Full Probe Needed of Virus Origins & Chinese Cover-up

Perhaps you have noticed that president Trump’s daily press briefings on the Chinese virus start on time or just a few minutes late. Considering the complexity and intensity of the issue, this is admirable. But then again, punctuality is a common trait of conservatives.

Liberals, on the other hand, have little regard for other people’s time. Bill Clinton has always appeared notoriously late for public appearances because Clinton is an arrogant Democrat. This happens since liberals are self-centered and government-oriented people for whom time and punctuality do not matter, i.e., it hardly matters whether government employees even show up for work in the first place, while everyone else is supposed to wait for a narcissist.

Nikitas3.com had an acquaintance decades ago who was a big liberal who ended up working for the government at a well-paid, do-nothing job. He would say that he was going to meet me at 2 o’clock and would show up at 4 and think absolutely nothing of it.

Economic Note: The total number of people applying for unemployment in the last two weeks is about 10 million. This is 6% of the workforce. This is hardly the catastrophe that the media have been predicting even though it probably represents the majority of people applying.

Meanwhile Nikitas3.com believes that this situation is being blown totally out of proportion. During my life I have lost jobs and gone weeks and months living on my savings. I only collected unemployment once in 66 years, and it was only for one month. Are all of these people saying that they cannot even survive two weeks without some type of handout? This is absurd.

You may have noticed that Drs. Fauci and Birx stopped offering their dire predictions about coronavirus deaths at the daily press briefing. These predictions had no basis in science. They were simply statistical projections like the projections that showed in 2016 that Hillary Clinton had a 91% chance of winning the White House.

Fauci started by predicting back on March 20 that 2.1 million Americans could die. He then lowered that to 100,000 to 200,000. But then he hedged his bets on March 31 by implying that the total could be much lower. Nikitas3.com believes that he has been advised not to make any predictions since they are never going to be accurate.

At the same time we saw a figure from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation on April 1 that projected Chinese coronavirus deaths of 93,765.

So we already can see the doomsday predictions creeping downward. This is happening since these ‘experts’ realize that we have actual coronavirus death numbers to report and that they are going to look stupid with their wrong predictions when this is all over. Nikitas3.com is predicting 20,000 deaths.

On the other hand we have never seen flu deaths reported obsessively case by case, every single day as we are seeing with coronavirus. Yet 22,000 Americans died of the flu in 2019 and there was not a peep about it in the media while there are only 4,633 coronavirus deaths as of the writing of this commentary. At the same time, 2.8 MILLION people die in the United States every year.

And don’t forget this growing reality: Most of the people allegedly dying of coronavirus are older people dying of old age and other diseases, but with the virus just tossed on top. So the death rate is being artificially spiked.

The media coverage of coronavirus is demented. It is like the rabid and compulsive media coverage of “climate change” or of Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, which turned out to be nothing at all. The virus coverage is largely geared to harming the US economy so as to hurt president Trump.

You also may have noticed a new phenomenon, where children are putting rainbow paintings in their home’s windows to show their optimism in this time of darkness. Don’t be fooled. These rainbows are simply intended to surreptitiously promote the gay agenda.

Meanwhile the far-left governor of Michigan has reversed herself after she banned what appears to be a life-saving Chinese virus treatment called chloroquine.

Her original ban was implemented to harm president Trump since the drug looks like it could be a “game changer” that helps to end the crisis and make Trump look good. So she banned the drug to make it look dangerous and harm Trump. But Breitbart News reported:

In an embarrassing reversal, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has asked the federal government for (chloroquine) medication that may help treat the Chinese coronavirus after effectively banning doctors in the state from proscribing it to patients suffering from the deadly illness.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) recently threatened doctors with “administrative action” if they prescribed Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine to treat the coronavirus.

However, Michigan officials have since scrubbed the threat from the letter and now seek the drugs from the Trump administration, according to Bridge magazine.

