’s Head of PEPFAR (The President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief):

Soon after this, Dr. Birx was working with the Clinton Foundation in activities related to the HIV pandemic around the world:

Both Dr. Birx and her counterpart on the coronavirus task team, Dr. Fauci have strong connections to the Democrat Deep State. As reported previously, Dr. Fauci wrote an email to Hillary Clinton after her questioning before Congress in 2013.

Dr. Fauci offered glowing praise for Crooked Hillary in a leaked January 26, 2016 email.

Would anyone but a Deep State fan solicit Hillary Clinton as “your doctor admirer”?

To date it appears that doctors Fauci and Birx through faulty reporting and exaggerated estimates are purposely committed to destroying the US and world economies. Millions are without work in the US and in very poor countries like India and other nations. The result of efforts to destroy the US economy are leading to death and despair worldwide.

Meanwhile as predicts fewer than 20,000 US deaths from the coronavirus based on existing death numbers in New York, Italy and Spain, here is more about the predictions of Fauci and Birx, who seem intent on frightening the people of America. This is from The Gateway Pundit:

Just so you know — these “experts” are making it up as they go along.

And these experts are going to destroy the US economy based on total guesses and hysterical predictions.

On March 15, 2020 Dr Anthony Fauci told Jon Karl on ABC that the US could expect up to 21 million coronavirus hospitalizations and up to 1.7 million coronavirus deaths.

On Sunday March 29, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci suddenly downgraded his worst case scenario to 100,000 to 200,000 US coronavirus deaths.

Then to top it all off — Fauci’s colleague Dr. Deborah Birx played backup and told America the estimated number of US deaths went from 1.6 to 2.2 million to 100,000 to 200,000 based on the social distancing put into place.

Beware of Fauci, Birx and the Fake News media. They seem to be intent on undermining our economy by frightening people. Trump should stop them from making these predictions because there is no reason to believe that they are accurate. They are simply educated guesses.

Fauci and Birx also are covering for themselves in the event that things go bad. Meanwhile Democrats are using the crisis to advance their hideous agenda. Breitbart News reported:

California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom is responding to the Chinese coronavirus crisis by commuting the sentences of 14 felons convicted of murder or being involved in a murder.

Newsom made the decision to more quickly commute felons’ sentences in the midst of the coronavirus, providing early release through parole to about 19 felons — some of whom killed children and one convict who murdered a pregnant woman.

Two of the felons are immigrants to the U.S., and Newsom’s purpose for commuting their sentences is to have them avoid deportation.

The 19 felons given commutations by Newsom include:

50-year-old Rodney McNeal convicted of stabbing his pregnant wife to death
75-year-old Suzanne Johnson convicted of assaulting a child to death
35-year-old Kristopher Blehm convicted for aiding in a murder
64-year-old Joann Parks convicted of killing her three children
67-year-old Rosemary Dyer convicted of murdering her husband
40-year-old Jason Bryant convicted for witnessing murder during a robbery
56-year-old Steven Bradley convicted of murdering a gas station worker
64-year-old Richard Flowers convicted of murdering a woman
61-year-old Samuel Eldredge convicted of shooting a person to death
49-year-old Ramon Rodriguez convicted of murdering a person for pay
56-year-old James Harris convicted of kidnapping and murdering two people
48-year-old Robert Glass convicted of murdering a burglary victim
45-year-old David Jassy convicted of murdering a man he was fighting with
68-year-old Shyrl Lamar convicted of witnessing the murder of two people
Tri Thai, an immigrant, convicted of assault, dissuading a witness, and burglary
Monsuru Tijani, an immigrant, convicted of issuing fake financial statements
Shannon Thomas-Bland convicted of drug crimes
Gabriel Garcia convicted of drug crimes
Brenda Ibanez convicted of robbery and using a fake ID to buy a vehicle
Newsom also pardoned five felons who previously served their sentences for various crimes.

In New York, as Breitbart News reported, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) insistence that at least 1,100 inmates be released from prison during the coronavirus crisis has allowed eight sex offenders — three of whom raped children — to be freed back into the general public.

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