During a Monday press conference, Whitmer appeared to change her tune, stating she wants Michigan to be “nimble” with respect to its efforts combating the pandemic.

So this is another case where the lunatics on the left are suddenly shifting course when they realize that their own states may be threatened. This is like the case where Democrat New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who is the most arrogant leftist imaginable, started suggesting like a terrified schoolgirl that doctors and nurses from small-town and rural areas of the country, where infections are low or zero, should go to New York City to help out with the epidemic there.

Yet Cuomo has been famous for insulting, ignoring and impugning rural and small-town conservatives from Upstate New York and from ‘Trump Country’ all over America. But suddenly he wants them to come and save his precious city. What a fraudster. Nikitas3.com recommends that doctors and nurses in Trump Country stay put and help their own people.

Meanwhile the treacherous Chinese communists are trying to escape blame for the virus. And they are doing it with a vengeance. First, it has been reported that another Chinese doctor who raised the alarm over the coronavirus has gone missing.

Ai Fen hasn’t been seen for days and some believe she could be the latest high-profile person critical of Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus to disappear, reported 60 Minutes, Australia.

All in all we can see that the sleazy and duplicitous Chinese are acting like they are innocent in this crisis. They are not; they are guilty as hell and everyone knows it except for leftists all over the world who are seeking to blame Trump and cover up for China. Nikitas3.com believes that China should pay $10 trillion in “reparations” to the world for this abomination.

Nikitas3.com also believes that president Trump should put secretary of state Mike Pompeo in charge of a commission to expose how China allowed this virus to escape and investigate where the virus came from in the first place. We cannot trust any of these international organizations like the World Health Organization to reveal the truth. We must do it ourselves.

Meanwhile Bloomberg News reports how China allowed the virus to spread:

China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it’s suffered from the disease, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report to the White House, according to three U.S. officials.

The officials (said that) China’s public reporting on cases and deaths is intentionally incomplete. Two of the officials said the report concludes that China’s numbers are fake.

The outbreak began in China’s Hubei province in late 2019, but the country has publicly reported only about 82,000 cases and 3,300 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. That compares to more than 189,000 cases and more than 4,000 deaths in the U.S., which has the largest publicly reported outbreak in the world.

So all of a sudden the US has more cases than China. This is total nonsense. And leftists in the US media are claiming that this must be true in order to make president Trump look bad. Look at how Bloomberg offers this tidbit to undermine Trump:

Republican lawmakers in the U.S. have been particularly harsh about China’s role in the outbreak. Enhancing Beijing’s role in the pandemic could be politically helpful to President Donald Trump, who has sought to shift blame for the U.S. outbreak away from his administration’s delays in achieving widespread testing for the virus and mobilizing greater production of supplies such as face masks and hospital ventilators.

Oh, so Trump has ‘sought to shift blame for the U.S. outbreak away from his administration…’ No he hasn’t. This is how the sleazy Fake News media are suggesting once again that communist China could not possibly be to blame as much as Trump should be. (And remember that Bloomberg News was founded by failed Democrat presidential contender Michael Bloomberg, who spent almost $1 billion of his own money to run for president.)

Meanwhile Republican US senator Rick Scott of Florida, who worked as a hospital executive earlier in his life, said that Congress should hold hearings to investigate the World Health Organization’s role in helping China conceal the global threat of the coronavirus. Scott said in a statement:

The mission of the WHO is to get public health information to the world so every country can make the best decisions to keep their citizens safe. When it comes to Coronavirus, the WHO failed. They need to be held accountable for their role in promoting misinformation and helping Communist China cover up a global pandemic. We know Communist China is lying about how many cases and deaths they have, what they knew and when they knew it – and the WHO never bothered to investigate further. Their inaction cost lives.

Good. At the same time we have millions of leftist traitors in our midst. A Canadian doctor named Bruce Aylward, who is a notorious sycophant of China, said recently, “If I had COVID-19, I’d want to be treated in China.”

So Nikitas3.com recommends that Aylward go there anyway since he loves China so much.

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